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Eli Manning was a number one overall selection; thus, plenty of rookie cards pictured him. Which ones are the best, and what does the investment outlook look like for Manning? Keep reading to find out. 

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Eli Manning is the youngest quarterback that the NFL has seen from the legendary Manning football family.

Manning’s dad, Archie, played for the New Orleans Saints, and his older brother is Peyton Manning, the legendary quarterback that played for the Broncos and Colts.

The Manning family is known for the fantastic quarterbacks they have produced, and we may be seeing more from younger Manning generations in the future. 

Eli Manning refused to play for the San Diego Chargers, the team with the number one selection during his draft year, and orchestrated a trade that sent him to play in New York City for the Giants.

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He would play his entire career in New York City and help the Giants to some very successful seasons. 

Manning would end his career with two Super Bowl rings against the legendary duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and their fearsome New England Patriots.

In their first Super Bowl encounter in 2008, the Patriots entered the game with an 18-0 record and were looking to become only the second team in NFL history to finish an undefeated season. 

However, Manning would lead a great game-winning drive, and the Giants would upset the Patriots, handing them their first loss of the season. Manning would receive the Super Bowl MVP award and etch his name into the football history books with this historic upset. 

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It was in 2011 that the Giants and Patriots would meet in the Super Bowl next, and once again, the Patriots were favored to win, but the Giants would spoil their plans. Manning would win his second Super Bowl MVP, and the Giants were the first to win the Super Bowl after failing to win at least ten regular-season games. 

Manning seemed to come up big when the spotlight was on the brightest and will be remembered for his Super Bowl victories.

Top Three Eli Manning Rookie Cards

Manning’s number ten is retired by the Giants, and even though he struggled at times with issues such as throwing too many interceptions, he will forever be remembered as one of the great New York athletes. Let’s check out the best Eli Manning RC for your investment portfolio.


2004 Eli Manning Topps Signature Edition Auto /299 RC #90 (Shop eBay)

This card is one of the more expensive Eli Manning rookie cards, and for good reason. The card features an autograph below an image of Manning throwing the football and was limited to only 299 copies. 

This is one of the premier Manning rookie cards and thus would be a good hold for any collectors looking to add some Eli Manning cards to their collection. 


2004 Eli Manning SP Authentic RPA /299 RC #216 (Shop eBay

This card is one of the more valuable Eli Manning rookie cards and features an image of the quarterback tucking the ball under his arm and running.

While the card may not have an image of Manning as visually appealing as him winding up to throw a deep ball, it is a great choice for collectors with its autograph, patch, and limited quantity. 

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With all three of those unique aspects, this card would be an excellent choice for investors, and if you believe in Eli Manning, this could be a key part of your collection for the future. 


2004 Eli Manning Topps Chrome RC #205 (Shop eBay)

Topps Chrome is a popular set where the cards can usually be found for reasonable prices.

This Eli Manning Topps Chrome card has no special features such as autographs or patches like the other cards on this list. Yet, the strong branding of Topps Chrome still makes it a solid investment option and our pick for the top Eli Manning RC investment option.

Of course, with this being a less luxurious card, the upside will be lower on the investment, but that doesn’t mean the ROI will be smaller. Hence, this is not always bad as the initial risk will be more negligible. For novice investors, this could be the card of choice. 


Eli Manning Rookie Card Values

Here are the top 3 Eli Manning rookie cards in terms of the most expensive…

  1. 2004 Eli Manning Ultimate Collection RC Auto #130
  2. 2004 Eli Manning SP Authentic Rookie Auto Giants 3 Color Patch #216
  3. 2004 Eli Manning Topps Signature Edition #90

If you would like an estimated value on an Eli rookie card, please email us at (please include at minimum two pictures).

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Eli Manning Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2004 Bowman Chrome Autograph #225
  • 2004 Bowman’s Best Autograph #126
  • 2004 Topps Signature Autograph #90
  • 2004 Score #371
  • 2004 Topps #350
  • 2004 Donruss Elite #134
  • 2004 Flair #61
  • 2004 Fleer Authentix #103
  • 2004 Fleer Genuine #76
  • 2004 Fleer Inscribed #76
  • 2004 Fleer Platinum #136
  • 2004 Fleer Showcase #110
  • 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs #77
  • 2004 SkyBox LE #61
  • 2004 SP Authentic Auto Jersey #216
  • 2004 SPx Auto Jersey #221
  • 2004 Sweet Spot Autograph #290
  • 2004 Bazooka #200
  • 2004 Bowman #111
  • 2004 Fleer Tradition #331
  • 2004 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects #150
  • 2004 Topps Pristine #87
  • 2004 Topps Total #350
  • 2004 Finest #110 Autograph
  • 2004 Hot Prospects Auto Jersey #83
  • 2004 Leaf Limited Auto Jersey #225
  • 2004 Playoff Contenders #131 Auto
  • 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures #144 Autograph
  • 2004 Greats of the Game #71
  • 2004 Leaf Certified Materials #225
  • 2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars #275
  • 2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Jersey #275
  • 2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven #173
  • 2004 Playoff Honors Jersey #225
  • 2004 Reflections #114
  • 2004 SP Game Used #184
  • 2004 Topps Chrome #205
  • 2004 Ultra #201
  • 2004 Upper Deck Foundations #258
  • 2004 Ultimate Collection Autograph #130
  • 2004 Upper Deck Finite HG #266
  • 2004 Absolute Memorabilia Jersey #225
  • 2004 Donruss Classics #228
  • 2004 Playoff Prestige #151
  • 2004 Upper Deck Legends #160
  • 2004 UD Diamond All-Star #91
  • 2004 UD Diamond Pro Sigs #91
  • 2004 Upper Deck #201


Investment Outlook 

Manning is currently retired and will not return to play, barring a very unexpected return.

His legacy is set as one of the greatest Super Bowl quarterbacks of all time and someone who you could always count on when it mattered the most. 

The New England Patriots had one of the greatest dynasties in any professional sports, yet they fell twice to Manning and his Giants.

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As with any great dynasty, the Patriots had plenty of people who loved to watch them fail and those same people admire Manning for taking the Patriots down. 

With a legion of Manning fans, investing in these cards could be a great option. Still, with Manning’s career over and unable to reach too many new heights in the football world, Manning should not be expected to be an investment with massive returns. 

While it is still unclear if Manning will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he does boast some strong accolades that help his case.

If he were to be inducted into Canton, he could see another rise in popularity that would cause the prices of his cards to go up.  If that happens, you’ll be happy owning some of the cards mentioned above.

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