eBay Sports Cards Auctions – Most Wanted Cards (Pro-Tips!)


ebay sports cards for sale

A good idea to determine which cards are the most sought after is to check which cards are getting the most bids.

You don’t want to buy a card simply because it has a lot of bids.

BUT when you combine “most bids” with intelligent information (from us) you have something!

Here we have composed a list of our top players to invest in along with the most bids they have received… these are some of the best cards to invest in.

Mike Trout Most Bids

Derek Jeter Most Bids

Michael Jordan Most Bids

Tom Brady Most Bids

Luka Doncic Most Bids

Lamar Jackson Most Bids

Ronald Acuna Most Bids

If your looking for a quick flip (one year) buy a Luka or Acuna card.

If you’re looking for a long term investment (five years or more) target Jeter, Jordan, or Brady.

Pro Tip I: Remember to consult our “Best Time to Buy and Sell Sports Cards

Pro Tip II: Run each card through previous the eBay previous sold under advanced options…. here are screenshots on how to use the previous sold listings tool…

ebay sports cards prices
Click on “advanced”
ebay sports card auctions
Make sure the sold box is checked

You should then see a listing of previously sold cards! WOOT WOOT!

Please note this method only works on eBay AUCTIONS and will not work on “buy now” cards.

If you have any questions about this method please email us at info@goldcardauctions.com.

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