Don’t Buy These 3 Popular Cards (Fools Gold?)


Don’t Buy These 3 Popular Cards

Here are a few popular rookie cards that we would avoid.

Now we could definitely be wrong on these but what fun would it be posting a player like Ryan Braun and saying we wouldn’t buy his cards… really? lol… so we’re going out on a limb on some of these.

If you have any popular players/cards you believe are due for a downfall/correction please email us or DM us on Facebook and we may consider adding them to this article.

Without further ado here are 3 cards we wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole!


2018 Baker Mayfield Panini Prizm #201

Baker Mayfield Panini Prizm #201

What you saw from Mayfield last year is about as good as he gets… those expecting a big year from Mayfield?… don’t hold your breath as he will be out as the starter in Cleveland sooner rather than later.

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2010 Manny Machado Bowman Chrome Draft #80

2010 Manny Machado Bowman Chrome Draft

The younger Manny Machado you knew is no more… the days of a high batting average and lots of homers are gone… his K’s will be up, the average down, RBI’s down, hopefully, he will still have some power but were not buying his rookie cards at this point.


2007 Kevin Durant Topps Chrome Seattle Supersonics Rookie Card #131

2007 Kevin Durant Topps Chrome Seattle Supersonics

This is a wait and see situation as we want to see how KD responds after surgery and being on a new team.

We’re not saying we won’t start to buy Kevin Durant rookie cards again but for now, we are not buyers… we have doubts that he will be anything close to the same player that he was in OKC and Golden State… we will update this as needed 🙂


Thoughts? Please comment below.

And as always please email us at if you would like a second opinion before making a card purchase!


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