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Donovan McNabb was drafted as the second overall pick of the 1999 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles and went on to spend the majority of his career there.


Donovan McNabb Rookie Year Stats: 6 games | 8 TD passes | 948 yards passing | 60.1 rating

McNabb led the Eagles to eight playoff appearances in the 11 years he spent with them, including 1 narrow loss in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots in 2004.

McNabb also had brief spells at the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings before retiring in 2011. During his rookie season, McNabb had to be patient and wait for his chance behind first-choice QB Doug Pederson.

But when he got given his chance, McNabb never looked back, starting 6 of the Eagles’ last 7 games after making his first start. In a total of 6 starts and 12 overall appearances in his rookie season McNabb went on to complete 106 passes for 948 yards and 8 touchdowns, earning an average passer rating of 60.1.


1999 Donovan McNabb Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph #153 


This is a really good-looking card, that features McNabb in the right with the ball in hand and the ‘rookie ticket’ on the left that features the number 5 that the QB became synonymous with over his career.

One not-so-good feature is the autograph in black pen overlapping his black shorts, which makes it quite hard to read.

With a short print run, these cards do not come up all that often, but when they are found in gem mint 10 conditions, be prepared to pay triple figures to get your hands on it.


1999 Donovan McNabb SPx Rookie Card Autograph #132


Featuring a very similar design to the Rookie Ticket card, this one features McNabb on the right in Eagles uniform and a big number 5 faded on top of another photo of him on the right.

It is a unique and good-looking card and the on-card autograph adds value.

Another card with a very short print run and a similar value to the Playoff Contenders card will see you paying 3 figures for top-condition copies.


1999 Donovan McNabb Topps Chrome Refractor RC #147 


Simplistic beauty, the 1999 Topps Chrome Football rookie card features McNabb firing the ball out like a rocket… his name is centered at the bottom, while the Philadelphia Eagles team name is centered at the top.

They are also serial numbers up to 1999, which is very low for an unsigned rookie card. The lack of autographs means it is probably worth slightly less than the other two on this list but still holds a nice valuation.



  • 1999 Topps Chrome Refractor Donovan McNabb RC #147
  • 1999 Donovan McNabb Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph RC #153
  • 1999 SPx Rookie Card Autograph Donovan McNabb RC #132
  • 1999 Topps Finest Refractor Donovan McNabb #166
  • 1999 Bowmans Best #118 Donovan McNabb RC
  • 1999 Bowman Scout’s Choice Donovan McNabb ROOKIE RC #SC14
  • 1999 U.D. SPx Donovan McNabb RC Auto #132
  • 1999 Upper Deck Donovan McNabb Star Rookie RC #235
  • 1999 Fleer Football Donovan McNabb ROOKIE RC #288
  • 1999 SP Signature #177 DONOVAN MCNABB
  • 1999 Flair Showcase ROOKIE /1999


Donovan McNabb Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Donovan McNabb rookie cards are the 1999 Contenders SSD Donovan McNabb Gold Finesse Rookie RC, 1999 Topps Chrome Refractor #147, and the 1999 Skybox E-X Century Essential Credentials Future RC.

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Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Donovan McNabb has been immortalized by fans and by the Eagles since his retirement, with Philadelphia retiring the number 5 jersey in his honor and inducting him into the Eagles Hall of Fame in the years since his retirement.

Investment Rating: Buy (3.5 out of 5)
Best Donovan McNabb Rookie Card:
1999 Panini Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph #153 Ownership Disclosure: None

However, he has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Donovan McNabb thinks he ‘absolutely’ belongs in the Hall of Fame. Is he right?), and now almost a decade on from his retirement it looks unlikely to happen.

This combined with his step back from broadcasting means that his rookie card valuation will probably not see any significant rises in the coming years, but his history in the game should ensure the valuation remains around the same level they are at now.

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