Dominik Kubalik Rookie Card – Best Cards and Investment Outlook


Dominik Kubalik Rookie Card

Dominik Kubalik was drafted in the 7th round (191st overall) of the 2013 NHL Draft by the Los Angeles Kings.

This makes him one of the oldest rookies headed into the 2019 season.

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It may have taken him a while to make it to the league but he is tearing it up (he is leading all rookies in goals scored).

He now plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and is age 24.

Here are the best Dominik Kubalik rookie cards to invest your hard earn coin in.

There are really only two options when it comes to Dominik Kubalik rookie cards (as of now); UD Young Guns and UD Young Guns Canvas.

2019 Dominik Kubalik Upper Deck Young Guns #246 RC

Dominik Kubalik Rookie Card

The Dominik Kubalik Upper Deck YG rookie card is numbered 246 and is his best rookie card to invest in as of today.

You should be able to get the card for under $20 on eBay.

2019 Upper Deck Dominik Kubalik Série One Young Guns Rookie Canvas #C-113

dominik kubalik young guns rookie card

The only other rookie card worth buying is the Dominik Kubalik Upper Deck YG Canvas card.

This card is numbered C-113 and should be available for around $10!

Dominik Kubalik Rookie Card Investment Outlook

Were in a wait and see pattern right now.

We question why it took so long for him to make it to the NHL but you can’t deny he is making a big impact.

NO BUY or HOLD for now.


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