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Born in Wuerzburg, West Germany, Dirk Nowitzki started his career in Germany with DJK Wurzburg before declaring himself for the 1998 NBA draft.


Dirk Nowitzki Rookie Years Stats: 47 games | 8.2 points per game | 3.4 rebounds

In the draft, he was selected as the 9th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks and immediately traded to the Dallas Mavericks, with whom he would spend his whole 2-decade-long NBA career.

Nowitzki helped the Bucks to the 2011 NBA Championship with a Finals MVP performance and also got named NBA MVP in 2007.

Nowitzki played in 14 All-Star games and is regarded as the most significant European player.

Best Rookie Cards

His rookie season was not the ground-breaking season many predicted. He started just 24 games and played only 47 in total, scoring 8.2 points per game in the process.

Despite this, the incredible career the German experienced after this means that his rookie card values remain very strong.


1998 Dirk Nowitzki Topps Chrome RC #154

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A staple of any rookie collection from this period, this 1998 Topps Chrome card features Nowitzki jumping with the ball in his hands in front of a full audience.

In typical Topps Chrome style, the border is colored concerning the parallel that the particular copy is.

As usual, there is a host of parallels and inserts from Topps Chrome, ranging from common base cards to parallels with print runs of less than 50.

Anyone with any budget can get their hands on a version of this card.


1998 Dirk Nowitzki E-X Century RC #68

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This is a highly unique card that features Nowitzki on the front, a silver streak, his name, and a little brand detailing, all on a completely transparent background.

The uniqueness of this card, rather than any particular brand name or rareness, makes it so highly sought after and valuable.

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The prices can run well into the hundreds of dollars and sometimes even more for cards in top condition.


1998 Dirk Nowitzki SP Authentic RC #99

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Another great-looking card from Nowitzki’s rookie year, featuring him dribbling on a court that is faded into a white background.

The card is serial numbered up to 3500 on the front, which actually makes it one of the rarer rookie cards available for Nowitzki.

This is reflected in the value which can run quite high, but still, with a relatively longer print run the cost remains reasonable.

There is also a very slightly rarer 2K9 insert to keep your eye out for that should sell for slightly more.



The most expensive Dirk Nowitzki rookie card is the 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor Dirk Nowitzki Rookie Card at high grades (i.e., PSA 10 or BGS 10).


Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

  • Investment Rating: Solid Buy (4.2 out of 5)
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Dirk Nowitzki Rookie Card: 1998 Topps Chrome RC #154

Nowitzki retired from basketball in 2019, having already secured his name in the history books with 2 decades of stellar performances.

Although this means there will be no more playoff runs or MVP performances to boost rookie card value, his retirement boosted the value significantly.

Nowitzki will have an almost guaranteed entry into the Basketball Hall of Fame as soon as he is eligible, and this should boost is rookie card values further and ensure they always remain high.

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