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Devin Armani Booker (10/30/1996) was drafted 13th by the Phoenix Suns in the 2015 NBA Draft. He played one season for John Calipari at Kentucky before going pro.


Booker played 76 games as a rookie, averaging 13.8 points, 2.6 assists, half a steal, and 2.5 rebounds per game. It was a sign of more excellent stats to come.

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“Book”, as he prefers to be called, is a score-first sharpshooter with a knack for getting his teammates involved in the action. Who else has a 70-point game to their name?

Devin Booker rookie year stats are as follows; 13.8 points per game, 2.6 assists, and 2.5 total rebounds. These characteristics make Booker a sound investment for card collectors.

Looking to invest in one of the NBA’s premier scorers? Consider these standout selections.


2015 Devin Booker Panini Prizm RC #308

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Devin Booker’s 2015 Panini Prizm RC stands out in this 400-card base set. Parallels are valued highly in the trading community.

The base card includes the standard Panini Prizm features with embossed, braille-style corners and a silver backdrop. If the style isn’t broke…

The 2015 Prizm features a diamond design behind the player image. Booker wears his all-purple “Phoenix” jersey, crouched with the ball palmed in his left hand.

The nameplate beneath Booker’s calves sports the Prizm logo along with Booker’s name and team info. The card’s rear features Book’s college stats.

The base Prizm is worth a buy, but rare parallels are a next-level asset. Standout parallels include Black Prizm (/1), Gold Prizm (/10), Mojo Prizms (/25), and Orange Prizm (/65).


2015 Devin Booker Panini National Treasures Patch Auto RC #113 (/99)

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Once you start talking National Treasures, you know you’re talking real money. Throw Devin Booker in the mix and you’ve got one pricey card.

The visuals of this card live up to the price point. An octagonal border frames a patch of Booker’s Suns jersey. Above it, a blue “D Book” autograph slants in towards the upper-right corner.

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An image of Booker graces the left side of the card. He shields the ball below his waist with both hands, sporting the purple Sun’s uniform while mapping his next move.

A silver #/99 insignia in the bottom-left corner affirms the card’s rarity, while the back of the card features a recap of Booker’s rookie year.

It’s clean and tasteful, True to form for A Panini National Treasure. You’ll need to back up the Brinks truck if you want to add this D-Book RC to your portfolio.


2015 Devin Booker Panini Flawless Auto RC #RA-DB

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Another set known for its premium products, Panini Flawless, hit it out of the park with the 2015 Devin Booker Auto RC. The composition and design are nothing shy of timeless.

The stark white backdrop enhances the pop of Booker’s image, as well as the large, gold Panini Flawless logo atop the card’s front side.

Booker looks alert in a three-point stance and his purple Sun’s uni. The top of his head overlays the Flawless logo while his lower half fades into the white background.

A prominent blue signature sits between the image of Booker and the nameplate below. The color of the nameplate varies from one parallel to another.

This is a premium card numbered (as all cards in the set are) with a premium look and price point. The base auto is numbered to 25.

Notable parallels include Platinum (/1), Emerald (/5), Sapphire (/10), and Ruby (/15).


Devin Booker Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Devin Booker rookie card is the 2015 Devin Booker Panini National Treasures Patch Auto rookie card #113 (/99).

Most common Devin Booker rookie card on eBay auctions. As with almost all basketball rookie cards, the most common Devin Booker rookie card is his 2015 Devin Booker Panini Prizm Rookie Card #308, which is also one of the best from an ROI standpoint.



  • 2015 Panini Prizm Devin Booker RC #308
  • 2015 Panini Flawless Auto Devin Booker RC #RA-DB
  • 2015 Panini National Treasures Patch Auto Devin Booker /99 RC #113
  • 2015 Panini Select Devin Booker RC #203
  • 2015 Select Signatures Prizms Auto Devin Booker RC #RS-DB
  • 2015 Panini Absolute Next Day Devin Booker RC #ND-BD
  • 2015 Select Silver Prizms Courtside Devin Booker RC #203
  • 2015 Panini Revolution Auto Devin Booker RC #15
  • 2015 Preferred Silhouettes Devin Booker RC #23
  • 2015 Prizm Emergent Prizms Devin Booker RC #6
  • 2015 Absolute Memorabilia Next Day Auto SP Devin Booker RC #13
  • 2015 Immaculate RPA Jumbo Patch /25 Devin Booker RC
  • 2015 Select Copper Prizms /49 Devin Booker RC #12


Investment Outlook

The premier Booker RCs are exclusive to those with lots of capital. Still, there are fewer cards at price points that light- and medium-weights will find palatable.

  • Devin Booker Rookie Card Investment Rating: Buy (3.7 out of 5)
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Devin Booker Rookie Card: 2015 Prizm Devin Booker Rookie Card 

Considering the trajectory of Booker’s career and rookie card prices, don’t expect Booker cards to be accessibly priced for long. The arrow is pointed up.

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