Deshaun Watson Rookie Card Report and Investment Outlook (DW4)


Deshaun Watson Rookie Card

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is the heart and soul of the franchise. Watson was born on September 14, 1995, in Gainesville, GA.

The Texans made him the 12th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Watson is an athletic signal-caller who has a rifle of an arm.

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Bear in mind he broke the franchise rookie record with five touchdown passes against the Chiefs in 2017.

He also had 19 touchdown passes in his rookie year – another franchise record. Watson is versatile.

When the pocket collapses and there’s no open receiver, he can scramble for extra yardage.

He is the Texans quarterback with the most number of rushing touchdowns (12).

He should pad that stat significantly as the years go by.

With Watson under center, Houston should contend for the AFC South title and make noise in the postseason for years to come.

Let’s check out Deshaun Watson’s best rookie cards for investment purposes.

2017 Deshaun Watson Panini Origins Rookie Autographs

Casual sports card collectors will love this card.

The front shows Watson scanning the field for an open receiver.

You can also see his autograph and the Houston Texans logo at the bottom.

The slick background artwork makes this a distinguishable investment.

On that note, this card won’t put a serious dent on your wallet.

If you don’t want to risk investing a huge amount, this is a good option.

It will give you a solid ROI in the future.

2017 Deshaun Watson Panini Impeccable

This Deshaun Watson rookie card has many of the intangibles: popular brand, a game-used patch, and an autograph.

The back of the card reads, “In the past five seasons, Houston has made the playoffs three times. As the Texans creep closer to a Super Bowl title, they found a winner in Watson to help get them there.

At Clemson, he led the Tigers to two national championship appearances, including a 35-31 victory in the title game on Jan. 9, 2017.”

It’s truly impressive addition to your sports card collection.

2017 Deshaun Watson Panini Flawless Rookie Patch Autograph Card

This card is another solid option under the Panini brand.

Watson’s photo, game-used patch, and autograph take center stage once again.

The back of the card describes his first touchdown run in the pros.

It reads, “Watson took the snap, stepped up in the pocket, darted through the teeth of the defense before shrugging off a Bengals defender and zig-zagging his way to the end zone for a 49-yard score in Week 2 of 2017.

It marked his first touchdown run and the Georgia native celebrated it by doing the Atlanta-based ‘Beef It Up’ dance.”

It won’t come cheap, but you should get a nice return on your investment.

2017 Deshaun Watson Panini Contenders

If you’re keen on some serious eye candy, Watson’s Panini Contenders rookie cards are worth some serious consideration.

You can’t miss the refractors highlighting Watson’s rookie card on the left panel and his photograph on the right. His autograph is at the bottom of the card.

Deshaun Watson 2017 Panini Contenders versions come in red, turquoise, silver, and orange refractors.

The red refractor version commands the highest price on the market by a mile.

Deshaun Watson Investment Report

Clearly, Deshaun Watson is the face of the Houston Texans franchise.

Barring any unforeseen injury, his strong showing on the field should continue. Expect Watson to earn more Pro Bowl nods as the years go by.

Granted, Watson is not on the level of a Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson just yet, but if he shows consistency, he should get there.



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