Epic Dennis Rodman Basketball Cards To Invest In Today

Dennis Rodman (5/13/1961) was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in the 2nd Round (27th overall pick) in the 1986 NBA Draft, which also featured notables Ron Harper, Dell Curry, and Mark Price.

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Nicknamed the Worm, Rodman played 911 NBA regular-season games and averaged 7.3 points to go along with 13.1 rebounds per game. He made two all-star teams and won a mind-blowing 5 NBA Championships in 1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Dennis Rodman Rookie Year Stats: 6.5 ppg | 4.3 total rebounds | 77 games 1 game started

He was a defensive beast and a rebounding machine. Even though his off-court personality was questionable (i.e. dressing up as a woman in a wedding dress), at best, you can’t deny his on-court game.

Best Dennis Rodman Rookie Card

Let’s look at his only rookie card, as The Worm was not expected to be an All-Star in the league.


1988 Dennis Rodman Fleer RC #43 (Buy on eBay)

Rodman’s first rookie card didn’t appear on the scene until 1988 even though the Worm was drafted in 1986.

The card has a history of centering issues, making it harder to find at high grades (i.e., PSA 10 or BGS 9.5). The card photo isn’t much to look at either, as it simply shows Rodman shooting a free throw… boring. But having said that it is his only rookie card, so that automatically adds massive value to the card.

Numbered #43, the reverse of the card shows his stats (from the 86′ and 87′ seasons) and vitals (i.e., height, weight) along with a vast space that could have been used to transcribe some personal details about the Worm.

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Dennis Rodman Rookie Card Value

The 1988 Dennis Rodman Fleer rookie card recently sold on eBay auctions for an all-time high of $4,238 (PSA 10 grade via PWCC auctions).

If you would like an estimated value of your Dennis Rodman basketball card please email us at value@goldcardauctions.com (include several pictures).


Top Dennis Rodman Bulls Basketball Cards

  • 1997 Dennis Rodman Metal Universe #7 (BUY ON EBAY)
  • 2003 Dennis Rodman Upper Deck Exquisite Limited Logos Bulls Patch Auto (BUY ON EBAY)
  • 2014 Dennis Rodman Flawless Finishes Emerald (BUY ON EBAY)
  • 2019 Dennis Rodman Panini Prizm #3 (BUY ON EBAY)


Best Dennis Rodman Basketball Cards

Our favorite Dennis Rodman non-rookie card for investment purposes is the 2003 Dennis Rodman Upper Deck Exquisite Limited Logos Bulls Patch Auto.

We do not own any of these cards but are on the prowl for a few high grades.

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Top Dennis Rodman Spurs Basketball Cards

  • 1993 Dennis Rodman Topps Finest Refractor San Antonio Spurs #113 (BUY ON EBAY)
  • 1995 Dennis Rodman Flair Hot Numbers San Antonio Spurs #13 (BUY ON EBAY)
  • 2012 Dennis Rodman Panini Totally Certified San Antonio Spurs #62 (BUY ON EBAY)


Dennis Rodman Rookie Card Checklist


Dennis Rodman Rookie Card: Buyers Rating and Risk/Profit Analysis

Dennis Rodman’s greatness has been revived recently due to ESPN’s 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance,”. The documentary is about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, which allowed NBA Entertainment to follow them throughout the season and document their final championship together.

Investment Rating: Pass (2.7 out of 5)

Risk/Profit Analysis: Low Risk/Low to Moderate Return

Best Dennis Rodman Rookie Card: 1986 Fleer RC

Ownership Disclosure: None

Rodman was bigger than life and lived his life on his terms. Jordan commenting on Dennis going to Las Vegas on vacation… “You let him go on vacation, we’re not going to see him,” Jordan said. “You let him go to Vegas, and we’re definitely not going to see him.”

But as good as Rodman was on the court he had his fair share of issue of the court and in the public eye including being a close buddy to the leader of North Korea (that was just odd).

Due to his off the court antice, we are passing on Rodman as a long-term sports card investment option.

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