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  1. i have a card question what is worth more i just got a 1985 Star 5 x 7 Sealed Bag NBA Court Kings **Factory Sealed** or if i open the bag and get the jordan graded
    i thank you for your answer

  2. Hi, I have a 1996 Derek Jeter Summit#154 early year card. This card has Cal Ripken Jr on the card with Derek Jeter but name written on the card is Bob Wolcott in error. This seem to be only error card made with Bob Wolcott name instead of Derek Jeter. What value does this 1996 error card can be? Thank you Benny

  3. Hi, I have been collecting for 30 years and have recently acquired a card from a local man with a collection beyond my comprehension. Believed the card to be fake like anyone would he pulled a 1952 mantle out and let me take extremely good pictures. If anyone could help me identify wether this card is real or not would be would be much appreciated. His entire reasoning behind it being fake was the stitches in the ball but I have seen where the type ones and twos were different. Thanks !


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