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Cody Bellinger (7/13/95) was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers with the 124th overall pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

His very first year facing major league pitching he jacked a mind-blowing 39 homers and 97 RBIs in only 132 games.

Complete Cody Bellinger Rookie Card Year Stats: 132 Games – 39 HR – 97 RBIs – .267 Avg |.933 OPS

The Dodgers knew they had something very special on their hands… he also paid of card collectors who picked up a few of his RCs before making his debut in 2017.

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For whatever reason Bellinger 2nd season in the league wasn’t as good as his first (sophomore slump?) but in all honestly, it was still pretty damn good as he hit 25 homers with 76 RBIs and a .260 batting average… 90% of the league would be pleased with those numbers.

In 2019 he broke out and made it clear he is one of the best players in the game! He jacked the ball out 47 times, batted .305, and had 115 RBIs… all career highs… as you might expect the price of his rookie cards soared to new heights.

Now that we pretty much know what this kid is made of let’s take a look at the top-rated Bellinger rookie cards for investment purposes.


2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Update #US50

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A good-looking Bellinger Topps rookie card numbered #US50

The card shows Bellinger roping the ball down the line for what we can only assume is a stand-up double.

The Topps logo is in the top-right hand corner of the card while the position (1B/OF), the team (Los Angeles Dodgers), and the player’s name (Cody Bellinger) all detail the bottom of the card.


2015 Cody Bellinger Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #BCAP-CBE

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Our favorite Bellinger rookie card and one of the better-looking ones to boot.

The card shows Bellinger rounding the base paths after a MONSTER homer dead away to center field… KA-BOOM!

2015 Bowman Parallels: Refractors, Purple Refractors, Blue Refractors, Green Refractors, Gold Refractors, hobby-only Orange Refractors, Red Refractors, and Superfractors


2016 Cody Bellinger Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP-182

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Here is our favorite Bellinger RC images-wise as it displays Cody with the beautiful Dodgerblue uniform while lifting the ball of the shortstops head for a double.

Not the most valuable Bellinger RC but a beauty.


2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Dynasty Rookie Auto Patch #APCB

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The 2017 Topps Dynasty Bellinger RC is designed for high-end collectors as there is not a base card that can be had for a lesser amount.


2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Heritage High Number #678

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The 2017 Topps Heritage High Number Blue Border Bellinger rookie card is the final card on our list and with good reason.

First, the card is great looking, and second, it is pretty rare.

The card shows Bellinger holding the bat while mean-mugging for the camera with a beautiful powder blue color to outline the card.

The player’s name (Cody Bellinger) is at the bottom of the card while the player’s position and team are features in a red bubble with yellow lettering in the right-hand corner.

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  • 2017 Bowman Chrome Cody Bellinger RC #27
  • 2017 Bowman High Tek RC #BHT-CB
  • 2017 Immaculate Collection  Autographs / Relics
  • 2017 Bowman Platinum Cody Bellinger RC #76
  • 2017 Bowman’s Best Cody Bellinger RC #65
  • 2017 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Cody Bellinger RC
  • 2017 National Treasures Cody Bellinger RC #192 Autograph Jersey #/49 (Redemption)
  • 2017 Panini Chronicles RC #120 #/499
  • 2017 Topps Chrome Update Series Cody Bellinger RC #HMT10
  • 2017 National Treasures Cody Bellinger RC #192 Autograph Jersey #/49 (Redemption)
  • 2017 Topps Update Series Cody Bellinger RC #US50
  • 2017 Topps Diamond Icons Cody Bellinger #AU-CBE Autograph #/25 (Redemption)
  • 2017 Panini Flawless Cody Bellinger RC #105 (Base), #106 (Milestones), #107 (All-Stars)
  • 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Full-Size Autograph RC Cody Bellinger #AGA-CB (Redemption)
  • 2017 Topps Chrome Cody Bellinger RC #79
  • 2017 Topps Fire Cody Bellinger RC #121
  • 2017 Topps Dynasty Cody Bellinger #AP-CB1 to CB6 Autograph Patch #/10
  • 2017 Topps Five Star Cody Bellinger RC #FSA-CB Autograph
  • 2017 Topps Gallery Cody Bellinger RC #143
  • 2017 Topps High Tek Cody Bellinger RC #CBE
  • 2017 Topps Gold Label Cody Bellinger RC #19
  • 2017 Topps Heritage High Number Cody Bellinger #678
  • 2017 Topps Holiday Bowman Cody Bellinger RC #TH-CB
  • 2016 Bowman C2017 Panini Diamond Kings Signatures Cody Bellinger #DKS-CB Auto Relic #/99hrome Prospects Cody Bellinger #BCP-182
  • 2017 Topps Triple Threads Cody Bellinger Rookie Autograph #RA-CB #/99
  • 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Cody Bellinger #158 Autograph #/673
  • 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Cody Bellinger #BCAP-CBE
  • 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects Cody Bellinger #BCP-182
  • 2017 Donruss Promising Pros Cody Bellinger #PPMS-CB Auto Relic


Cody Bellinger Rookie Card Value

The value of his cards should only go up as Bellinger enters his prime and if he can win a World Series ring or three… WATCH OUT!

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Most Valuable Cody Bellinger Rookie Cards

  1. 2015 Bowman Chrome Auto Refractor
  2. 2017 Topps Update Auto XFtractor
  3. 2017 Topps Heritage Auto Rookie Real One Auto RED INK


Investment Advice

There are various reasons why Bellinger‘s rookie cards are so expensive. His time in the National League is a major factor, while he’s also the son of former MLB star Clay Bellinger.

Investment Rating: Buy 3.9 out of 5
Ownership Disclosure: None
Best Cody Bellinger Rookie Card: 2015 Bowman Chrome

Then there’s his recent form and the sheer variety of appealing cards. He received 19 of 30 first-place votes for the M.V.P. Award from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, highlighting his progress in 2019.

He could quickly go on to greater heights in the years to come. While collectors used to ignore prospect and minor league cards, the increased prices and interest show a change in attitudes, and there’s something for every budget.

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