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1993 Chris Webber Topps rookie card

Chris Webber (03/01/73) was selected by the Orlando Magic as the first pick of the 1993 NBA draft, going on to be named as the Rookie of the Year.

Despite never winning an elusive NBA Championship, Webber ended his career as a five-time NBA All-Star and a five-time All-NBA Team member.

Chris Webber Rookie Year Stats: 76 games | 17.5 ppg | 9.1 total rebounds | 3.6 assists | 2.2 blocks

He was prolific in college, making two trips to the National Championship Game in consecutive seasons as the leader of the infamous Fab-Five.

In later years, Webber went on to become an analyst after knee injuries forced his retirement in 2008.

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Here’s a rundown with three top Chris Webber rookie cards, including investment advice if you’re hoping to pick up a couple of pieces in the near future.

Best 3 Chris Webber Rookie Cards

Released in the 1993-94 season, Webber has a decent number of rookie cards, with the majority being worthless. However, there are a few decent options to be found, such as the first card to make the list.


1993 Chris Webber Topps Finest RC #212

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chris webber rookie card topps

The 1993-94 Finest NBA set was the first basketball release by the brand, with Webber featured as he attempts to make a shot on the front of the card. A thin line makes up the border, although the background stretches all the way to the edges.

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The most expensive RC by far is the Refractor version, which has a familiar rainbow shine when held up to the light. Copies of the latter can go for three-figure amounts, while they’re extremely condition-sensitive at the corners and on the surface. You’ll find the second image of Webber on the reverse.

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1993 Chris Webber Skybox Premium Draft Picks RC #DP1

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1993 Chris Weber Skybox rookie card

Generally, SkyBox releases from the ‘90s are great to look at, with strong design choices and memorable cards. This one doesn’t deviate from the norm, with a small image of Webber found in the bottom left corner, dribbling a ball that is made to look like it’s in motion.

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The trouble is, it ends up looking more like an orange smudge on the front of the card, while the main profile picture is faded to make way for the smaller action shot at the base. The end result is still a classy look, especially when compared to many garish sets from the ‘90s.

You’ll be able to find gem mint versions at affordable prices, so it’s a decent entry-level investment option.


1993 Chris Webber Fleer RC #292

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Chris Weber Fleer rookie card

The final card to make the cut is his ‘93 Fleer release. It has the best image overall, with a great action shot of Webber wearing a crisp Warriors jersey as he stares up towards the rim. A stencil effect is used for his name at the base, with the letters formed by the background against yellow paint.

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It has a thick white border, and a small logo at the top to show that it’s from the ‘93-94 Fleer set. As with the SkyBox card, gem mint versions are at the lower end of the scale, which is understandable as it was released at the height of the junk wax era. Print runs were massive, and that’s reflected in the prices seen in the present day.


Chris Weber Rookie Card Checklist

Chris Webber Upper Deck Rookie Card

  • 1993 Fleer Basketball RC #292
  • 1993 Fleer First Year Phenoms RC #10
  • 1993 Fleer Jam Session RC #75
  • 1993 Fleer Lottery Exchange #1
  • 1993 Skybox Premium RC #227
  • 1993 Chris Webber Upper Deck Rookie Card #311
  • 1993 Topps Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Rookie RC #224
  • 1993 Stadium Club Beam Team RC #21
  • 1993 Topps Gold RC #223
  • 1993 Upper Deck Rookie Exchange RC #RE1
  • 1993 Chris Webber Rookie of the Year Card #RC4
  • 1993 Chris Webber Rookie Card NBA Hoops Draft Redemption #LP1
  • 1993 Classic 4 Sport Power Pick Bonus Chris Webber PSA 10 RC #PP1
  • 1993 Classic 4 Sport Tri-Cards Hardaway O’Neal Chris Webber
  • 1993 Upper Deck SE RC #186
  • 1993 Chris Webber Rookie Card Classic #1
  • 1993 Upper Deck SE Die-Cut All-Stars Rookie Card #W5
  • 1993 Hoops Magic’s All-Rookie Team RC #1


Chris Weber Rookie Card Value

Chris Weber Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Chris Webber rookie card is the 1993 Topps Finest Refractor #212 which will go well into the thousands.

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Chris Webber Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide & Investment Advice 

Investment Rating: Soft Buy (3.2 out of 5)

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Best Chris Webber Rookie Card: 1993 Topps Finest RC #212

Webber had a solid career, even if he never managed to win the NBA championship he so obviously coveted. Despite the great numbers, he’s also yet to have made it into the Hall of Fame, despite being eligible for several ballots since he retired.

This is possibly due to injuries that hampered his progress in later years, or the fact that his NCAA record was scrubbed after Webber was found to have taken money from a booster during his time with Michigan. (It’s probably more to do with the latter.)

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Since his retirement, the majority of Webber’s cards have failed to take the world by storm, and there are a number of potential reasons why. The majority were overproduced, so there’s no lack of PSA 10 copies in the present day. Then there’s his omission from the Hall of Fame, which would be confusing if you were judging it purely based on the stats alone. 

However, the HoF can’t hold out forever, and Webber is likely to get the nod eventually. It should see prices rising, so his rookie cards could be a good mid-term investment if you’re willing to wait for The Naismith Memorial to change their mind

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