Christian Wood Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Checklist, and Value

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Best Christian Wood Rookie Cards

Christian Wood (9/27/1995) played college basketball for UNLV and made his NBA debut with the Philadelphia 76ers on 10/28/2015. He is listed as a 6-10 Center/Power Forward and tips the scale at 214lb.

Christian Wood Rookie Year Stats: 3.6 PPG | 2.2 TRB | 0.3 STL… not the best stats for a rookie but fast forward to 2021 where he just scored a team-high 23 points (8-15 FG, 0-5 3Pt, 7-8 FT) with seven rebounds, a steal and a blocked shot in a 113-100 loss to the Mavericks on 1/4/2021.

Best Christian Wood Rookie Cards

His rookie cards can be had on the super cheap being basically a nobody for the first 4 years of his NBA career… but should you buy the early season hype?

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Let’s first check out the top 3 Christian Wood RCs from an investment perspective.


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2015 Christian Wood Panini Optic Contenders RC #4 (buy on eBay)

Christian Wood Panini Optic Contenders rookie card

The Christian Wood Panini Optic Contenders rookie card is available in a variety of parallels and shows Wood taking the ball upcourt with a somewhat annoyed look on his face… it almost looks like he is bothered by having to get up off the bench and play.

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Numbered #4 his name Christian Wood is centered at the bottom while his photo is placed on the right side of the card.


2015 Christian Wood Panini Donruss RC #238 (buy on eBay)

Christian Wood Panini Donruss rookie card

Next up we have the Christian Wood Donruss Rated Rookie card that shows him once again dribbling the ball up the court but in a more aggressive manner. He is decked out in the red Sixers home jersey with a black knee sleeve strapped to his right leg.

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Numbered #238 the card placed his name and team name at the bottom in blue right along with the Donruss logo. The classic Rated Rookie logo is stamped in the top right-hand corner.


2015 Christian Wood Panini Contenders Draft Pick Foil Auto #99 (buy on eBay)

Christian Wood Panini Contenders Draft Pick rookie card

The last card on the list is an autograph for all you auto hounds out there. The Christian Wood Panini Contenders Draft Pick Foil Autograph card is numbered #99 and shows him lazily dribbling the ball up the court but this time in his college UNLV jersey.

Only 99 of these cards were produced which makes it a pretty good investment for those who think Wood is on the verge of stardom. His auto sits at the bottom left of the card.


Christian Wood Rookie Card Checklist

Christian Wood Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2015 Panini Contenders Draft Pick Foil Autograph RC #99
  • 2015 Panini Donruss RC #238
  • 2015 Panini Optic Contenders RC #4
  • 2015 Contenders Christian Wood Magenta Printing Plate Auto
  • 2015 National Treasures Christian Wood Rasha Vaughn Booklet RC
  • 2015 Donruss The Rookie Christian Wood Rookie RC #23
  • 2015 Donruss Inspirations Die Cut Rated Rookie Christian Wood #238


Christian Wood Rookie Card Value

Christian Wood Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Christian Wood RC is the 2015-16 Christian Wood Panini Contenders Championship Ticket Auto Rookie RC.

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Christian Wood Rookie Card: Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: Pass (2.6 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Christian Wood Rookie Card: 2015 Panini Donruss RC #238

Mr. Wood is off to a hot start in 2020-21 averaging 23.6 points through 5 games with the Houston Rockets. The hot-start has started a lot of buy low talk in regards to his rookie cards and he was by far the most popular in terms of the emails we received the last weeek.

But the big question is can he keep it up?

We like Christian Wood and think he is a nice player but by no means do we see him busting out his superstar sword. We could be wrong but we see him averaging 14 to 16 ppg (we would be shocked to see him keep up his current 23 ppg).

What do you think? Are we way off on this? Comment below or join the conversation of the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page.

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  1. I mostly agree with you…I think with Wood playing with both Harden and Wall, he’s a solid 3rd option, and will have some games, that are quite impressive. Wood might be, a better version of last years, TJ Warren

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