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For anyone who can remember when there were only 151 Pokemon, Charizard was the key to the set and was coveted by children worldwide as the craze took over in 1999.


Nobody seemed to know how to actually play the game, but it was easy to collect and compare cards with other kids.

  • Budget Pick: Dark Charizard Pokémon Card Holographic #4 
  • Our Pick: 2006 Ex Dragon Frontiers Charizard Gold Star Holo #100
  • Upgrade Pick: 1999 1st Edition Holo Charizard Shadowless #4

We’ve come up with a list containing five of the best Charizard cards that money can buy, from a range of different eras, along with an investment outlook for the next few years.

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10 Greatest Pokemon Charizard Cards

We’ve looked at a mix of options, from the best of the best to more affordable copies that still have good potential for profit in the future.

Fact: The popular Charizard Holo 1st edition card went from $4,800 (May 2018) to $33,000 (April 2021) for a 700% return on investment.

Pro-Tip: Stick to graded cards when possible, especially considering the number of fakes on the market. 

Pro-Tip II: Generally speaking, we prefer buying PSA 10 grades, PSA 9, or SGC 10 as they will fetch the greatest ROI.


#1. 1999 Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Charizard #4

1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holo Charizard

The big one, this was by far the most popular card of the original 151.

Charizard was a major part of the anime and had one of the strongest attack ratings at 100.

The orange card has a small image of Charizard at the top, with the Pokemon surrounded by chrome flames which give it an iconic look.

It’ll have a small label on the left-hand side, noting it as a Base 1st Edition copy.

Many have been lost or destroyed over the past two decades, so gem mint versions are worth a significant amount, especially compared to later editions.

2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard #21

2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard

Despite being a non-shiny, Dark Charizard is a Team Rocket-affiliated release that still commands a notable price tag.

Released in 2000, the Team Rocket 1st Edition set contains an evil version of Charizard, used by the antagonists.

It has the same card format as the release above, although this time the Pokemon has his back turned, staring at you out of the corner of his eye.

As always, mint versions and above are the best investment pieces.


2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107

Buy on eBay

Shiny Charizard Pokemon Card 1st Edition

The Shining Charizard is another variation, this time from the 2002 Neo Destiny release.

As with the original, it’s a first edition card, which is denoted by a star found on the right of the card name. It also has a Base 1st Edition stamp towards the middle.

They’ve stuck with the same card design, so there’s an orange background (fire Pokemon) and a yellow border, with an image of a Chrome Shining Charizard as it flies through the air.


2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates GX Charizard #SV49

All Charizard cards

Fast forward 17 years, to the Sun & Moon Hidden Fates release. You can see the power creep, as the Pokemon now has a 300 damage attack, along with 250 HP.

The image of Charizard takes up the entire card, and PSA 10 versions will sell for a four-figure fee.

It’s a great modern option and could be as popular as the original in years to come.


#5. 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Charizard & Braixen GX #251

Charizard Pokemon Card for sale on eBay

This card typifies the evolution of Pokemon cards over the years, with a modern feel to this ‘tag-team’ edition.

The giant fire lizard is joined by Braixen, in a beautiful holo release that features an illustration of the duo together. 

It’s ridiculously condition-sensitive, and it’s already worth a fair amount when looking at gem mint copies. 


#6. 1996 Charizard Holo Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Pokémon

Charizard Pokemon Card


#7. 1995 Topsun NO NUMBER Charizard Pokemon Card


#8. 2003 Pokemon Skyridge Charizard Holo Card #146


#9. 2000 Topps Chrome Pokemon T.V. Series 1 CHARIZARD TEKNO #6


10. 1999 Pokemon French Dracaufeu Holo 1st Edition Base Set #4


Charizard Pokemon Card Values and Worth

Charizard Pokemon Card Worth

The most expensive Charizard Pokemon Card is the 1996 Japanese Charizard Mitsuhiro Arita Holo Signed Autograph #6 and the 1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Shadowless Holo EX #4.

If you would like an estimated value of your Pokemon Charizard card please email us at minimum two photos to or visit the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page.

If you are thinking about buying some Pokemon Cards but need advice we can help.

Email us at with what cards you are interested in and your budget.

We will advise which cards are best based on your preference and the amount of money you’re looking to spend.


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Our favorite Shiny Charizard Pokemon Cards?

The following two are by far the best from a design and investment perspective.

  • Charizard GX Shiny Pokemon Card SHOP EBAY NOW
  • Charizard VMAX Shiny Pokemon Card SHOP EBAY NOW


Charizard Pokemon Card VMAX Prices, Rarity, and Best Overall

The VMAX Charizard Pokemon card has become a legend inside a legend and is one of the more popular cards.

Kids cry when they see this card while grown men crave to get one graded.

Let’s check out the most expensive VMAX Charizard cards.


Charizard VMAX Values

The most expensive VMAX Charizard card is the Pikachu VMAX Pokémon Vivid Voltage.

Charizard VMAX Values vivid voltage

This little guy is chubby and adorable


Our Favorite VMAX

The 2020 Secret Rare Rainbow Charizard VMAX is by far our favorite as it’s dripping in desire and dollar bills.

Plus we love dragons that come in the color rainbow.

vmax charizard


Charizard Pokemon Card Checklist

Pokemon is a media franchise that has spawned various video games, TV shows, movies, and trading cards. It is centered on fictional creatures called Pokemon. There are hundreds of species, but Charizard is one of the most iconic Pokemon.

Even if you never watched the show or played with the cards as a kid, you have probably heard of Charizard. It is one of the most recognizable Pokemon behind possibly only Pikachu.

Charizard is a dual-type Fire / Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. It is the final form of Charmander. Charmander is the starting Pokemon, and it evolves into Charmeleon at level 16. Charmeleon then evolves into Charizard at level 36.

However, Charizard can Mega Evolve into two forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y.

As one of the original Pokemon, it should be no surprise to hear that Charizard has a massive collection of cards for you to collect. The first Charizard trading card came out as part of the Japanese Base Set on October 20th, 1996.

Since then, dozens of Charizard trading cards have been released. Every time they are released, they are scooped up by collectors and investors.

So, why are Charizard Pokemon cards so valuable? There are several contributing factors, with one of them being that people love the look of the fire-breathing orange dragon.

However, another reason could be that Ash Ketchum originally wanted a Charmander, but it was already taken. Ash wanting to save a dying Charmander endeared the species to viewers, and its popularity hasn’t wained since then.


The Complete List of Charizard Trading Cards

As we mentioned above, Charizard was one of the first Pokemon trading cards released all the way back in 1996. As a result, there are several options available to investors.

We are going to list every Charizard trading card ever released. Additionally, we will briefly describe each of them before getting into the most popular and valuable cards.


Charizard No. 006 – Japanese Base Set


Released on October 20th, 1996, this is the first Charizard Pokemon card. It displays Charizard breathing fire, and it has the same abilities as the English card.

Additionally, the card introduces Charizard’s classic Energy Burn and Fire Spin abilities. The artwork for the card is done by Mitsuhiro Arita.


Charizard 4/102 – English Base Set


This card was released on January 9th. 1999. It was released in both an unlimited print and 1st edition print.

The card has the same image as the Japanese version above, except it does not show fire coming out of Charizard’s mouth. Do not worry, Charizard still has the ability to spit fire with this card.


Charizard 4/130 – English Base Set 2


Released on February 24, 2000, as part of the 2nd English Base Set, this card is nearly identical to the original. The only notable difference from the first English Base Set is that the background is a slightly different color.


Charizard 3/110 – Legendary Collection Reprint


The Legendary Collection was essentially a reprint of the original Base Set Charizard. This card was released on May 24th, 2002, and it came with some minor updates to the card.

You still have the same image of Charizard, but this time the background is completely covered in fire. This gives Charizard a more powerful feel, and it makes the card pop.


Charizard 103/100 – Stormfront


This card from the Stormfront expansion is the first one to diverge in its art. Here Mitsuhiro Artia took a different approach to Charizard, giving him a grittier look.

You will also notice that the inner sections of Charizard’s wings are green. This change gives Charizard a completely different feel from the majority of Charizard trading cards.


Charizard 39/165 – Expedition Base Set


If the Stormfront card was a divergence from previous cards, this one is a seismic shift. Charizard is not even breathing fire in this card. Instead, he is sniffing the ground. Charizard’s wings are blue, and the end of his tail is no fire.

Also of note, this is the first Charizard card from the e-Reader series that arrived on September 15th, 2002. It is also the first of the cards we have looked at that Mitsuhiro Arita didn’t illustrate. Instead, it was illustrated by Hiromichi Sugiyama.


Dark Charizard Rare Holo 4/82 – Team Rocket Set


The Team Rocket Set introduced the concept of Dark Pokemon, and Dark Charizard was the biggest and most dangerous of all of them. It was issued in both a 1st edition and unlimited print.

Charizard’s ability on this card is Continuous Fireball, giving him the ability to spew fire like an erupting volcano.


Dark Charizard Non-Holo 21/82 – Team Rocket Set


This card is nearly identical to the one above. It is the non-holo version of the Dark Charizard card. However, it is still a great option for collectors. Since it is not a holo, it is more affordable compared to other options.


Shining Charizard 1-7/105 – Neo Destiny


While the name of this card indicates that Charizard is shining, it is deceptive. Instead, Charizard is covered in shadows in the image as he flies above the ground. Drawn by Hironoby Yoshida, Charizard looks ominous as he lurks in the shadows.

Charizard has the White-Hot Flame ability on this card. The card was issued in both 1st edition and unlimited print run.


Blaine’s Charizard 2/132 Rare Holo – Gym Challenge


If you are looking for one of the flashiest cards, this is a great option. Charizard is breathing fire as he looks up into the night sky. It is also a Gym Challenge card, meaning that this version of Charizard is more powerful than other iterations.

The downside to purchasing this card is that there is no descriptive text. Instead, there is a cool portrait of Blaine’s face. This card was illustrated by Ken Sugimori.


Charizard 146/144 – Skyridge (e-Reader series)


While this card does not have any descriptive text, it does have something that other cards do not have, style. The art on this card is different from any other Charizard trading card.

Charizard is standing upright and his claws are front and center. The angle of the art makes Charizard even bigger than he normally is, and as result, he looks more threatening.


Charizard 100/97 – EX Dragon


In 2003, Mitsuhiro Arita returned to illustrate this card, and it has a unique feel. It shows Charizard soaring through the night sky, but you would not even be able to tell it’s Charizard if not for the name of the card.

Charizard has all of his signature features, but the style of the drawing makes him look very different. As a result, it is a must-buy for any collector.


Charizard 4/100 – EX Crystal Guardians


This card has a style similar to classic anime. The image shows a Delta species Charizard with a healthy flame on his tail. Players also get to use the Peal of Thunder ability when they have this card in their deck.

This ability is one of the most powerful in the history of Charizard trading cards. It allows you to look at the top five cards of your deck and choose as many Energy cards as you like. You can then attach them to one of your Pokemon.


Charizard 6/108 – EX Power Keepers


If a few of the above took risks by making changes, this card is notable for its simplicity. Instead of shooting for the stars, the artist (Ken Sugimori) recognized the beauty in the classic Charizard design.

When you picture Charizard in your head, you will probably think of something similar to what is seen on this card. Charizard is front and center looking up at the holographic moon.


Charizard Lv. 55 3/132 – Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders


This card shows Charizard flexing and looking great while he does it. The Fury Blaze ability gives players the opportunity to do 50 more damage whenever their opponent has three or fewer Prize cards.

Furthermore, this card is popular because it reintroduced descriptive text at the bottom of the card. The descriptive text had been gone for a few years, and adding it brought Charizard back to his roots.


Charizard 1/99 – Platinum: Arceus Set


This card is notable because Charizard was the first card in the Platinum: Arceus Set. A standard version and a shatter holo version were printed.

Although this card did sadly lose its descriptive text again, it did come with a new cool ability in the form of Fire Formation. With this ability, Charizard’s attacks do 10 more damage for each Fire Pokemon on your bench. As a result, you can build fun fire decks.


Charizard 20/149 Rare Holo – Black & White Boundaries Crossed


This card shows Charizard hovering in the air as he blows flames across the background. The descriptive text reads, “It is said that Charizard’s fire burns hotter if it has experienced harsh battles.”

Charizard’s abilities on this card are Split Bomb and Scorching Fire. Both abilities emphasize offense and give Charizard the ability to do extra damage.


Charizard 136/135 – Black & White Plasma Storm


This card is one of the most unique options, and it is the first rendition of an alternate Charizard. What makes Charizard different in this card is that he is blue. That is quite a big change from his classic orange scales.

Since the colors are different, this card is sought-after by many collectors. As a result, it is an appealing option for investors.


Charizard 19/113 Rare Holo – Legendary Treasures


On this card, Charizard looks much more aggressive than on other cards (and that’s saying something). The art also looks different in that Charizard looks much more rigid than on other cards.

However, there are not many differences in this card from other options in the early 2010s.


Charizard RC5/RC32 – Generations Radiant Collection


This card is the first one that we are looking at that features another character on the card. Charizard is standing behind his owner. The description fits the theme of this card as it reads, “No matter what happens, if we stick together, we can get past it. Forever and ever.”

People that use this card in their decks will have access to the Recall and COmbustion Blast abilities. The art is done by Akira Komayama.


Charizard 11/108 Rare Holo – Evolutions


Despite its late release on November 2nd, 2016, this card is designed to take us back to the Pokemon days of old in the 90s. It has a design that is eerily similar to the one used in the original Charizard cards.

As a result, it should be no surprise to hear that the value of this card has risen dramatically since its release. Many investors are interested in cards that can duplicate the success of early Charizard trading cards.


Charizard 3/70 Rare Holo – Dragon Majesty


Charizard earns an entry into the Dragon Majesty set. It may seem like an obvious choice, but it is an interesting one because Charizard has never technically been classified as a dragon-type.

Despite that, it would feel wrong if Charizard were not part of a dragon-themed set. In the image, you can see Charizard wielding fire in his claw as he gets ready to blow up his opposition.

You should note that this card was not available in booster boxes. Instead, it was only available in collection boxes and pin boxes.


Charizard 14/181 – Sun & Moon Team Up


This card came from the Sun & Moon Team Up the main set. It is a non-holo card, but it is still very sought-after by collectors and investors.

There are a few reasons that collectors are interested in this card. umber one, the artwork is beautiful and has a different style from what is normally present on Charizard trading cards.

However, the other reason is it comes with the Roaring Resolve ability. It gives you the ability to put two damage counters on this card every turn. You can then search your deck for up to two Fire Energy Cards and attach them to Charizard.


Charizard SM158 Holo Promo Card – Sun & Moon Promo Series


This card is similar to the one above, but it is the STAFF version o the card. It has the same descriptive text, abilities, and health numbers.

The only difference in the card is that the art is different. The art features Charizard in a glossy style as he spews fire from his mouth to every corner of the picture.


Charizard SM226 Holo Promo Card – Collectors Chest 2019


This is one of the newest cards on this list, having been released in 2019 as part of the Collectors Chest. An easter egg on this card is that the patterns on Charizard are of Mewtwo’s clones. This is a nod to Pokemon the First Movie.

The image of Charizard is also quite unique as he sitting looking to the left side of the card with his arms crossed. There is a backdrop of stars and planets.


Charizard 5/18 – Detective Pickachu Special Movie Set


This card was released as part of a set for the Detective Pikachu movie. The style gave us pause at first because it is so different, but after thinking about it we are fans. There are so many cards that it is nice to see one with a unique design.

Although the image is still somewhat cartoonish, it looks more realistic than most other designs. As a result, it is an interesting option for new collectors.


Charizard 025/185 – Vivid Voltage Set


This card has a non-holo and Scatter Holo version available for people to purchase from the Vivid Voltage Charizard Theme Deck.

In the image, you can see Charizard standing with his arms and wings up looking very powerful. Every version of this card comes with the Battle Sense and Royal Blaze abilities. It also includes descriptive text.


Charizard EX 11/106 – XY Flashfire


This card was the first-ever Charizard EX card, and it came as part of the XY Series’ Flashfire set. It was a set that was mainly centered around Charizard.

The most notable aspect of this card is that Charizard breaks through the border of the image which normally contains the image on trading cards.


Charizard EX 100/106 – XY Flashfire


Here you have a unique card in that the image takes up the entire background of the card. This in and of itself is unique, but there are other notable differences.

Charizard is normally portrayed as a violent, fire-breathing dragon. However, in this image, Charizard looks more docile than normal. He even looks friendly when you look into his eyes.


Charizard EX XY29 – XY Promo Series


This card is part of the XY Promo Series, and it is another card that features Charizard breaking through the borders of the image box. It is one of the flashiest cards on the market as Charizard spews fire to every corner of the card.

However, there are no differences in attributes from the cards in the Flashfire set. It still has the Stoke and Fire Blast abilities.


Charizard EX 12/106 – XY Flashfire


Here you can find the second Charizard card in the XY Flashfire set. This card gives Charizard different abilities in the Wing Attack and Combustion Blast.

The image of Charizard here is very powerful. Charizard can be seen pointing forward and breathing fire. Interestingly, the art design makes it look 3D.


Charizard EX XY 121 – Charizard-EX Red & Blue Collection


This card was included as part of a celebration of the 20th Pokemon Anniversary. There was a Jumbo and Standard version of the card.

The image on this card takes up the entire card. It features Charizard breathing fire all throughout the card. You can use the Wing Attack and Combustion Blast with this card.


Charizard EX 12/108 – XY Evolutions


This card uses the same artwork as the most recent Flashfire card that we looked at. It also has the same abilities and HP. It is nothing more than a re-release as there are no notable differences from that card other than slight variations in color.


Charizard EX 11/83 – Generations


Here is another card that was part of the 20th Pokemon Anniversary celebrations. You can see Charizard breathing a lot of flame on the card. The design once again gives a 3D feel. You can use the Flame Cloak and Burning Breath abilities when this card is in your deck.


Charizard EX XY17 – XY Promo Series


This cool Charizard promo came in the Cahhrizard-EX Box in standard and Jumbo versions. It features the MEga Ascension ability which allows you to search your deck for a Mega Charizard EX. Charizard is looking very powerful here, breathing fire over the entire card.


M Charizard EX 13/106 – XY Flashfire


This Charizard trading card looks like it was taken straight out of an anime. It is a card that you should pair with the one listed above as it is the mega evolution (220 HP). The card itself is very flashy, with blocky Japanese text displayed behind a fearsome Charizard.


Charizard EX 107/116 – XY Flashfire


This card is nearly identical to the one above, with one notable difference. The Japanese lettering is gold rather than red and yellow. This is an indication that it is the secret rare version of the card.


M Charizard EX 13/108 – XY Evolutions


The XY Evolutions set recycled the artwork from the XY Flashfire set. Specifically, this card is nearly identical to the 13/106 version.


M Charizard EX 101/108 Full Art – XY Evolutions


From a collector’s point of view, there are very few cards that can stand up to this one. The card is colorful and features a full-sized Charizard that covers the entire card. The move set is not different from other cards, but the design is beautiful and deserves praise.


M Charizard EX 69/106 – XY Flashfire


Here you can see a major changeup in the design of Charizard. The artist stepped away from the classic orange design and opted to make Charizard blue. It appears that the blue version is very powerful because its Wild Blaze ability hits for 300 damage.


M Charizard EX 108/106 – XY Flashfire


In terms of artwork and move set, this card is completely identical to the one described above. However, there is one minor difference, and that is that the Japanese lettering is gold instead of red and yellow.


M Charizard EX 12/83 – XY Generations


Here Mega Charizard returns for the Generations 20thh Anniversary set. This card comes with the Heat Typhoon attack which allows the player to flip a coin for each fire energy attached to it. Every time it lands on heads, it deals 50 extra damage.

The art has a similar style to the two cards listed above. However, Charizard has a different orientation. Additionally, Charizard is grey and black, rather than blue or orange.


Charizard GX 20/147 – Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows


Released on August 4th, 2017, this is the first Charizard GX trading card featuring the Crimson Storm ability. That on its own makes it an appealing option, but its design is also enticing.

The art covers the whole card and features a large version of Charizard. His claw appears to be coming out of the card, giving a 3D feeling. The art was done by 5ban graphics.


Charizard GX 150/147 – Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows


This card from the Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows collection is one of the most unique options. It has similar abilities to other cards, and the rest of its stats do not stand out. However, the art is where you will notice a difference.

The card is immediately noticeable because it has a bright, white background. Charizard is translucent, so you can see the white background behind him as well. The translucent colors are a rainbow theme, giving Charizard a unique feel.


Charizard GX SM60 – Sun & Moon Promo Series


Here we have another full-art promo. This one comes in a standard and jumbo size format. It has the same abilities as the two cards listed above (Wing Attack and Crimson Storm), but it has a simpler design.

This card takes things back to the basics, going with a simple but classic design. Collectors will feel like they have been transported back to the 90s with this design.


Charizard GX 9/68 – Sun & Moon: Hidden Fates


Hidden Fates was a very popular set, and for good reason. It was filled with cards like this one that have aesthetically pleasing designs.

Notably, this card features full-card art, and Charizard is breathing fire into the distance. He comes with the Flamethrower and Flare Blitz GX abilities.


Shiny Charizard GX SV49/SV94 – Sun & Moon: Hidden Fates, Shiny Vault


This card is another one that stands out as soon as you look at it. It has a white background, and Charizard is blue. Those things on their own make it a unique card that should be interesting to collectors.


Charizard GX SM211 – Sun & Moon Series Promo


This promo card was released in the Hidden Fates Tins alongside Raichu and Gyarados. it has basic art, but it is still a popular card. From a collector’s perspective, it will not be around forever, so it is a good one to scoop up.


Charizard GX SM195 – Detective Pikachu SM Promo


When Detective Pikachu came out there were several promotions. One of the promotions included a set of Pokemon cards. This Charizard card was part of the release, and it comes in standard and jumbo sizes.

At first, the design of the cards is a little jarring, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know that Charizard looks like he does there.


Reshiram & Charizard GX 20/114 – Unbroken Bonds


This card is unique because it is the first time Charizard is part of a tag team with Reshiram. Together, they have 270 HP, and the design of the card makes the pair look formidable.


Reshiram & Charizard GX 194/214 – Unbroken Bonds


Here you can see the tag team partners in a more relaxed position. It is a nice-looking card that is one of the most popular tag team options.


Reshiram & Charizard GX 217/214 – Unbroken Bonds


The rainbow version of this card looks different from other options. People that are interested in cards that have a little more pop should consider purchasing this one.


Reshiram & Charizard GX SM201 – SM Promo Series


Here you can find an alternative full art version of the Reshirard card from the Unbroken Bonds collection. It is one of the best-looking options on the market.

If you bought this card from the manufacturer directly, it came with a  Reshiram and Charizard mini-figure.


Charizard & Braixen GX 22/236 Regular Art – Cosmic Eclipse


This card takes a bit of a step back in terms of design. However, it is still a relatively solid option that you can use as an investment option or as part of your deck.


Charizard & Braixen GX 217/236 Full Art – Cosmic Eclipse


This is a fun card because there are red and black diagonal strips along the card. What’s interesting is that they are in front of Charizard, but they are translucent, so they give the card a unique look.


Charizard & Braixen GX 251/236 Rainbow Rare – Cosmic Eclipse


Here is another unique white card. It immediately stands out because of the background. Charizard himself is rainbow here, but he’s translucent so you can still see the white background.


Charizard V 019/189 – Darkness Ablaze


This card takes us back to classic Charizard art with a dark orange design that covers the entire card. Fire can be seen in front of Charizard as he prepares to defeat his opponents.


Charizard V SWSSH050 – SWSH Promo Series


This card is an interesting option because it was exclusively released as part of the Champions Path Elite Traner Box set. It has a beautiful purple and pink background with Charizard looking to the left of the card.


Shiny Charizard V 079/073 – Champions Path


This card mirrors the one described above, but it has completely different colors. It uses dull colors like black, grey, and white perfectly to give the card a unique feel. The use of colors like black and grey makes the red and yellow sections pop.


Charizard VMAX 020/189 – Darkness Ablaze


This card is a fun option for people that enjoy playing the game because it is the first time we see Charizard in VMX with 330 HP. Charizard is clearly designed to be bigger here as he has a massive belly. Interestingly, Charizard is red instead of orange in this design.


Charizard VMAX 074/073 Rainbow Rare – Champions Path


This card mirrors the one above, but it is the rainbow version. Those of you that like a little more flare will prefer this one.


Shiny Charizard VMAX SV107/SV122 – Shiny Fates Shiny Vault


This card completes the VMAX trio, mirroring the design of the original again. However, this one uses colors like black, grey, and white much more than traditional Charizard colors. Orange, yellow, and red are used for the fire and stars in the background.


Special Delivery Charizard SWSH075


You made it to the final card on the list! Let’s finish with a fun card. The art on this card features Charizard flying through the air with Pikachu strapped to his back. Who said dragons can’t have friends?

The abilities available to the player when they use this card are Happy Delivery and Flamethrower.


The 5 Most Popular Charizard Trading Cards

That’s 63 Charizard trading cards in the books which is a lot! Naturally, you are probably a little overwhelmed by all of the choices. Fortunately, we are going to look at some of the most popular options.

Keep in mind that while we will include some of the most expensive options here, we won’t purely look at which options are most valuable in this section (you can find that section below). Instead, we’re focusing on which cards are most iconic and sought-after.


Japanese Basic Charizard Holo #6


We couldn’t have a list of the most popular Charizard cards without including the original. Although it is not the most expensive Charizard card, it is arguably the most iconic.

What’s interesting about this card is that it is one of the few Japanese versions of the card. As a result, most English speakers won’t notice that there is a misprint.

The rarity symbols are missing, and although these cards were updated to include them, many people are still interested in purchasing the original.


Crystal Charizard Holo Skridge #146


This card was released at the end of the Pokemon trading card craze of the early 2000s. However, this rare crystal holo is still one of the most popular cards on the market. It had an extremely limited run, and as a result, it is still sold for significant prices to this day.


Legendary Revival Foil Charizard Holo #3


Here is another card with the classic Charizard design. Released in 2002, the biggest difference this card has from the original is that it is shinier. There were also only 75 released, so they’re hard to get your hands on.


Neo Destiny Shiny Charizard 1st Edition #107


The main reason that this card is popular is that it is very rare. However, collectors also love it because of its unique look. Charizard is black in this card, and it is also the last time that TGC printed first edition cards.


Team Rocket Dark Charizard Holo #4


Closing out our top 5, it should be no surprise to see another card from the early 2000s. This card was released in 2000 and shows Charizard’s darker side.

Pokemon fans love the idea of an evil Charizard, and that is what you get here. It is a frightening concept, and as a result, this card is still talked about today.


The 5 Most Valuable Charizard Trading Cards

Here we are going to look at the five most valuable Charizard trading cards. There will be some overlap with the previous section, but that is to be expected.


1999 Holographic 1st Edition #4


2022 First Edition Charizard Card

Anyone that is familiar with Charizard trading cards should not be surprised to see that this is the most valuable card. A PSA 10 mint condition copy of this card is the holy grail of Charizard cards and Pokemon cards in general.

A copy of this card sold for $36,000 at auction, which easily makes it the most expensive Charizard card of all time.

Additionally, although we aren’t going to include it as a separate entry, the shadowless version of this card has sold for upwards of $25,000.


Neo Destiny Shiny Charizard 1st Edition #107


2022 First Edition Shining Charizard Card

The unique design of this card along with its limited run makes it one of the most expensive options on the market. A PSA 10 copy has sold for around $22,000.

One of the reasons for this is it was part of the last set from Wizards of the Coast that used the 1st edition logo.


Japanese Basic Charizard Holo #6


2022 Japanese Charizard Card

To this day, many kids in North America grow up with a fascination with Japanese culture thanks to things like Pokemon. As a result, it should not be a surprise that the original Japanese Charizard trading card is one of the most valuable copies.

A mint-condition copy can sell for around $13,000 at auction. We would not be surprised if it sells for more in the future.


Legendary Revival Foil Charizard Holo #3


2022 Legendary Revival Charizard Card

People that are fortunate enough to have a mint condition copy of this 2002 card are in for quite the payday. It has sold for over $12,500 to collectors.

There are several copies of this card in existence, but mint condition copies are extremely rare. Only 10 PSA 10 copies are known to exist.


Crystal Charizard Holo Skridge #146


2022 Crystal Charizard Card

The 5th most valuable card is this one from 2003. PSA 10 copies have sold for an average of $12,000.


Charizard Pokemon Cards GX Worth and Rarity


How much is a 2019 Charizard GX card worth?

How much is a 2019 Charizard GX card worth





A 2019 Charizard GX card sold for $6,800 via eBay auctions on 4/27/2021.


How rare is a Charizard GX card?

How rare is a Charizard GX card worth?





A Charizard GX Pokemon card is rare and extremely rare at high grades (i.e. PSA 10, BGS 9.5) hence the thousand of dollars price tag.


Rarest Charizard GX Pokemon Card

The 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard GX card is considered the rarest and is numbered #SV49.

Pokemon Card Pricing Questions? Please email and include at minimum one photo of the card.


Investment Outlook 

charizard pokemon card 1st edition

The investment outlook for Charizard cards is the same as it’s ever been.

They’re worth a massive amount when looking at 1st edition versions, and they need to be mint or above.

If they fulfill those conditions, there’s a good chance of profit in the future.

Investment Rating: Buy (4.3 out of 5)
Ownership Disclosure: None
Best Pokemon Charizard Card: 1999 Charizard Pokemon Base 1st Edition #4

Take PSA 10 copies of the 1999 base card. They were selling for roughly $9,000 in 2016, tripling in price over the next few years. For example, the most recent gem mint copy sold for $36,110.54, in December 2019. That’s a massive rise, which makes sense given the small supply.

Pokemon continues to refresh the lineup for a new generation of kids every few years or so, but they always find space for their top moneymakers. Charizard is no different, with viable options found 20 years after the original release. 

Whether it’s Dark, Shiny, or part of a tag team, you can do far worse than everyone’s favorite fire Pokemon.

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