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Charizard Pokemon Card

For anyone who can remember when there were only 151 Pokemon, Charizard was the key to the set and coveted by children worldwide as the craze took over in 1999. Nobody seemed to know how to actually play the game, but it was easy to collect and compare cards with other kids. 

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UPDATE: Just a few days after we published this article the legendary Charizard Pokemon Card sold for a mind-blowing $183,000 at auction… the buyer was not some nerd either… it was bought buy the rapper Logic (no joke!).  The Charizard Pokemon card is a legend and second only to Pikachu in terms of overall popularity according to POKEMON FANBOYS.

A picture of the record-breaking Pokemon card can be found below…

Logic Charizard Pokemon


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We’ve come up with a list containing five of the best Charizard cards that money can buy, from a range of different eras, along with an investment outlook for the next few years.

Top 5 Pokemon Charizard Cards

We’ve looked at a mix of options, from the best of the best to more affordable copies that still have good potential for profit in the future. We’d stick to graded cards when possible, especially considering the number of fakes on the market. (This is especially true for the 1999 version.)

We’ll start off with one of the most famous Pokemon cards ever, from the original 1999 set.


1999 Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Charizard #4 (buy on eBay)

1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holo Charizard

The big one, this was by far the most popular card of the original 151. Charizard was a major part of the anime and had one of the strongest attack ratings at 100. The orange card has a small image of Charizard at the top, with the Pokemon surrounded by chrome flames which give it an iconic look. 

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It’ll have a small label on the left-hand side, noting it as a Base 1st Edition copy. Many have been lost or destroyed over the past two decades, so gem mint versions are worth a significant amount, especially compared to later editions.


2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard #21 (buy on eBay)

2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard

Despite being a non-shiny, Dark Charizard is a Team Rocket affiliated release that still commands a notable price tag. Released in 2000, the Team Rocket 1st Edition set contains an evil version of Charizard, used by the antagonists. 

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It has the same card format as the release above, although this time the Pokemon has his back turned, staring at you out of the corner of his eye. As always, mint versions and above are the best investment pieces.


2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107 (buy on eBay)

Shiny Charizard Pokemon Card 1st Edition

The Shining Charizard is another variation, this time from the 2002 Neo Destiny release. As with the original, it’s a first edition card, which is denoted by a star found on the right of the card name. It also has a Base 1st Edition stamp towards the middle.

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They’ve stuck with the same card design, so there’s an orange background (fire Pokemon) and a yellow border, with an image of a Chrome Shining Charizard as it flies through the air.


2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates GX Charizard #SV49 (buy on eBay)

All Charizard cards

Fast forward 17 years, to the Sun & Moon Hidden Fates release. You can see the power creep, as the Pokemon now has a 300 damage attack, along with 250 HP. The image of Charizard takes up the entire card, and PSA 10 versions will sell for a four-figure fee.

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It’s a great modern option and could be as popular as the original in years to come.


2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Charizard & Braixen GX #251 (buy on eBay)

Charizard Pokemon Card for sale on eBay

This card typifies the evolution of Pokemon cards over the years, with a modern feel to this ‘tag-team’ edition. The giant fire lizard is joined by Braixen, in a beautiful holo release that features an illustration of the duo together. 

It’s ridiculously condition-sensitive, and it’s already worth a fair amount when looking at gem mint copies. 


Charizard Pokemon Card Worth (Value)

Charizard Pokemon Card Worth

The most expensive Charizard Pokemon Card is the 1996 Japanese Charizard Mitsuhiro Arita Holo Signed Autograph #6 and the 1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Shadowless Holo EX #4.

If you would like an estimated value of your Pokemon Charizard card please email us at minimum two photos to or visit the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page.

If you are thinking about buying some Pokemon Cards but need advice we can help… email us at with what cards your interested in and your budget… we will advice which cards are best based on your preference and amount of money your looking to spend.


Charizard Pokemon Card Checklist (All Charizard Cards)

Charizard Pokemon Card Worth

  • 1995 PM Japanese Topsun Charizard Holofoil #6
  • 1995 PM Japanese Topsun Charizard Green Back Pokemon #6
  • 1999 Base 1st Edition Thick Stamp Charizard #4
  • 2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st Edition Holo Blaine’s Charizard #2
  • 2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard #21
  • 2001 Pokemon Japanese Neo 4 Neo Destiny Shining Charizard #6
  • 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107
  • 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny Shining Charizard #107
  • 2002 Pokemon Expedition For Position Only Charizard #39
  • 2002 Pokemon Japanese eCard Lottery Promo Holo Charizard #014
  • 2016 Pokémon XY Evolutions Charizard #11
  • 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates GX Charizard #SV49
  • 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Charizard & Braixen GX #251


Why is the Charizard card so expensive?

Two words; rare and popular… the card is a living legend among Pokemon collectors and its iconic… the Charizard has to be one of the game’s mascots.

How many Charizard cards are there?

According to people in the know there are 1000 Charizard Pokemon Cards but very few are at high grades (i.e. PSA 10 or BGS 9.5).



Charizard Pokemon Cards: Buyers Guide & Investment Outlook 

charizard pokemon card 1st edition

The investment outlook for Charizard cards is the same as it’s ever been. They’re worth a massive amount when looking at 1st edition versions, and they need to be mint or above. If they fulfill those conditions, there’s a good chance of profit in the future.

Investment Rating: Buy (4.3 out of 5)
Ownership Disclosure: 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny Shining Charizard #107 & 2002 Pokemon Expedition For Position Only Charizard #39 (neither are graded)
Best Pokemon Charizard Card: 1999 Charizard Pokemon Base 1st Edition #4

Top-Rated Investment: Shaq Rookie Cards

Take PSA 10 copies of the 1999 base card. They were selling for roughly $9,000 in 2016, tripling in price over the next few years. For example, the most recent gem mint copy sold for $36,110.54, in December 2019. That’s a massive rise, which makes sense given the small supply.

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Pokemon continues to refresh the lineup for a new generation of kids every few years or so, but they always find space for their top moneymakers. Charizard is no different, with viable options found 20 years after the original release. 

Whether it’s Dark, Shiny, or part of a tag-team, you can do far worse than everyone’s favorite fire Pokemon.

How much is a Charizard card worth?

A Charizard card can be worth a few hundred to a few thousand depending on the grade and card. For an estimated value please email us at

Why is Charizard card so expensive?

The Charizard card is so expensive because it is so rare and scarce.

What is the rarest Pokemon?

The rarest Pokemon cards are the 20th anniversary 24-karat gold Pikachu and the 1999 first edition shadowless holographic Charizard card.

What is the rarest shiny Pokemon?

The rarest shiny Pokemon card is the Shiny Party Hat Nidorino and the Shiny Woobat card.

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