Peyton Manning Rookie Card

Peyton Manning Rookie Card – Best Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook

Buy Peyton Manning Rookie Cards on eBay Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL football history and the price of his rookie...
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The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Baseball Cards

Sports cards, and the art of collecting them, are a hobby that goes back almost as far as America’s national pastime itself. There is something...
Best Auto Rookie Card

Best Autograph Rookie Cards of All-Time (Superior Long-Term Investments)

Autograph sports cards are some of the most popular buys on eBay. Timelessly, most bids found on rookie cards are those that have an...
Bo Bichette rookie cards

Bo Bichette Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Values, and Checklist

Buy Bo Bichette Rookie Cards on eBay Bo Bichette is making himself at home in the Major League. As the shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays,...
beckett grading scale

Beckett Grading Service Review and Price Guide (In-Depth Case Study)

Most card collectors will have heard of Beckett in some shape or form. Launched by James Beckett in the mid-1980s, he was responsible for...
Coronavirus Affect The Sports Card Market

How Will The Coronavirus Affect The Sports Card Market? (Major Buying Opportunity?)

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread panic even though the facts may not be as daunting as the media makes them appear (The facts...
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Why the 2018-19 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box Is Already At Legendary Status (Review...

Why the 2018-19 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box Is Already At Legendary Status? Luka, Trae, Porter Jr... 2 out of the 3 are already in...
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5 Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Sold (Updated)

Picture this. You’re 11 years old. You’ve been anxiously waiting for new sets of sports cards to hit the stores. You’re excited to add...
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Sports Card Investing Volatility, Drops, & Opportunities

What to do when sports card prices drop Here are some sports card investing and trading strategies to help you make it through stressful downturns...
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Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards (Best 5 Cards To Invest In)

Best Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Investments Mickey Mantle (1931-95) was a center fielder, right fielder, and first baseman who spent his entire career (1951–1968) with...
Rui Hachimura Rookie Cards

Rui Hachimura Rookie Card Report and Investment Outlook (Ru-ski!)

Washington Wizards forward Rui Hachimura has what it takes to become the first Japanese- born NBA superstar. Hachimura was born in Toyama, Japan on February...
2019 Panini Contenders Football Cards Checklist

2019 Panini Contenders Football Cards Checklist (Printable) & Release Date

2019 Panini Contenders Football Cards Release Date (estimated) 1/3/2020 with 6 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, & 12 boxes per case. Expected price tag?...
roman josi rookie cards

Roman Josi Rookie Card and Investment Report

Nashville Predators team captain Roman Josi is one of the top defensemen in the NHL. Josi was born in Bern, Switzerland on June 1, 1990....
Baker Mayfield rookie card

Baker Mayfield Rookie Card and Investment Outlook (Long Term Buy?)

Baker Mayfield (04/14/95) is an American quarterback who plays for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL. Mayfield has a variety of popular rookie cards after...
Jordan Binnington Rookie Card

Jordan Binnington Rookie Card List (Top 5)

After winning the Stanley Cup the St. Louis Blues netminder, Jordan Binnington is in high demand (both in and out of the card collecting...
Gold Card Auctions Rookie Cards

Gold Card Auctions Hot Cards/Players June 2019

Here are some of the more popular cards/players GoldCardAuctions are seeing on eBay as of 6/2019. Derek Jeter Mike Trout Patrick Mahomes Luka Doncic ...