10 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards of All Time (2023)

What’s more insane, Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul entering the fight vs Mayweather with a Charizard Pokemon card valued at $150,000 around his neck? Related: 10 Best Pokemon Booster Boxes to Buy | First Edition Pokemon Card Guide | Top 10 Charizard Pokemon Cards To Buy Now Welcome to present-day Pokemon card mania. … Read more

First Edition Pokemon Card Ultimate Guide (Updated 2023)

Anyone who has previously invested in first edition Pokémon cards is seeing the gamble pay off, with record prices recorded for many of the original pocket monsters. The same is true for later releases, but matching 1999 set in terms of interest or value isn’t easy.  Related: Most Valuable Pokemon Cards | 10 Best Pokemon Booster … Read more

Pokemon Base Set 1999 List and Best Cards

The Pokemon Base Set was released in 1999 and, as a result, is one of the most popular sets in the history of Pokemon. The set contains 102 cards, including 16 rare holos. All of the classic Pokemon you grew up loving are featured in this set. This is the set where they were created … Read more

10 Best Pokemon Card Packs To Buy Under $200 in 2023

Recently, Pokémon cards experienced a 300% growth rate and sit atop the list as the most popular category of trading cards sold on eBay. The most popular cards feature Charizard and Pikachu, while the most valuable Pokemon card ever sold is the Illustrator Pikachu Pokemon card selling for 5.275 Million dollars. Best Pokemon Booster Packs … Read more

What Expansion Pokemon Pack to Buy in 2022

2022 Brilliant Stars Pokemon Pack

SHOP OUR TOP-RATED POKEMON PACK IN 2022 Every year people choose which Pokemon pack they want to purchase. However, that decision gets more difficult every year as new expansions are released. Through May, there have already been two expansions released in 2022. However, it is certainly possible that more packs are released in the future. … Read more

9 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards of All-Time (2021)

most expensive pokemon cards

Buy Graded Pokemon Cards on eBay [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”2ts5delzn5″ question=”At what age did you first start collecting Pokemon cards?” opened=”0″]Is there anything more nostalgic than collecting Pokémon cards? For many of us that grew up in the Nineties, it was one of the most important things in our lives to impress our friends with our collections.[/wpdiscuz-feedback] … Read more