10 Most Expensive Hockey Cards From The 1990s

best hockey cards to collect

There’s no point in listing the most expensive 90’s hockey cards without first mentioning the ‘junk wax era’. From 1987 to 1994, companies like Topps churned out cards to match ever-increasing demands, until they oversaturated the market with thousands of worthless options. It finally ended when players went on strike in 1994, as Bud Selig, … Read more

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Cards: Set Information, Top 5 Cards, and Investment Advice

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Cards

Shop for the 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Card Hobby Box on eBay The 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey set is an Upper Deck release featuring popular Future Watch rookie cards and various Sign of the Times (SOTT) autographs, among many others. Future Watch versions are some of the best RC picks every year, while SOTT options … Read more

Are Old Baseball Cards the Best New Investment? (Baseball Cards vs Stock Market)

Baseball Card Investing

Baseball Card Investing “If a decade ago you had put your money in vintage and modern trading cards instead of the stock market, your payoff would be more than twice as big.” No, that’s not just an opinion. And, no, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s a mathematical fact reported by Forbes Magazine and the New … Read more

Jordan Binnington Rookie Card List (Top 5)

Jordan Binnington Rookie Card

After winning the Stanley Cup the St. Louis Blues netminder, Jordan Binnington is in high demand (both in and out of the card collecting world). Jordan Bennington rookie cards have skyrocketed these last few months and are now selling for over $100 (some much more). Below are the best Jordan Binnington Rookie cards… 1. 2014-15 … Read more