SGC vs. BGS vs. PSA Grading: Who Is Best in 2023?

Card Graders: Will PSA Grading Remain King? Can SGC Grading or Beckett Grading or Another Dethrone Them? PSA Grading or Beckett Grading, or SGC Grading Here at Gold Card Auctions, more reader questions may be submitted on the topic of grading than anything else. That’s understandable, as it’s a highly subjective yet ultimately critical process. … Read more

Best Time, Place, and Grades When Buying Sports Cards (Maximize ROI)

tips for buying sports cards

The going price of a high-end collectible card will differ wildly depending on a number of factors.  This is especially important if you’re hoping to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), which is the case for the majority of collectors involved in the hobby.  Must Read: Best Sports Cards To Invest In Now Here’s everything … Read more

Should You Get Your Cards Graded? (PSA, SGC, or Beckett?)

Should You Get Your Cards Graded

A lot of traders believe that grading your sports card collection always increases its value. That might be true in some cases, but you always need to figure out whether it works in favor of your personal collection. When it comes to whether you should get a particular card graded, there’s no hard and fast … Read more