Best Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Top 20 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards of All-Time (Superior ROI)

Buy Michael Jordan Basketball Cards on eBay Michael Jordan is the certified basketball GOAT, even if his baseball career left something to be desired! ‘His...

1986 Michael Jordan Fleer Card – Iconic Card, Top Investment, Outlook

It’s hard to believe that Michael Jordan, to me, the best basketball player of all time, was cut from his high school team as...
Jason Kidd rookie card

Jason Kidd Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards and Investment Guide

Buy Jason Kidds Rookie Cards on eBay Jason Kidd (3/23/1977) was drafted with the 2nd overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Dallas...
best lakers card

Best 7 Lakers Basketball Cards of All-Time (Top Investment)

Buy Professionally Graded Lakers Cards on eBay The Lakers are one of the NBA's flagship franchises. From Minneapolis to Los Angeles, the Lakers' history runs...
NBA All-Rookie Team Best Card

2018-19 NBA All-Rookie Team Best Card/Player Investment (Long Term)

Here is the 2018-19 NBA All-Rookie Team (released by the NBA in May of 2019) Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks Deandre...
2019 panini contenders optic basketball cards

2019-20 Panini Contenders Optic Basketball Hobby Box Review, Top 10 Cards, & Investment Outlook

The Panini Contenders Optic set is back for 2019-20, featuring top NBA stars and rookies with a range of rare parallels.  Here’s everything you could...
best Jamal Murray Rookie Card

Jamal Murray Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Worth, and Investment Outlook

Buy Jamal Murray Rookie Cards on eBay Jamal Murray (02/23/97) joined the Denver Nuggets as the seventh overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. He...
Basketball Card Investing Strategy

Basketball Card Investing Strategy: 2nd Year NBA Players

Basketball Card Investing Strategy: 2nd Year NBA Players Coming Off a Good Rookie Season We’re looking at more sports card investment strategies today, primarily focusing...
1992 Upper Deck Fanimation Basketball Cards

1992 Upper Deck Fanimation Basketball Cards – Top 3 Cards, Checklist, Buyers Rating

BUY 1992 FANIMATION BASKETBALL CARDS Upper Deck Fanimation trading cards have been called "Sports Cards for Insane People", which gives you some idea of what...
Devin Booker rookie cards

Devin Booker Rookie Card – Best 3 Cards, Value, Checklist, and Investment Outlook

Buy Devin Booker Rookie Cards on eBay Devin Armani Booker (10/30/1996) was drafted 13th overall by the Phoenix Suns in the 2015 NBA Draft. He...
Karl Malone Rookie Cards

Karl Malone Rookie Card – Best Cards & Investment Advice (#1 Guide)

Shop for the Karl Malone Fleer Rookie Card on eBay Karl “The Mailman” Malone (24/7/63) is a retired power forward who spent 18 seasons with...
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Nick Bosa Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Value, and Buyers Guide

Buy Nick Bosa Rookie Cards on eBay As the current AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Nick Bosa (10/23/97) is clearly one to watch...
james harden rookie card review

3 Best James Harden Must Own Rookie Cards

BUY JAMES HARDEN ROOKIE CARDS James Harden may not be the best teammate in the world, and he may not ever win an NBA title,...
Dwight Howard Topps rookie card

Dwight Howard Rookie Card – Top Cards, Checklist, and Investment Outlook

Dwight Howard was selected as the first overall pick of the 2004 draft by Orlando Magic, and big things were expected from the center. He...
best anthony davis rookie cards

Anthony Davis Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook

Buy Anthony Davis Rookie Cards on eBay Anthony Davis (03/11/93) is a power forward/center who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. The No.1 pick in...
michael jordan basketball card

50 Greatest Michael Jordan Basketball Cards of All Time

BUY THE GREATEST MICHAEL JORDAN CARDS? CLICK HERE The above names are the GOATS of their chosen sport and whose rookie cards you NEED to...
Best Michael Porter Jr. Rookie Cards

Michael Porter Jr. Rookie Card – Value, Top Cards, Checklist

BUY MICHAEL PORTER JR. ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY Michael Porter Jr. was born on 6/29/1998 in Columbia, MO, and is a power forward for the...
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Sports Card Investing Volatility, Drops, & Opportunities

What to do when sports card prices drop Here are some sports card investing and trading strategies to help you make it through stressful downturns...
7 Most Hated NBA Players of All-Time Rookie Cards

7 Most Hated NBA Players of All-Time Basketball Cards

Over 4,500 players have made it into NBA courts over the years, we all have ballers that we love to hate. The NBA is packed...
patrick ewing basketball card

Patrick Ewing Basketball Card – Top 5 Cards, Value, and Investment Advice

Buy Patrick Ewing Basketball Cards on eBay Patrick Ewing (08/05/62) is a retired center who was the first overall pick for the New York Knicks...