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gold card hot 10 cards

Gold Card Auctions Hot 10 Rookie Cards (October 2021)

Gold Card Auctions Hot #1: 2000 Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC BUY NOW Be sure to read our investment strategy when dealing with hot rookie cards....
best baseball cards to invest in-min

Best Sports Cards to Invest In 2021 and Beyond

Best Overall: 2000 Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC #236 BUY NOW It won't come any better than Tom Brady. Over the last 5 years, we have seen...
1992 Upper Deck Fanimation Basketball Cards

1992 Upper Deck Fanimation Basketball Cards – Top 3 Cards, Checklist, Buyers Rating

BUY 1992 FANIMATION BASKETBALL CARDS Upper Deck Fanimation trading cards have been called "Sports Cards for Insane People", which gives you some idea of what...
michael jordan basketball card

The 50 Greatest Michael Jordan Basketball Cards of All Time

BUY THE GREATEST MICHAEL JORDAN CARDS NOW The above names are the GOATS of their chosen sport and whose rookie cards you NEED to target...
best lebron james cards

LeBron James Basketball Card – The 20 Most Epic LeBron Cards Ever Printed

BUY LEBRON JAMES BASKETBALL CARDS NOW The recent release of Space Jam 2 only serves to highlight LeBron James’ role as Michael Jordan’s successor.  He might...
best basketball cards to buy now

Best Basketball Cards to Buy Now (Updated 2021)

SHOP OUR TOP BASKETBALL CARD INVESTMENTS NOW What are the best basketball cards to invest in now? (also read our "Best Sports Cards To Invest...
giannis antetokounmpo auto

Top 5 Giannis Antetokounmpo Auto Basketball Cards (Updated 2021)

TOP PICK: 2013 Panini Prizm Giannis Antetokounmpo Autograph RC #33 BUY NOW Giannis is a beast among children... seriously that is how it looks sometimes when...
Kobe Bryant Basketball Card Price Correction

Are Kobe Bryant Basketball Card Prices Due For A Correction In 2022?

Kobe Bryant rookie cards/basketball cards have been on an incredible tear over the past few years, in some cases gaining more than 400%. This...
1996 Kobe Bryant upper deck cards

1996 Kobe Bryant Upper Deck Cards – Top 3 Cards, Worth, and Checklist

If you’re looking for the best investment options, you could do far worse than 1996 Kobe Bryant’s collection of Upper Deck cards. Top 3 1996...
kobe 1996 season

1996 Kobe Bryant: A Story of Love, Hate, and Greatness

1996 was a year of monumental events. An independent Taiwan held its first presidential election. The United Nations implemented a ban on nuclear testing....
best center in the nba

10 Best NBA Big Men of All-Time (Rookie Cards)

Top NBA Center of All-Time Our Top Pick: Shaquille O'Neal  Buy Shaq Rookie Cards Now No disrespect to the older generation, but modern NBA players are bigger,...
Most Valuable Michael Jordan Cards

Top 7 Most Valuable Michael Jordan Cards (All-Time Dream List)

Most Valuable Michael Jordan Basketball Cards CHECK PRICES "Michael Jordan and valuable cards go together like basket and ball. His playing days might be long gone,...
Top 10 Basketball Cards from the 1980's

Top 10 Basketball Cards from the 1980’s (Superior Investments)

The 1980s is arguably basketball's Golden Age. Names like Bird, Jordan, Julius, Magic, Barkley, and Ewing all competed in prime or near-prime condition. As such,...
Top 5 Luka Doncic Basketball Cards Under $100

Top 5 Luka Doncic Basketball Cards Under $500

Point guard Luka Doncic (02/28/99) is widely seen as the next big thing in basketball. He was drafted third overall in 2018 and earned...
Best Zion Auto

Best 8 Zion Williamson Autograph Cards (Updated 2021)

Buy Zion Williamson Autograph RC on eBay Zion Williamson (06/06/00) is a renowned power forward who ended the 2019 draft as the first pick overall. It...
chris paddack rookie card

Chris Paddack Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards and Investment Outlook

Buy Chris Paddack Rookie Cards on eBay Chris Paddack (01/08/96) is a pitcher who made his MLB debut with the San Diego Padres in 2019....
high growth nba cards to invest in 2021

5 High-Growth Basketball Cards to Buy and Hold Forever 

Basketball cards should be seen as a great long-term investment, especially as prices have begun to cool off ever so slightly in recent months.  It...
most valuable basketball cards 1960s

7 Most Valuable Basketball Cards From the 1960s

Basketball cards weren’t all that popular in the ‘60s, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up in price in modern times. The ‘60s had...
Most Valuable Shaq O'Neal Cards

12 Most Valuable Shaq Cards – Value, Best Cards, and Risk/Return Analysis

Buy The Most Valuable Shaquille O’Neal Cards on eBay Nobody epitomizes the larger-than-life trope better than Shaquille O’Neal. Destined to be a star before he was...
shaquille o'neal rookie card

Shaquille O’Neal Rookie Card – Best 3 Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook

Buy Shaquille O'Neal Rookie Cards on eBay Shaquille O'Neal (3/6/1972) was drafted by the Orlando Magic with the 1st overall pick in the 1992 NBA...