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1987 Topps Baseball Cards – Top 10 Cards, Errors, Value

SHOP 1987 TOPPS BASEBALL CARDS 1987 Topps Baseball sets are fondly remembered by many collectors thanks to the iconic woodgrain borders and a strong selection...
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Victor Robles Rookie Cards – Top 3 Cards & Undervalued?

SHOP VICTOR ROBLES ROOKIE CARDS Victor Robles, at one time, was considered on the same level as Juan Soto. They both came up in the...
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T206 Baseball Cards: The Great Chase

Mission: To own every T206 Baseball Card.   Time Frame: None.   How Many Cards Owned Currently: 12 (twelve)   Location: Safety Deposit Box   Owned T206 Cards: Ty Cobb Green Ty Cobb Red Frank Smith Sweet Caporal Chicago,...

1986 Topps Baseball Cards – 20 Cards We Love From Iconic Set

1986 TOPPS BASEBALL CARDS: SHOP OUR FAVORITE CARDS  It's a set that may serve as the perfect poster child for the junk wax era. Massive...
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Marcelo Mayer Rookie Cards – Value, Checklist, & Top Cards

View Marcelo Mayer Rookie Cards on eBay Marcelo Mayer was drafted by the Boston Red Sox with the 4th overall pick in the 2021 MLB...
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The 13 Most Valuable 1950s Football Cards

For collectors of football cards, the 1950s represent something similar to a golden era. It was the first decade where the card companies began...
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The Top 10 Quirkiest Baseball Cards of All Time

There is a rich history of collecting cards from America's pastime.   Since the first baseball card was ever produced, baseball cards have been predisposed to...
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10 Amazing Baseball Cards That Can Make You Richer in 2022

SHOP OUR TOP BASEBALL CARDS IN 2022 Here we will break down 10 baseball cards we are looking to buy in 2022 to receive crazy...
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5 Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy in 2022

SHOP BASEBALL CARD PACKS NOW Let's explore the top baseball card packs to purchase on eBay, card shops, Target, or Walmart in 2022. Card collecting isn't...
Sports Card Buying Myths

3 Sports/Trading Card Buying Myths: Ignore & Maximzie Profit

Investing in sports cards (and or trading cards) is not easy. A lot of research goes into it, from research and knowledge to timing and...
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Gold Card Auctions Hot 7 Rookie Cards (2022)

Gold Card Auctions Hot #1 2000 Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC BUY NOW No change. Brady is the GOAT of the NFL. A story about Tom Brady that personifies...
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Get Rich With the 10 Best Bowman Baseball Cards of All Time

The Rise of Bowman Baseball Cards This list is not based on the most valuable but on future ROI. The rise of the Bowman brand dates...
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Top 10 Most Notable Mickey Mantle Cards (Key Investments)

SHOP THE BEST MICKEY MANTLE BASEBALL CARDS Mickey Mantle passed away well over a quarter-century ago, but his idol status has not waned at all. ...
2014 Panini Contenders Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham Rookie Card – Value, Checklist, and Investment Outlook (Best 3 Cards)

Odell Beckham (11/5/92) is a wide receiver who currently plays for the Cleveland Browns.  He was the 12th pick in the 2014 Draft, where...
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Johan Santana Rookie Card – 3 Top Cards and Most Valueable

Johan Santana made his MLB debut on April 3, 2000, with the Minnesota Twins where he would make an immediate impact. Santana pitched eight...
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1983 Topps Baseball Cards – Top 10 Cards, Values, and Investment Advice

The 1983 Topps Baseball set is one of the more well-regarded hardball releases of the decade. Hobbyists laud the set's unique design, which combined...
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1954 Bowman Baseball Cards – Top 10 Most Valuable Cards and Key Players

The collecting community does not regard the 1954 Bowman baseball set very well. In an arms race with the behemoth of that time—Topps—Bowman took...
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2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball Checklist, Best Cards, Set Info, and Buyers Guide

SHOP 2021 BOWMAN CHROME HOBBY BOX NOW Bowman (check out the Bowman Twitter Page) is back for another hard-hitting rising batch or prospects to go...
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10 Most Profitable Baseball Cards To Buy Now (Insane Returns)

SHOP OUR MOST PROFITABLE BASEBALL CARDS eBay is a great place to buy and sell baseball cards. Not only do they have the best baseball rookie...

2021 Bowman Platinum Blaster and Mega Box (Buyers Guide)

2021 BOWMAN PLATINUM BASEBALL CARDS: SHOP NOW SHOP BLASTER BOX  SHOP MEGA BOX  SHOP PACKS The much anticipated 2021 Bowman Platinum set has been releasewd and...