Derek Jeter Rookie Card: Top 10 Cards, Value, and Outlook

derek jeter rookie cards

The fact that Derek Jeter has managed to do both in less than 5 years since retiring is a testament to his talent, intelligence, and permanent status as an aspirational figure for other athletes. These factors will ensure that Derek Jeter’s rookie cards remain popular in the long-term public consciousness. SHOP DEREK JETER ROOKIE CARDS … Read more

10 Best Sports Cards to Buy Now in 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

These two cards are Kings in a super competitive field (other close contenders included Ty Cobb T206, the legendary 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. UD, and the Mickey Mantle Topps RC). Investing in “The Two GOATS of Cards (aka Tom Brady and Michael Jordan)” is not only an excellent baseball card investment it may be the NUMBER … Read more