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best justin verlander rookie cards

Top 10 Justin Verlander Rookie Cards, Value, and Outlook

SHOP JUSTIN VERLANDER ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY The Detroit Tigers drafted Justin Verlander (2/20/1983) with the 2nd overall pick in the first round of the...
darryl strawberry baseball cards

Top 5 Darryl Strawberry Baseball Cards, Value, & Outlook

SHOP DARRYL STRAWBERRY BASEBALL CARDS ON EBAY Darryl Strawberry (03/12/62) is a former right fielder who played for the New York Mets, the Los Angeles...

Top Randy Johnson Rookie Cards, Value, & Checklist

SHOP RANDY JOHNSON ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY Randy Johnson, aka THE BIG UNIT, was born on 9/10/1963 and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in...
alex rodriguez upper deck rookie card

Best Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card Investments and Values

BUY ALEX RODRIGUEZ ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY Alex Rodriguez (aka ARod) was born on 7/27/1975 in New York, NY, and was drafted by the Seattle...
Nolan Arenado Rookie Card

Nolan Arenado Rookie Card – Value, Best Cards, and Checklist

Nolan Arenado (4/16/1991) was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2nd round of the 2009 MLB June Amateur Draft from El Toro HS...
brett baty rookie card values

5 Best Brett Baty Rookie Cards & Values (Ultimate Guide)

SHOP BRET BATY ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY The New York Mets drafted Brett Baty with the 9th overall pick in the 2019 MLB June Amateur Draft...
MARIANO RIVERA baseball card

Top 3 Mariano Rivera Baseball Rookie Cards and Advice

Mariano Rivera (11/29/1969) was signed for $2,000 on Feb. 17, 1990, by the Yankees after their Director of Latin American Operations Herb Raybourn saw...
roger clemens fleer rookie card

The 5 Greatest Roger Clemens Rookie Cards & Values (2022)

Buy Roger Clemens Rookie Cards on eBay Roger Clemens is one of the best (and most controversial) pitchers in Major League Baseball history. His best...
Top-Rated CJ Abrams rookie cards

Top 5 CJ Abrams Rookie Cards, Value, & Checklist

CJ Abrams (10/3/2000) was drafted by the San Deigo Padres with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 MLB Amateur Draft and is considered...
The Top 10 Trevor Story Rookie Cards-min

10 Undisputed Trevor Story Rookie Card Investments

Shortstop is one of every baseball team's most important defensive positions. They play a crucial role in the defense and are often one of...
greg maddux rookie cards

3 Superior Greg Maddux Rookie Cards, Values, & Checklist

Greg Maddux rookie cards are one of the more overlooked and undervalued cards in the baseball card genre. The Maddux 1987 Leaf rookie card,...
Jacob Degrom Rookie Cards

5 Surefire Jacob Degrom Rookie Card Investments & Values

Jacob Degrom's rookie card values are somewhat undervalued based on future performance, and MLB accolades that we feel are just over the horizon. His...
trea turner topps rookie card

The 10 Greatest Trea Turner Rookie Card Investments

SHOP TREA TURNER ROOKIE CARD TO BUY ON EBAY Trea Turner (06/30/93) is a shortstop who currently plays for the Washington Nationals. Initially drafted by...
1952 mickey mantle baseball card

1952 Mickey Mantle Topps: The Most Epic Card in Baseball?

While Mickey Mantle is on the New York Yankees and the Baseball Card Mt. Rushmore, his superstar legend still goes above and beyond that....
albert pujols rookie cards on ebay

Albert Pujols Rookie Card: Buyers Guide, Value, & Outlook

Albert Pujols is one of the best players the game has ever seen making his rookie cards will be an excellent long-term investment. His...
mickey mantle baseball cards

The 10 Most Critical Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Investments

SHOP THE BEST MICKEY MANTLE BASEBALL CARDS ON EBAY Mickey Mantle passed away well over a quarter-century ago, but his idol status has not waned....

Top 10 Clayton Kershaw Rookie Cards, Values, & Outlook

VIEW THE TOP-RATED CLAYTON KERSHAW ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY Clayton Kershaw's rookie cards are some of the highest valued cards for a pitcher in his...
derek jeter rookie cards

Derek Jeter Rookie Card: Top 10 Cards, Value, and Outlook

The fact that Derek Jeter has managed to do both in less than 5 years since retiring is a testament to his talent, intelligence,...
best dylan carlson rookie card investments

Dyan Carlson Rookie Card – Best Cards, Value, Checklist

SHOP DYLAN CARLSON ROOKIE CARDS ON EBAY Dylan Carlson Rookie Cards are about to explode! We have been paying close attention to the St. Louis...
pete alonso card guide

10 Greatest Pete Alonso Rookie Cards To Buy Now (2022)

Pete Alonso is a beast at the plate, is a fan favorite, and should easily surpass Darryl Strawberry as the Met's all-time homerun leader....