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In the world of sports cards, a couple of big performances can drastically change the public perception and price of a player’s cards. Keeping updated with all the news and trends can be tough for anyone and sometimes you need a bit of help staying updated in the industry.

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This is where Card Hedger comes into play, an online platform with many different tools to help you maximize your profits from card investing. You can join with a simple sign-up online and that gives you access to the multitude of tools that will not only help you be the strongest investor you can possibly be, but keep track of your ever-growing collection.

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What Does Card Hedger Do? 

Card Hedger is a web application that hosts many different tools that aim to make all aspects of sports card collecting easier for everyone. It accomplishes this goal by performing these four main functions, though it has others built-in.


Helps Manage Your Collection

As your collection grows, it can be hard to keep track of exactly which cards you own. Constant buying and selling can mean plenty of turnovers among your cards and finding an effective way to know your exact quantities will allow you to keep a sharper eye on your portfolio.

Not only will the collection manager help you track the quantities of your cards, but it keeps track of each card’s individual value and the overall dollar value of your entire collection. This is super useful for getting a quick snapshot of how much each card is worth.


Helps Create a Transparent Pricing Market 

Another great aspect of Card Hedger is the fact that with all the data available at their fingertips they have created a transparent pricing market, helping you know exactly what your cards are worth as well as making sure that you’re not getting ripped off when purchasing a card.

These prices can be very helpful when looking at other card marketplaces around the web as one can tell if they have found a good deal or not with just a quick glance at the Card Hedger price. No more time spent scouring the internet to compare all sorts of different prices against each other, instead just compare prices against the vast data that Card Hedger has accumulated.


Card Hedger: Tracks Your Profits

If you’re a high-volume trader or investor, you’re going to want to check out the profit tracker that is built into Card Hedger. It records all of the cards that are bought and sold to give you an easy way to keep track of your overall profit, making life much easier.

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By doing this you’ll have an easy snapshot of your portfolio’s performance and be able to compare your returns to those of other portfolios or alternative investment options. Want to know if your card collection outpaced the S & P 500? Use the profit tracker to easily perform these functions.


Powerful Search Tools

Another great aspect of Card Hedger is the many powerful search tools that they have integrated into their platform. Want to compare price or other statistics between two cards?  Card Hedger has built-in search tools that can help you accomplish your goals. Another advantage of their large database becomes apparent when using the search tools as you can find any card.

These search tools allow you to easily find the cards that you are looking for in an efficient manner, saving you valuable time. When compared to having to use the archaic search functions that many other card websites use it’s night-and-day and allows for a seamless experience.


Analyze Trends

Capitalizing on trends is key to making money in the card industry, and Card Hedger makes it easier than ever before. Because of the sheer amount of information that is in the Card Hedger database they can present you with the best up-to-the-date trends and allow you to see which cards are selling.

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A shrewd investor can capitalize on these trends and use them to make the most informed buying decisions, helping them make the highest profits possible. For someone without Card Hedger, it’s next to impossible to get a full picture view of the prices at any snapshot in time and thus the service takes out lots of hard work.

By automating much of this, it gives you as a card investor more time to spend on the more fun aspects of card collecting rather than the more mundane ones.


Who Card Hedger Might Be Useful For? 

Card Hedger would be useful for many different people inside the card industry, from your serious investors to just casual collectors. For each level of collector, there are different tools that will help you in areas of need.


Serious Investors

For serious investors, Card Hedger could be exactly the tool that helps you gain an edge on your competition and helps you maximize your profits. The multiple different tools allow the user to helps with everything from indexing your collection to finding which card is going to be your next big investment.


Casual Collectors

For a casual collector, Card Hedger is exactly the tool that will allow you to keep up with more experienced and educated investors. Its insights will help you understand which way the market is moving at any point in time and make it easier to select which cards you will be investing in and in what quantities.


Questions About

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Card Hedger Pricing

The service has two pricing levels, one charging nineteen dollars a month and another one for $190 a year, saving you from paying for two months.


Card Hedger: Overall Verdict

At the end of the day, Card Hedger is a good platform that has several powerful tools built-in to help card collectors of all levels better understand their collection and the market at large.

If you want to gain further insights about the cards in your collection or are trying to examine the market to see what should be your next investment, Card Hedger might be something worth a try.

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