Buy Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards Now? (Best Prospect Since LeBron)

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Victor Wembanyama is being called the best prospect since LeBron James. If this is even half true, you must stock up on a few of his rookie cards immediately. We recommend the following two.

Shop Victor Wembanyama Rookie Cards on eBay Now

  1. 2023 Sports Illustrated SI For Kids Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card – View on eBay
  2. 2021 Victor Wembanyama Prospector’s Edge F/X /100 FUTURESTAR RC – View on eBay
  3. 2022 FFSA Victor Wembanyama Metro 92 Contested Jam Rookie Card – View on eBay

At this time, these are the only two Victor Wembanyama RCs we advise investing in at the current time. We feel the SI for Kids Wembanyama RC will return some serious cash over the next five years if you buy and hold. A 5000% ROI is not out of the question at a PSA 10 grade.

Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Values

The most valuable Wembanyama Rc sold is the 2021 Victor Wembanyama Prospector’s Edge F/X /100 FUTURESTAR rookie card. This card sold for a mind-blowing $4,350 on eBay auctions with 50 bids.

When will Victor Wembanyama play in the NBA?

All eyes are on 7-foot-4 French prospect Victor Wembanyama leading up to June’s 2023 NBA draft. He is expected to make his NBA debut in the fall of 2023.

Does Victor Wembanyama have a rookie card?

Yes, He has a variety of rookie cards, but the best Victor Wembanyama RC will not be released until late 2023 or 2024.

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