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Bobby Orr (03/20/48) is a retired defenceman who is widely seen as one of the greatest of all time. A Boston Bruins legend, he won a record eight consecutive Norris Trophies and three consecutive Hart Trophies and entered the Hall of Fame at the age of 31

Here’s everything you need to know about Bobby Orr’s hockey cards, from the best options to an investment outlook for the next few years.

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Here are three of the best Bobby Orr hockey cards money can buy. They’re all vintage and extremely hard to find if you’re looking for pristine copies.


1966 Bobby Orr Topps #35 RC

The Orr RC was released in the 1966 Topps set, and it’s his most valuable option by a fair margin. The front is reminiscent of an old CRT TV, with a profile photo of the player found in the middle. It has no hard border, while the back of the card has both English and French text. 

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A mint PSA 9 copy sold for $204,000 in 2019, highlighting how popular it is with collectors. It’s the sole copy to have achieved a 9 from the grading service, mostly due to centering issues, as well as chipping along the brown border.


1967 Bobby Orr Topps #92

If you’d prefer a slightly more affordable option with a vintage feel, the ‘67 Topps release could be the one for you. The cartoon backdrop and the yellow and pink color scheme screams 1960s, but nothing is dated about this card from an investment perspective. 

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This time, the card has a hard border, and there are a trio of PSA 10 copies on the registry and over 30 PSA 9 graded cards. It features a great image of a smiling Orr, capturing a different side to the player than his RC.


1970 Bobby Orr O-Pee-Chee #3

O-Pee-Chee cards are a French Canadian release, and many feature bilingual text on the reverse like this one. The front has an image of Orr at the ready, with a deep red background that takes up most of the card. 

Released in 1970, it’s the most recent release to make a list, but should still be seen as a great vintage option that is a little cheaper when compared to Orr cards released during the 1960s.


Bobby Orr Hockey Cards Value

Orr’s cards are especially rare and valuable, and they’ve been bullish in recent years. Take his RC. There’s just one BVG 10 copy, which isn’t on the PSA registry. It’s currently up for sale via Heritage Auctions, and they hope to see a $1.2 million price tag realized. That’s serious money. 

It won’t mean much for the average collector, but it could boost the price of lower grades as the market adjusts to the new normal. As for the majority of his older cards, they’ll sell for four-figure fees if you’re looking at the best-graded copies.


Investment Outlook

It’s no exaggeration to say that Orr is one of the best players ever. The Hockey News named him the greatest defenseman of all time, and in 2010, he again topped their list as the second-greatest player in NHL history behind only Wayne Gretzky.

He instantly entered the Hockey Hall of Fame at 31, becoming the Hall’s youngest inductee in the process. Knee injuries were the cause of his early retirement, having robbed Orr of the unique movement that made him so special on the ice. 

He’s more likely to make the news for political reasons in recent years, but that won’t impact the price of his rarest cards. From an investment perspective, there aren’t many better hockey cards from the era, and it looks like a great long-term pick.

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