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bo bichette rookie card

Bo Bichette debuted with the Toronto Blue Jays in late July during the 2019 season.

He would make an immediate impression after being one of Jay’s best prospects for a number of years.

Bichette would have a batting average of 311 and 11 home runs in 46 games played in 2019.

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The following year Bichette would be featured in a number of different sets featuring his first rookie cards.

Prior to 2020, only prospect cards were available of Bichette.

In his first full season in the majors, Bichette is playing well batting 286, 20 home runs, and 77 RBI’s.

Bichette is only 23 years old and looks like one of the best and safest investments in baseball right now.

Best Bo Bichette Rookie Cards

Here are the Top 5 Bichette rookie cards to invest in.



2020 Bo Bichette Topps Chrome RC #150


Topps Chrome baseball has taken over as a player’s most popular rookie card on players that feature both a Topps and Topps Chrome in a similar card/design.

Collectors or buyers since 2020 have preferred buying a player’s Chrome rookie versus their Topps if the player features both cards.

In past years Topps rookies were considered the “go-to” rookie but now Topps Chrome continues to dominate in 2021.

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Bichette’s Topps Chrome rookie featured in a PSA 10 example is still very obtainable for many collectors and buyers.

Bichette’s Chrome rookie is a great long-term investment because Chrome will always be considered “king”.

This card could easily double in value in the future at its current value.


2016 Bowman Chrome Bo Bichette Refractor RC #BDC74


Bo Bichette’s first Bowman Prospect card was featured from 2016. This is the Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor version.

Refractors are twice as rare as the Bowman Chrome base version, this is already becoming a tougher card to find a PSA 10 example.

A first-year Bowman Chrome Prospect card will always have great long-term value because these cards are considered a player’s MLB licensed card when they are first signed or drafted to a Professional MLB organization.

Your best bet is investing in a PSA 9 example of this card. This card still has plenty of room for growth in this grade.

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First-year Bowman Chrome prospects cards are still very desirable.


2020 Bo Bichette Topps Close Up Variation Rookie SSP #78


One of Bo Bichette’s chase rookie cards in his SSP (Super Short Print). This card is already becoming tougher to find especially in high-grade examples.

SSP Topps rookies are very popular and extremely tough to pull out of packs/boxes.

Only a few of these are available for sale which shows how rare this card is to find.

This card is for someone who is looking to purchase something short-printed and unique.

There is a lot of upsides for this card to trend up a lot more in value just because of how difficult this card is to find.


2016 Bowman Chrome Draft Bo Bichette Autograph #CDABOB


This card is from the same set as his first-year Bowman Chrome prospect card except this is the autographed version.

First-year Bowman Chrome autographs are considered the most popular cards in the hobby.

Bowman Chrome Auto’s have exploded in value within the past couple of years and although the price may seem high right now, an investment like this could pay off hugely in both the short-term and long-term.

The key with the first year Bowman Chrome Autograph is to analyze both the condition of the card and the autograph before buying.

Sometimes only the card is graded but not the autograph. Dual-graded examples from PSA sell for more versus an example when only the condition of the card is graded.

BGS (Beckett) features the dual-graded examples as well on Bowman Chrome Autographs examples BGS 9/10 which means the card is graded a 9 and 10 autograph.

The key with BGS is looking at the different variations of sub-grades which can increase or decrease the value depending on what the sub-grades received.

Bowman Chrome Autos are highly sought after and Bichette’s still has plenty of upsides to increase more in value.

Many different Bowman Chrome color Autorefractors will become even tougher to find soon too.


2020 Topps Chrome Bo Bichette 1985 Topps #85TC2


Topps recreates cards each year to commemorate anniversary years. This card is a 35-year anniversary card debating back from 1985.

The design looks like a refractor and this is a nice cheaper alternative card to buy instead of the other examples listed above.

This is a nice addition to add if you’re collecting Bichette. A card like this is something unique and different.

Unique cards tend to become tougher to find over time so this is a nice card to buy now especially in a PSA 10 example.


Bo Bichette Rookie Card Values

The most expensive Bo Bichette rookie cards are his 2016 Bowman Chrome color refractor autos. These types of cards are all serial numbered and considered his first prospect cards.

High-grade examples like his Orange Refractor Auto serial numbered out of 25 are already going 15,000+ The most expensive sale recently was a BGS 9.5/10 example in July 2021.


Bo Bichette Rookie Card Checklist

2020 Absolute Bo Bichette Auto #166

2020 Bowman Bo Bichette #52

2020 Bowman Chrome Bo Bichette #50

2020 Bowman Platinum Bo Bichette #78

2020 Certified Bo Bichette #10

2020 Classics Bo Bichette #2

2020 Donruss Optic Bo Bichette #37

2020 Finest Bo Bichette #27

2020 Finest Flashbacks Bo Bichette #190

2020 Immaculate Collection Bo Bichette Jersey Auto #126

2020 Limited Bo Bichette #3

2020 Panini Chronicles Bo Bichette #31

2020 Panini Contenders Bo Bichette Auto #110

2020 Panini Contenders Optic Bo Bichette #1

2020 Panini Crusade Bo Bichette #1

2020 Panini Diamond Kings Bo Bichette #144

2020 Panini Donruss Bo Bichette #37

2020 Panini Legacy Bo Bichette #3

2020 Panini Magnitude Bo Bichette #15

2020 Panini Mosaic Bo Bichette #14

2020 Panini National Treasures Bo Bichette #188

2020 Panini Obsidian Bo Bichette #17

2020 Panini Phoenix Bo Bichette #1

2020 Panini Prizm Bo Bichette #71

2020 Panini Select Bo Bichette #7

2020 Panini Spectra Bo Bichette Auto Jersey #114

2020 Panini Status Bo Bichette #6

2020 Panini Titan Bo Bichette #1

2020 Panini Titanium Bo Bichette #11

2020 Panini Unparalleled Bo Bichette #19

2020 Rookies and Stars Bo Bichette #2

2020 Score Bo Bichette #2

2020 Stadium Club Bo Bichette #12

2020 Timeless Treasures Bo Bichette #3

2020 Topps Bo Bichette #78

2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Bo Bichette #112

2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Chrome Bo Bichette #112

2020 Topps Archives Bo Bichette #45

2020 Topps Archives Bo Bichette #ASBB

2020 Topps Big League Bo Bichette #108

2020 Topps Chrome Bo Bichette #150

2020 Topps Chrome Ben Baller Bo Bichette #150

2020 Topps Chrome Black Bo Bichette #81

2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire Bo Bichette #78

2020 Topps Definitive Collection Auto Relics Bo Bichette #ARCBB

2020 Topps Diamond Icons Auto Bo Bichette #ACBIC

2020 Topps Dynasty Icons Auto Bo Bichette #DAPBB1

2020 Topps Dynasty Auto Patches Bo Bichette #DAPBB2

(via PSA Bo Bichette Rookie Registry)


Bo Bichette Rookie Card: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

Rating 3.5/5 – Bichette broke into the majors at a young age (21), which helps his long-term value.

He plays a premier position at shortstop and is already considered one of the best at his position.  Playing in a loaded lineup with the Jays will help him put up consistent numbers year in and year out.

He is eligible to become a free agent in 2026, and will most likely be a coveted free agent during that time.

Bichette already has good career numbers with a high batting average and should average close to 25-30 home runs per year.

Investing in Bichette should pay off in the long-term as long as he continues to rake as he had in 2020 & 2021.

The value of his rookies will only continue to go up the next couple of years as he continues to put up consistent numbers.

10-15 years from now you’re going to be happy you invested in Bichette rookie cards.

Investing in his rookie cards now could even pay off within a couple of years from now as well.

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