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buy Baseball Card Display Cases on amazon

Buy Baseball Card Display Cases on Amazon

Many collectors keep their best cards hidden, while it’s not unheard of for expensive editions to be locked away in safety deposit boxes, or in attics, half-forgotten. As card prices continue to rise, it’s tempting to show off your assets with a dedicated display case.

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If you’ve decided to show off your burgeoning collection, we’ve come up with a list with three of the best baseball card display cases, which also double up for a number of other sports cards and collectibles. 

Top 3 Baseball Card Display Cases

Firstly, you should be able to display your cards, no matter the size. A number of vintage sets were cut uniquely, so take the time to ensure that they’ll be able to fit inside a normal case. 

You don’t want them to be rattling around inside, so look out for shelves that are properly fitted for baseball cards, or graded options.

Most quality cases will offer UV protection to combat fading, and they’ll be lockable, so you won’t have to worry about kids with sticky fingers that can’t help but be tempted.

Design-wise, we’d opt for a more traditional look, and there are lots of handcrafted options which only help to highlight the cards, rather than stealing the limelight. 

If your cards are graded, look out for cases that are specifically suited to fit PSA/BGS options, such as the ones we’ve listed below. 


20 Sports Cards Collectible Card Display (buy on eBay)

20 Sports Cards Collectible Card Display

For a simple case that’ll fit 20 unsleeved cards, it’s hard to look past this entry-level option. It’s highly affordable, and small enough to potentially allow for a couple of cases on either side.

It has a horizontal display with four rows of five cards, while it comes with a lock on the side, and offers UV protection.

However, you’ll only be able to fit 16 hard-cased cards, so it’s only suitable for smaller collections. As a multi-purpose option, it’s great if you’re just starting out in the hobby, or you only want to display a few premium cards.


35 Graded Sports Cards/Collectible Card Display Case Wall Cabinet (buy on Amazon)

Best 3 Baseball Card Display Cases

16-20 cards is all well and good, but what if you want to display a serious collection or even a significant portion of a set itself? Double in size, a 35-card case is a great option as long as you have space, while this display is specifically made for graded copies.

There are five rows with seven cards each, so the one in the middle can be used as a centerpiece slot. It comes fully assembled, with a lockable pair of latches that has a set of keys provided. The hardwood has a black finish, giving it a great look. It also has a five-star rating, which is great considering it has over 120 reviews on Amazon.


36 Graded Sports Card Display Case (Buy on Amazon)

36 Graded Sports Card Display Case

Display Gifts have been in operation since 2003, specializing in a range of different frames and showcase displays. As ‘a small, family business based in South San Francisco, California’, you can be sure of a quality build.  

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Offering one more slot compared to the case seen above, this is a wider option which has four rows of nine cards. The door opens upward with hinges on the top, to prevent the display case from going off balance while it’s open. However, this means that the lock is at the bottom, which makes it difficult to open if you’d like to mount the display.

As with the others, it’s a great baseball card display case, but it can be used for any collectible that fits within the typical specs. 


Best Baseball Card Display Cases: Summary 

There’s no point in shying away if you’ve spent significant money and time building up an impressive collection. You can always get the cards insured anyway, while it’s better to keep them in a case that was specifically built for the task, rather than relying on an older display. 

Many can’t offer the same level of protection compared to modern options, especially in terms of yellowing over time, so pay attention to the quality of the glass. 

They’ll be safe under lock and key, and the cards can be enjoyed as they were originally meant to be. Considering the typical value of the cards they’re protecting, it’s a small investment in the grand scheme of things, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with an inferior product that could potentially damage your card.

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