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MMA is one of the fastest-rising sports globally in terms of popularity, with the UFC leading the way, miles in front of the competition. Dana White has stated that MMA will become the world’s biggest sport, even overtaking soccer. While that may not be the case, we tend to agree with him regarding the sport’s growing popularity.


Massive audiences at the UFC events, UFC ticket sales, and global appeal are at an all-time high, so purchasing a couple of UFC trading cards for your sports card investment portfolio makes a ton of sense.

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Here are the 10 best UFC trading card investments in 2022. Any questions about UFC trading cards can be directed to us at


#1. 2017 Conor McGregor Topps Chrome Refractor #97


The UFC is the fastest-growing sport in the world, and we feel Conor McGregor will decline as the most famous fighter in UFC history. So buying this Conor card makes a lot of investment sense and is an excellent long-term investment.

Parallels: Refractor, X-Fractor, Diamond Refractor, Green Refractor (/99), Blue Wave Refractor (/75), Gold Refractor (/50), Orange Refractor (/25), Black Refractor (/10), Red Refractor (/5), SuperFractor (1/1), Printing Plates (1/1)


#2. 2022 Urijah Faber Panini Select UFC Gold Prizm Sig Auto #SG-UFB


Urijah Faber is a UFC Hall of Famer and Founder of Team Alpha. He was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining MMA fighters of all time and destroyed opponents when he was younger.

If you have never heard his street fight story at a club in Indonesia, watch it below and thank us later, #EPIC.

This video alone will make you buy a Urijah Faber UFC trading card.


#3. 2012 Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC Bloodlines #12


Hailing from the Republic of Dagestan in Russia, Nurmagomedov is a fan favorite and the first Muslim to win a UFC title. He is nicknamed the “Eagle,” standing 5′ 10″ and tipping the scales at 155 lbs. He is currently the GOAT of the UFC lightweight division.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the retired champion with a record of 29-0. The Eagle who soared, beat McGregor easily, dominated the division, and kickstarted endless memes. He might come back to fight GSP or give it all up as his mother wished. One of the most dominant fighters of all time, he’s a true anomaly.

His fanbase is massive, so this rookie card is another that does well at auction. It’s a landscape release featuring Khabib’s underrated stand-up as he throws a jab. The 2012 release is seen as an RC as it has a UFC Debut logo in the top left corner. There are also five rare parallels to be on the lookout for.

Parallels: Flag (/188), Black (/88), Red (/8), Platinum (/1), Printing Plates (/1)


#4. 2009 Jon Jones Topps UFC Auto #FAJJ


Investing in a Jon Jones UFC trading card is a no-brainer as he is one of the most prolific fighters ever to enter the octagon.

In terms of pure talent, Jon Jones was streets ahead for years. He had the longest Light Heavyweight champion reign in UFC history and beat all comers before vacating the belt after deciding to fight at heavyweight in 2021.

Jones’ 2009 Topps UFC card is an RC of sorts, with an action shot of the fighter in the octagon. It lists his record as 8-0-0 on the back and has a red and white motif with a classic UFC logo at the top.

An autograph is found at the bottom, a sticker placed on top rather than a hand-signed card. Jones is a unique case, considering the bad press he has received following several notable controversies. Few can doubt his talents or accomplishments, but he doesn’t have as many fans as you expect.


#5. 2020 Israel Adesanya Topps UFC Striking Signatures #STSIA


Israel Adesanya is the current UFC middleweight champ and is, in our opinion, the best pound-for-pound fighter going. He stood up for Joe Rogan when social media was attempting o cancel him; this caused Israel to become an even bigger fan favorite (see the video below).

#6. 2021 UFC Panini Prizm Jiri Prochazka Refractor /99 #84


Jiri Prochazka was born October 14, 1992, and is a UFC fighter currently competing in the Light Heavyweight division. He is currently clamoring for an immediate rematch against Glover Teixeirades.


#7. 2021 Chuck Lidell Panini Select Prizm 


Before Conor McGreggor, Chuck Liddell was one of the most legendary UFC fighters and an absolute bulldog in the ring. The 2021 Prizm Select Autograph Chuck Liddell card should also be legendary regarding long-term ROI.


#8. 2022 Paddy Pimblett Panini Prizm UFC #88


George St. Pierre said the sky was the limit for Paddy Pimblett. If his career can be half as good as St. Pierre’s, this card will be a solid investment.


#9. 2021 George St-Pierre Panini Select Prizm Auto #GSP


Georges St Pierre carried the UFC on his back for years, using a combination of skills and intelligence to keep himself one step ahead of the competition. Dana White might hate him, but it’s hard to find a more likable guy in MMA.

He retired as the reigning Welterweight Champion in 2013, having held the record for the most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak in UFC history (2,204 days) while defending his title nine consecutive times. He then beat Micheal Bisping to become the Middleweight champion after four years.

Here we have another UFC great in George St. Pierre. He has been pursuing a career in acting for a while now, even appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The above St-Pierre Gold Prizm Auto trading card is an excellent long-term purchase.


2013 Conor McGregor Topps UFC Bloodlines Fighter Autographs #FA-CM


Who better to start with than ‘The Notorious Conor McGregor? A fighter who helped to popularise the sport like no other, the former P4P number one is still a contender in 2021. His feuds with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz were legendary, and he won a title with a single punch.

Yea, Conor deserves to be on this list twice.


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