Best Nick Chubb Rookie Cards to Invest In (Breakout Year Coming)


best nick chubb rookie cards

Although the million-dollar cards get most of the attention in the card investment world, people tend to forget that those cards were once new and the players on them were once unproven. Before they were superstars and before their cards were worth millions of dollars, players like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were kids playing a game they loved and their cards came free with a pack of gum. So instead of focusing on million-dollar cards and Hall of Famers, today we’re going to look at affordable investments with huge upsides. All the Nick Chubb rookie cards on this list have sold for $20 or less in the past few months, but don’t expect that price to last for long. 

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Nick Chubb: Massive Star Potential 


In his college career at Georgia, Chubb put up a whopping 5,130 yards from scrimmage and 48 TDs in the SEC. You don’t put up numbers like that on SEC defenses without being the real deal. Despite that career, people are still sleeping on Nick Chubb because he didn’t have a 1000 yard rookie year (he had 996). But those numbers aren’t his fault. Inept coaches just refused to use him enough. He still averaged 5.2 yards per attempt. To put that in perspective, Ezekiel Elliott has never done that well any year he’s been in the league. 


Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Means Huge Year for Nick Chubb


Chubb averaging crazy numbers in a mediocre offense was impressive, but with OBJ to take the lid off defenses, Chubb is going to have a genuinely scary year. What team can afford to put 8 men in the box with OBJ running loose? This might be the team that transforms the Browns from laughingstock to playoff contender. If that happens, get ready to see Nick Chubb highlights on Sports Center every week. 

The 4 Best Cheap Nick Chubb Cards to Invest in Right Now:

4. 2018 Donruss Optic #158 Rated Rookies Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns RC Rookie Card

This is one of the most popular options for investment in Nick Chubb’s potential. This offering from Donruss is a classic take on the action-shot rookie card and the smooth blue border reminiscent of 1990s card offerings is a great nod to the history of football cards.

3. Nick Chubb 2018 Panini Prizm Silver Refractor Rookie Introduction BROWNS RC

Foiled cards turn good investments into great investments by adding wow factor and increasing rarity. This refractor from Panini is no exception. The foiling perfectly matches Chubb’s pose as he’s about to pull a move displaying his elusiveness and power. This quality investment will also make a terrific display piece that catches the eye differently from every angle.

2. 2018 Panini Origins FOTL Purple Nick Chubb Browns RC Rookie AUTO 11/32

nick chubb rookie card

This Nick Chubb rookie card is just pretty. That’s where we have to start. The orange and purple background and purple autograph are as gorgeous as they are unique. With a hard-working expression on Chubb’s face that promises a decade of stardom, this card has everything you want in an investment: Rarity, quality, beauty.

1. 2018 Limited Nick Chubb Rookie Patch Auto Autograph RC #41/75 Browns

best nick chubb rookie card

By the time players get to the Pro Bowl, their rookie cards with autographs and jersey patches usually stop being affordable investments. The triple threat of rookie card, signature, and real jersey creates a connection to the player that becomes irresistible for fans and investors alike. Get this card before Nick Chubb’s career soars higher than Hue Jackson’s ego.

Bottom Line

Few people have figured out how big a star Nick Chubb is likely to be. Hue Jackson’s poor coaching played a big role. So did a Cleveland team that hasn’t attracted much attention. But with both those problems out of the way, this looks to be Nick Chubb’s big year.

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