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Best NFT Baseball Card Investments

The world of sports cards has barely changed since the 1950s and has severely lacked innovation. Most collectors in the hobby will tell you that’s exactly how they like it.


However, much like the rest of life things are constantly evolving and changing.

Let us introduce you to the newest and hottest thing going around the internet and something that may change the way you collect the best rookie cards forever.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

These are units of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

NFTs can be used for many different things such as photos and videos.

With MLB releasing the first set of their very own NFTs, what better time than now to determine the 5 best NFT Baseball Card investments on the market today.


5 Best NFT Baseball Cards

While the world of NFT Baseball cards is ever-expanding there is a relatively limited amount of cards out there.

Much like normal cardboard cards, there are some that have hundreds of thousands of copies and some that are numbered to just a very limited amount.


#5. DJ Skee X Collectable BR3 Companion “True Blue” Foil 1/1 Card & NFT


skee BR3

Unlike other entries on this list, the DJ Skee BR3 Companion is unique because there is both a 1/1 card and NFT. So the owner of this NFT will also have a physical card to go with it.

The card features a modern design that features imagery remembering the Babe from his plaque in Cooperstown to his bat and number.

This NFT & card combo set actually sold for a surprising $6,300 in April through an eBay auction.


#4. 2021 Topps Digital NFT Series 1 Justin Verlander SP


This card was a part of the first digital NFT set Topps released that coincided with the release of their flagship product. The NFTs are identical in parallels and look to the physical cards themselves.

This Verlander NFT is one of the rarest baseball card NFTs on the market with only 70 of this parallel existing.

There are rarer in the Series 1 release much like in the physical product and these NFTs are actually rather hard to find for sale.


#3. 2021 Mike Trout Topps Series 1 #27 Digital Card 


Mike Trout 2021 Topps Series 1 #27 - Sports Card | TrollAndToad

Much like any physical Baseball card list, Mike Trout is likely to make an appearance at some point. This is Mike Trout’s first official NFT released by Topps.

The card features the same imagery that Series 1 uses and the NFT effect just adds a bit of shimmer in the gif that you get. Like the real Series 1 there is also an iconic Trout mask SSP NFT as well and many other different Trout offerings.

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Hard to see any better player to own a NFT of in Baseball right now other than Mike Trout. Trout stuff always has a way of holding value.


#2. 2021 Topps MLB NFT Vladimir Guerrero Jr Series 1 Signature

vlad jr nft

This is the first “signature” entry on our list and is none other than the power bat of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. This card features a slick Vlad Jr auto on his base 2021 Series 1 card.

This NFT isn’t animated so it is just the image, but this specific blue auto version looks really good with the color match of the Blue Jays logo and color scheme. This is a beautiful card.

Vlad Guerrero Jr is one of the hottest players in baseball right now and his cards will surely see a jump after the monster 2021 campaign he is having. Only time will tell where this kid’s career will go but the future looks promising.


#1. 2021 Juan Soto Topps Baseball Legendary Exclusive NFT 


Juan Soto legendary exclusive nat

This Juan Soto NFT is one of the rarest Baseball NFTs currently in existence. There is only 14 of these cards in the wild as it is in the rarest category of NFT Topps offers, Legendary Exclusive.

If you’re confused on the rarity structure of the Topps NFTs then here is a quick list of them from rarest to most common: Legendary Exclusive, Epic Exclusive, Epic, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon, Common.

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There is also an Event Exclusive tier but it is hard to place that since the quantity of the event can vary so much.

The rarest of these NFTs can actually fetch pretty big money, this Soto here has sold for around $10,000 in the past so there is definitely a demand for this product.


NFT Baseball Cards Investment Outlook

There is a lot to digest with NFT Baseball cards especially if you’re new or unfamiliar with NFTs in general. Especially considering all the big technical jargon that gets thrown around when talking about these items.

NFTs are the hottest thing on the internet right now and there is a lot of skepticism about the future of these items.

There is clearly a demand for this type of item especially with the wild success of similar products, like the NBA’s TopShot, and a willingness of people to pay top dollar on rarer items. So with this in mind, we will attempt to speculate about where NFT Baseball card investments will end up.

Generally, there is three sides when it comes to NFTs. The first is the fanatics that wholeheartedly believe that NFTs are the future of not only trading cards but other things like art and are willing to invest lots of money in it.

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The second is the neutral people who do not really know much about it and have no opinion on it nor use the technology. Then the third group believes that this is nothing but another internet fad that will quickly die out and does not see the value in virtual items versus physical ones.

So what is the opinion of Gold Card Auctions on the investment outlook of NFT Baseball cards?

The good: NFTs have become a large point of interest for a lot of people meaning the market is growing every day and virtual cards are still relatively inexpensive considering some of their real-world counterparts. If NFTs do go mainstream then there is a lot of money to be made. NFTs are also a great way to ensure that the reproduction of a card or fakes can never exist due to the nature of blockchain.

The bad: The technology and software are somewhat intimidating for beginners. Also, most people just prefer to have a physical items that they can hold and touch. NFTs are extremely speculative right now and since the market has appeared so quickly it could just as quickly disappear as many internet fads do.

Investment Rating: Very High Risk (2 out of 5)

Bottom Line: There just is way too many unknowns about the future of this type of item for us to recommend buying in. However, if NFTs are the future there is a lot of money to be made by investing now.

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What is an NFT baseball card?

A NFT baseball card is unique and can't be replaced with something else. NFT stands for Non-fungible token.

How do I buy NFT baseball?

In order to buy a NFT baseball card please visit or log in to with your WAX Cloud Wallet, visit “Shop”.

Is Topps NFT worth money?

Topps NFT can be worth a lot of money or just a few dollars depending on the card. For example the Juan Soto Topps NFT cards can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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