Best 6 Mike Tyson Boxing Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook

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Best Mike Tyson Boxing Card

Michael Gerard Tyson (6/30/1966) was born into poverty in Brooklyn, NY. Under the guidance of manager Cus D’Amato, Tyson would go on to rule the boxing world.

Iron Mike’s defining characteristics as a boxer were his rapid fist speed, lights-out knockout power, and ability to absorb punches without incurring great damage.

Tyson’s accolades include becoming the youngest WBC Heavyweight Champion, holding all three major Heavyweight belts at once, and 10 defenses of his title.

Ultimately, Tyson will be remembered as one of the most feared boxers ever to strap on the Everlast’s.

We’ve decided to acknowledge Kid Dynamite’s greatness the only way we know how: by presenting the best Mike Tyson cards that you can buy.

Best Mike Tyson Cards

The following cards stand out from alternatives because of rarity, value, appearance, and other noteworthy properties. If you don’t like any of the selections, please don’t tell Mike.

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1986 Mike Tyson Panini Supersport #153

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1986 Mike Tyson Panini Card Supersport

There is a certain innocence about the 1986 Mike Tyson Panini Supersport #153, and collectors are clearly drawn to this relic from before Tyson was Iron Mike.

The card was initially a European release (the Panini Group was founded in Italy) but has made its way across the pond since then.

The card is technically a Sticker and shows a fresh-faced Tyson looking to his left, a yellow microphone hovering inches from his face. Beads of sweat dot his forehead post-bout.

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The card’s design is simple but timeless. A slanted blue border frames Tyson’s image. A USA flag emblem, nameplate, and stick-figure of a boxer complete the design.

This card’s value has taken a sharp upward trajectory as it’s one of the earliest, most iconic Tyson cards on the market.


1987 Mike Tyson A Question of Sport 

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1987 Mike Tyson A Question of Sport

One of the most uniquely named cards in Tyson’s catalog comes with an equally odd backstory.

This card was included as part of a UK-derived board game called A Question of Sport. The board game was a spinoff from a TV trivia game of the same name.

Perhaps because of this story, the 1987 Mike Tyson A Question of Sport has become one of the most popular Tyson cards.

It shows Tyson, only two years into his pro career, after presumably connecting on a left hook. His face displays rage while his compact frame appears to be all muscle.

The image is the card, with a white border being the only feature. The card’s rear is equally nondescript with a tri-colored border and a small “Mike Tyson” nameplate.

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It’s a beautiful portrait card that has grown to be one of the most popular in Tyson’s stable of early offerings.


1991 Mike Tyson Players International Ringlords 

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mike tyson boxing card

The 1991 Mike Tyson Players International Ringlords card features one of the most iconic images of Tyson you’ll ever see. To its makers’ credit, the card lets the image do the work.

Tyson wears the WBC Championship belt, right hand extended high as promoter Don King grins beneath Tyson’s right arm.

Players International included only a nameplate, red-white-and-blue border, and a couple of logos on the front of the card. Tyson is very much the focus.

The image captures Tyson just before impending turmoil. He would lose his Heavyweight title in 1990, making this card a sort of time capsule.

This card comes in versions that either have a “Sample” sticker on the back or do not. The cards without the sticker are comparatively rare.


2006 Mike Tyson Topps Allen & Ginter Auto #MT

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2006 Mike Tyson Topps Allen & Ginter Auto

You simply won’t find a better-looking Iron Mike card than the 2006 Mike Tyson Topps Allen & Ginter Auto #MT.

The design has a Caribbean flair, with multi-colored Palmetto leaves gracing the upper left and bottom right corners. Partial gold borders sit in the opposite corners.

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The image of Tyson extending a belt in the air appears to be a true picture but is colored in a way that feels like a portrait.

This is thought to be the first official Tyson autograph card, was limited to 200 copies, and is part of the Allen & Ginter-Topps debut set. For all of these reasons, you want to own this one.


2013 Mike Tyson Upper Deck Employee Precious Metal Gems PMG /125 #EMT

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2013 Mike Tyson Upper Deck Employee Precious Metal Gems

This card really does feel like high art, a miniature portrait you could hand in your study. Numbered to 10, it’s exceedingly rare and valuable. The purple backdrop clashes brilliantly with the black-boxing shorts on Mr. Tyson.

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During researching this article we found this beautiful card and are considering adding it to our best sports cards to buy now list.


1987 Mike Tyson Panini Supersport #160

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1987 Mike Tyson Panini Supersport #160

This is the second-year Mike Tyson Supersportcard produced by Panini. While this makes it second to the 1986 version, it’s a highly valued card.

Like other early Tyson cards, this one has few notable features. A muscular Tyson stands with both hands clasping his shorts, rocking both a fresh cut and a serious expression.

A double-arched border is surrounded by a clean white frame. A circular American flag, Mike Tyson nameplate, boxer logo, and “160” are the only stylings on this card.

The card carries prestige as one of the earliest Tyson cards/stickers from a reputable manufacturer.


Mike Tyson Boxing Card Value

Mike Tyson Boxing Card Value

The most valuable Mike Tyson boxing cards are the 1986 Panini Supersport Italian Mike Tyson Rookie Card #153 and the 1987 A Question Of Sport UK Mike Tyson Rookie Card. Both of which are excellent investments moving forward.

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Mike Tyson Boxing Card Checklist

Mike Tyson Boxing Card Checklist

  • 1986 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson Rookie Card #153
  • 1986 Panini Mike Tyson Hagler Foil #109
  • 1987 Panini Supersport Mike Tyson Rookie Card #160
  • 1987 A Question of Sport Mike Tyson Boxing Card
  • 1987 A Question Of Sport UK Mike Tyson Back View
  • 1987 Panini Supersport UK Foil Mike Tyson RC #109
  • 1991 Players International Ringlords Mike Tyson Card
  • 1991 Tuff Stuff Jr. Mike Tyson #6
  • 1991 Authentic Auto Victoria Gallery Mike Tyson
  • 1995 Kinder Surprise Super Stars Mike Tyson #135
  • 1996 Merlin Sky Sports Foil Mike Tyson #217
  • 1997 Edigamma I Grandi Campioni Dello Sport Mike Tyson Boxing Card #98
  • 2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Auto Boxing Card #MT
  • 2013 Upper Deck Employee Precious Metal Gems PMG Mike Tyson Boxing Card /125 #EMT
  • 2016 UD All-Time Greats Master Collection Auto

Mike Tyson Boxing Cards: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

As boxing has faded from the national consciousness, Mike Tyson has contrastingly become more and more beloved. This is a positive for anyone who owns Tyson’s trading cards.

Investment Rating: Buy (4.2 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Mike Tyson B Card: 2013 Mike Tyson Upper Deck Employee Precious Metal Gems PMG /125 #EMT (BUY ON EBAY) and the Mike Tyson Question of Sports Card (BUY ON EBAY)

The declining popularity of boxing means that no new-age stars—not Mayweather, Wilder, Fury, or otherwise—threaten to overshadow and undercut the value of Tyson’s cards.

With little competition in the space, the sky is the limit for the future value of Mike Tyson cards, particularly those that are most rare and treasured.


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