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As football cards become more popular, you have to spend more money to obtain an excellent investment in high grades. Understandably, you’d want to shell out some serious dough to obtain that next great HOF QB, i.e., Mac Jones, for example, but should you?

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Whether it’s your first time investing in high-end football cards or you are a seasoned veteran, we got you covered with these ten best football cards to buy for under $1,000 in 2022.


We alternate between very little risk/moderate return vs. moderate risk/high return. This list is Quarterback heavy as they typically have the best ROI long-term.

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Top Football Cards Under 1k


#1. 2000 Tom Brady Upper Deck Black Diamond RC #126

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best football cards under 1000

The GOAT. Enough said.


#2. 2020 Justin Herbert Prizm RC #325

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top football cards under 1000

Acts and studies like Tom Brady. He runs and throws like Aaron Rodgers. The next great NFL QB, in our opinion.

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#3. 1984 John Elway Topps RC #63 

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football cards under 1000

The king of the 4th quarter comeback. He also added a couple of SB wins late in his career. An excellent long-term buy-and-hold investment.


#4. 2020 Joe Burrow Panini Prizm RC #307


He went to the Superbowl in his second year with an OK team. He will be the league MVP more than twice and win at least 2, maybe 3 Superbowls, in our opinion, if not more.


#5. 1989 Barry Sanders Score RC #257


The best and most popular back of all time in the league. Imagine what kind of numbers he would put up today.


#6. Ja’Marr Chase


Years and years of sick numbers with Joe Burrow tossing him the rock.


#7. 1991 Brett Favre Topps Stadium Club RC #94


The ol’ gunslinger. Undervalued investment here.


#8. 2010 Rob Gronkowski Topps Chrome RC #C112


One of the most popular players of all time, if not the most popular, and was a pretty darn good tight-end. Every collector should have some Gronk in their collection.


#9. 1986 Jerry Rice Topps RC #161


The best wide-out to ever play the game, and it’s not even close—easy long-term investment.


#10. Jimmy Brown Topps RC #62


He and Barry are one and 1A in our books regarding best-running backs to lace them up in the NFL. No brainer long-term investment here.


Two Bonus Picks


#11. Christian McCaffrey Flawless Auto RC #RPCM


A gigantic bounce-back year is incoming — the most dynamic offensive player in the NFL.


#12. 1984 Reggie White Topps USFL RC #58


Quarterbacks lined up against Reggie still have nightmares of him bearing down on them.

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