Auston Matthews Rookie Card – Best Cards and Investment Report



Auston Matthews was born on 17/9/97, and he was the first pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. 

He currently plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs as a center and spent a season with NLA side ZSC Lions.

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He ended the year as the NHL’s top-rated rookie and scored a career-high of 73 points in 63 games by the end of the 2018-19 season.

Here’s a trio of his best rookie cards if you’re looking to invest.

2016-17 Upper Deck Auston Matthews RC #201 Young Guns

This UD Young Guns version is a great card to pick up if you want something affordable, and they’re a number of mint versions on the market.

Auston Matthews upper deck rookie card

Matthews was a top prospect by 2016, and his Young Guns card is highly sought after. It’s his original official rookie card,

and it’s the first in his Maple Leafs uniform.

It’s a clean card, and it’s easy to see why people are always interested at auction.

2016-17 SP Authentic Auston Matthews RC Autograph #999

This autographed card is a step up in terms of price for obvious reasons. 

Auston Matthews rookie auto

With 999 copies it isn’t the rarest rookie card available, but the SP Authentic brand tends to sell at a premium.

It’s another great looking card, showing off the Maple Leafs kit with an all-white and blue background.

2016-17 SP Game Used Inked Auston Matthews RPA RC Logo Patch AUTO

Just look at this card… so sick!

By far our favorite Auston Matthews Rookie Card.


2016-17 The Cup Auston Matthews RC Auto Patch #99

The Cup version is ultra-high-end, and the most expensive Matthews card money can buy. 

An eye-watering price of upwards of $7000 will get you a card signed by the player, while it’s a solid investment for the future.

You’ll be the envy of almost every collector, but try explaining that to your significant other.

Investment Outlook on all Auston Matthews Rookie Cards

Matthews is a record-breaking player with a long career ahead of him at the pinnacle of the sport. 

His early achievements will make his rookie cards even more valuable, although many have been priced competitively already. 

Coach Mike Babcock has confirmed more time on the ice next year, so Matthews could easily go on to have more success in the future.


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