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The New Orleans Saints drafted Alvin Kamara (7/25/1995) with the 67th pick in the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

In his first year, he accumulated 1,154 total yards (728 rushing/826 receiving), and hence the value of Alvin Kamara rookie cards exploded!

Kamara and the Saint’s air raid offense were a match made in heaven as the offense relies heavily on short passes out of the backfield… a running back with good hands is a MUST.

In his second year in the league, Kamara showed he had a knack at finding the end-zone, running for 14 touchdowns to go along with 4 receiving touchdowns, and again the value of Kamara’s rookie cards jumped.

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2017 Alvin Kamara Panini Prizm RC #291

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Here is the Kamara rookie card for collectors who want a great ROI without spending a ton of mulla (as with most Prizm rookie cards).

The 2017 Kamara Prizm rookie card shows the scatback jitterbugging his way downfield with both hands wrapped tightly around the pigskin.

Even though the base card is ideal for value investors those with a larger bankroll can spend more money via the high-end Prizm parallels (i.e. Prizm Black Finite).

2017 Panini Prizm Football Parallels: Base, Prizm Orange /275, Prizm Light Blue /199, Prizm Blue Wave /149, Prizm Green Scope /99, Prizm Purple Crystals /75, Prizm Red Power /49, Prizm Camo /25 Prizm, Gold /10, Prizm Gold Vinyl /5, and  Prizm Black Finite – /1 | Prizm Green, Retail Prizm Red, Retail Prizm Blue, Retail Prizm Disco, Blaster Prizm Pink, and finally the Excell Blaster Prizm Red, White, and Blue


2017 Alvin Kamara National Treasures RC #195

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Here is a BIG BOY card for BIG BOY bank accounts and our favorite Alvin Kamara rookie card.

Numbered #195 the card shows Kamara running with the rock in the black Saints jersey. His name (Alvin Kamara) is plastered at the bottom left while the patch is placed on the right-hand side.

2017 National Treasures Parallels:  Green Jersey Number /88 or less, Holo Silver /25, Stars and Stripes /13 (FOTL – No Switzer), Holo Gold /10, Black /5, Red /2, Red Brand Logo /2, Red Laundry Tag /2, Platinum NFL Shield /1, Printing Plates /1


2017 Alvin Kamara Panini Donruss Optic #199

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The Kamara Optic card is a good option for mid-level investors betting on a couple more big years from Mr. Kamara.

Numbered #199 the card shows Kamara with the football securely gripped in his right hand and his right knee held high as if he is getting ready to juke an opponent out of their socks… we also get a good look at his face as he is not wearing a helmet.

The reverse of the card reads “Working after practice with Pro-Bowl Quarterback Drew Brees helped to speed up Makaras’s development during OTA’S. He’s really good about just working with me the Rookie Running Back said (in regards to Brees).

2017 Donruss Optic Parallels: Holo, Aqua (/299), Orange (/199), Blue (/149), Red (/99), Purple (/50), Black (/25), Gold (/10), Green (/5), and Gold Vinyl (1/1), and Pink parallels can be found in Blaster boxes only.


2017 Alvin Kamara Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket/Championship #313

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Here is a super high-end Alvin Kamara autograph card…

The Alvin Kamara Panini Contenders Draft Auto rookie cards are your BIG BOY rookie cards meaning you’re going to need a BIG BOY bank account to obtain these in high grades.

Numbered #313 the card shows Kamara running with the football while rocking one of the best home uniforms in the game… black top gold bottoms… doesn’t get much better than that bruh!

The Kamara Contenders rookie card also features a slick autograph and Championship Ticket graphics (or playoff ticket depending on the variation).

The reverse of the card reads “With a gold grill that would make the sun and some of New Orleans’ most famous rap artist jealous, Kamara beams brightly after reaching the end-zone. Grouped with sure-fire Hall of Famers Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram in the Saints backfield, the shifty Kamara promises to generate plenty of excitement in the BIG EASY.”

2017 Alvin Kamara Panini Contenders Draft Variations: Blue Foil, Red Foil, Bowl Ticket /99, /25 Cracked Ice, /23 Playoff Ticket, /15 Championship Ticket, and 1/1 Printing Plates – 1/1



Kamara rookie cards can usually be had anywhere between $30 to $150 in high grades… some of the higher-end cards i.e. National Treasures, will go for over $150.

Thinking about buying an Alvin Kamara football card but are on the fence? Email us at to get a second opinion in regards to the purchase…. remember we are here to help.



  • 2017 Alvin Kamara Rookie Card Score Tennessee Volunteers #375
  • 2017 Panini Donruss Optic Rookie Card #199
  • 2017 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket/Championship RC #313
  • 2017 Panini Encased Notable RC Rookie AUTO /75
  • 2017 National Treasures Alvin Kamara RC Patch Auto #195
  • 2017 Panini Select Tie-Dye Prizm Alvin Kamara RC Rookie Jersey
  • 2017 Preferred Rookie Penmanship Auto /35
  • 2017 Rookies & Stars Rookie card #257
  • 2017 Select Prizm Silver #167
  • 2017 Score End Zone Rookie /6
  • 2017 Leaf Metal Draft #BAAK1
  • 2017 Leaf Metal State Pride Prismatic #SPAK1
  • 2017 Panini Spectra /199 #1
  • 2017 Contenders Draft Picks Autograph #173
  • 2018 Score Collegiate Jerseys #12 Alvin Kamara RC Jersey


Investment Outlook

Alvin Kamara card values should steadily rise over the next few years as he closes out his prime.

Buying a few of his best rookie cards are not a bad thing and you have the bonus of a possible Superbowl ring as the Saints will again be one of the Superbowl favorites.

Investment Rating: Mild Buy

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