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Alexis Lafreniere (10/11/01) is a talented Canadian LW who is a former captain of the Rimouski Oceanic of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. 


He’s an NHL prospect, selected first overall by the New York Rangers in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. He is highly rated due to a combination of speed and power and has an eye for goal. 

The reason for his selection as the first overall pick?

Lafreniere led the QMJHL with 77 assists and 112 points and for the second straight season, was awarded the QMJHL MVP, QMJHL Personality of the Year, and Canadian Hockey League Player of the Year awards.

Here’s a rundown with the top three Alexis Lafreniere rookie card options, card info, and investment advice if you’re interested in picking one up before the season starts.

There’s a mix of Lafreniere RCs, split between his time in Canada and newer options following his move to the NHL.


2017 Alexis Lafreniere Upper Deck CHL Star Rookies Exclusives #390

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Alexis Lafreniere Upper Deck Rookie Card

First up is a Canadian card released during the 2017-18 season.

The Upper Deck CHL Star Rookies RC shows Lafrenière in his Rimouski Océanic gear, with a close-up action shot of the player as he battles for the puck. You can see the concentration etched onto his face, as his tongue hangs out.

A large, bright card comes with a few rare parallels, including serial numbered versions listed below. If you don’t mind a CHL Lafrenière card, it’s a great early option.

Parallels: Red Border (1:2 b), Exclusives (/100) (h/e), High Gloss (/10) (h/e), Printing Plates (1/1)


2020 Alexis Lafreniere Upper Deck Young Guns RC #201

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Fast-forward to the 2020-21 season, with Lafreniere signed by the Rangers. The 2020-21 Upper Deck set is excellent if you’re looking for NHL-branded cards, as the young LW is decked out in his new gear in a great action shot as he moves along the ice. 

There’s no hard border at the top, while the bottom is cut away to make space for a large ‘Young Guns’ logo. The lack of a traditional border will make it harder to find gem mint copies in the future, but there’s an abundance in the here and now.

We’d recommend looking at the Exclusives parallel, which has a print run of 100 copies. 

Parallels: French (1:120 Hobby/ePack), Clear Cut (1:288 Hobby), Exclusives (/100) (Hobby/ePack), High Gloss (/10) (Hobby/ePack)


2019 Alexis Lafreniere Upper Deck CHL Auto RC #301

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The final card on our list is another worthy contender and already sells for a four-figure fee. And yes it’s an Upper Deck branded card.

The 2019 UD CHL Alexis Lafreniere rookie card is ideal for autograph collectors and should have one of the better ROI of all his cards due to that auto. As well as the SP-1, there’s an image variation (SP-1V) that features Lafreniere standing with a stick in one hand.

The backdrop is the same as the card seen above, with skates and gear in the locker room. The card is finished in silver chrome with a large 2020 Draft logo at the bottom. 


Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Card Value

The 2020 Upper Deck Black Diamon Geography Auto Pure Black Alexis Lafreniere rookie card is the most expensive Alexis Lafreniere rookie card.

If you want an Alexis Lafreniere card and need advice, please email us at Already have a Lafreniere card and want an estimated value? Hit us up at (include two photos at minimum).



  • 2017 Upper Deck CHL Star Rookies Exclusives Alexis Lafreniere RC #390
  • 2017 UD CHL Star Rookies Alexis Lafreniere RC #390
  • 2018 Upper Deck CHL Alexis Lafreniere CHL Auto Alexis Lafreniere RC
  • 2020 Upper Deck NHL Draft Alexis Lafreniere RC #SP-1
  • 2020 UD Young Guns Upper Deck Alexis Lafreniere RC #201
  • 2021 Upper Deck Young Guns ALEXIS LAFRENIERE & VITALI KRAVTSOV Alexis Lafreniere RC #250


Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook 

Lafreniere is one of the early contenders to win the Calder Trophy, and he would be the first Ranger to win it since Brian Leetch in 1989.

Investment Rating: Buy (3.2 out of 5)
Ownership Disclosure: None
Risk/Return Analysis: Moderate to High Risk/Low Return to High Return
Best Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Card: 2020 Upper Deck Young Guns RC #201

Of course, it’s still too early to call whether he’ll be the Rookie of the Year, but analysts such as TSN’s Craig Button have projected that Lafreniere could score 60 points in his first season.

That would be a best-case scenario, but there’s no doubt that Lafreniere has the skills needed to make it as one of the top rookies this year.

On the other hand, it’s better to set realistic expectations for a 19-year-old who deserves the time needed to acclimatize to a new league and country.

His rookie cards have already started to pick up in price and interest, with mint versions receiving lots of bids at auction.

Investors are banking on the LW providing the goods, while others have been attracted by his status as the first overall pick in 2020.

There’s still good scope for profit, but it’ll depend on his progression this season and beyond. For now, he’s eager to prove his worth, while he’s seen as the best prospect from the 2020 class. The team is expected to be competitive, and adding Lafreniere will only add to their firepower up front.

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