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The 2022 Bowman Baseball Card Set was released in the Spring of 2022 and is one of the hottest hobby boxes this year. The set features 100 cards in the paper base set and 150 of the MLB’s top prospects.


Some of the game’s top prospects included in the set are Jordan Walker, Henry Davis, and Julio Rodriguez. The Prospect Chrome cards bring the heat with a larger lineup of Refractor parallels.


2022 Bowman Baseball Base Paper Parallels Breakdown

Sky Blue Border #/499 | Neon Green Border #/399 | Fuchsia Border #/299 | Purple Border #/250 | Purple Pattern #/199 | Blue Border #/150 | Blue Pattern #/150 | Green Border #/99 | Green Pattern #/99 | Yellow Border #/75 | Gold Border #/50 | Orange Border #/25 | Red Border #/5 | Platinum Border 1/1 | Printing Plates – 1/1

2022 Bowman Baseball Top 5 Cards

Here are the top 5 cards from an ROI perspective in regards to the 2022 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box. You will want to buy or have the following cards sleeved and graded if you are lucky enough to pull them.


2022 Jordan Lawler Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP41


Is Lawlar the next Ted Williams? This kid is already doing amazing things in Triple-A and it should only be a matter of time until he is an All-Star in the Big Leagues. Get in now and thank us later.


2022 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP146


Bobby Witt Jr. is already crushing home runs in the MLB. Don’t worry as his peak is still years away and buying now is still a profitable long-term investment.


2022 Marcelo Mayer Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP126


Another boss is slashing in Triple-A. Maybe late 2022 or early 2023 ETA. Buy, Buy, BUY.

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2022 Jordan Walker Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP20


Mr. Walker is a GIANT and may still be off some investors’ radar. Not for long as this kid’s body resembles a Mr. Stanton & Mr. Judge and can crush the ball just as far.

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2022 Julio Rodriguez Bowman Chrome Prospect #BCP45

He is off to a slow start in his MLB career, but that is a good thing for investors as we can buy his rookie cards on the cheap. He will come around; he will come around.


2022 Bowman Baseball Checklist

BCP-1 Carlos Aguiar – Minnesota Twins 1st BCP-2 Jhonkensy Noel – Cleveland Guardians 1st BCP-3 Kahlil Watson – Miami Marlins 1st BCP-4 Misael Gonzalez – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-5 Brett Baty – New York Mets BCP-6 Spencer Torkelson – Detroit Tigers BCP-7 Marco Luciano – San Francisco Giants BCP-8 Benyamin Bailey – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-9 CJ Abrams – San Diego Padres BCP-10 Curtis Mead – Tampa Bay Rays 1st BCP-11 Dauri Lorenzo – Houston Astros 1st BCP-12 Estiven Machado – Toronto Blue Jays 1st BCP-13 Zac Veen – Colorado Rockies BCP-14 Roberto Campos – Detroit Tigers 1st BCP-15 Branlyn Jaraba – Milwaukee Brewers 1st BCP-16 Ronny Mauricio – New York Mets BCP-17 Oswaldo Cabrera – New York Yankees 1st BCP-18 Alvin Guzman – Arizona Diamondbacks 1st BCP-19 Adrian Sugastey – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-20 Jordan Walker – St. Louis Cardinals BCP-21 Jose Pastrano – Cleveland Guardians 1st BCP-22 George Valera – Cleveland Guardians 1st BCP-23 Elijah Tatis – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-24 Jorbit Vivas – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st BCP-25 Rikelvin De Castro – Toronto Blue Jays BCP-26 Anthony Rodriguez – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-27 Darell Hernaiz – Baltimore Orioles 1st BCP-28 Brandon Valenzuela – San Diego Padres 1st BCP-29 Adley Rutschman – Baltimore Orioles BCP-30 Jose Salas – Miami Marlins BCP-31 Kevin Alcantara – Chicago Cubs BCP-32 Euribiel Angeles – San Diego Padres 1st BCP-33 Austin Hendrick – Cincinnati Reds BCP-34 Liover Peguero – Pittsburgh Pirates BCP-35 Heliot Ramos – San Francisco Giants BCP-36 Brady Allen – Miami Marlins 1st BCP-37 Brennen Davis – Chicago Cubs BCP-38 Alexander Ramirez – Los Angeles Angels BCP-39 Fran Alduey – Cleveland Guardians 1st BCP-40 Simon Muzziotti – Philadelphia Phillies 1st BCP-41 Tyler Soderstrom – Oakland Athletics BCP-42 Malcom Nunez – St. Louis Cardinals BCP-43 Robby Martin Jr. – Colorado Rockies 1st BCP-44 Reginald Preciado – Chicago Cubs BCP-45 Julio Rodriguez – Seattle Mariners BCP-46 Warming Bernabel – Colorado Rockies 1st BCP-47 Luis Rodriguez – Los Angeles Dodgers BCP-48 Luke Waddell – Atlanta Braves 1st BCP-49 Colton Cowser – Baltimore Orioles BCP-50 Elly De LA Cruz – Cincinnati Reds 1st BCP-51 Robert Dominguez – New York Mets BCP-52 Maikol Escotto – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st BCP-53 Francisco Alvarez – New York Mets BCP-54 Cooper Kinney – Tampa Bay Rays BCP-55 Luis Matos – San Francisco Giants BCP-56 Dariel Lopez – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st BCP-57 Eddys Leonard – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st BCP-58 Blaze Jordan – Boston Red Sox BCP-59 Justice Thompson – Cincinnati Reds 1st BCP-60 Ricardo Genoves – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-61 Ceddanne Rafaela – Boston Red Sox 1st BCP-62 Jose Rodriguez – Texas Rangers 1st BCP-63 Noelvi Marte – Seattle Mariners BCP-64 Ed Howard – Chicago Cubs BCP-65 Diego Rincones – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-66 Cristian Hernandez – Chicago Cubs BCP-67 Hedbert Perez – Milwaukee Brewers BCP-68 Niko Kavadas – Boston Red Sox 1st BCP-69 Rodolfo Nolasco – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st BCP-70 Andry Lara – Washington Nationals 1st BCP-71 Colson Montgomery – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-72 Luisangel Acuña – Texas Rangers BCP-73 Benny Montgomery – Colorado Rockies BCP-74 Fidel Montero – New York Yankees 1st BCP-75 Michel Triana – Cincinnati Reds 1stBCP-76 Lenyn Sosa – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-77 Nick Gonzales – Pittsburgh Pirates BCP-78 Harry Ford – Seattle Mariners BCP-79 Jackson Chourio – Milwaukee Brewers 1st BCP-80 Junior Sanquintin – Cleveland Guardians 1st BCP-81 Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox BCP-82 Aeverson Arteaga – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-83 Roismar Quintana – Washington Nationals 1st BCP-84 Jack Suwinski – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st BCP-85 Peyton Wilson – Kansas City Royals 1st BCP-86 Misael Urbina – Minnesota Twins BCP-87 Yoelqui Cespedes – Chicago White Sox BCP-88 Hendry Mendez – Milwaukee Brewers 1st BCP-89 Max Muncy – Oakland Athletics 1st BCP-90 Yhoswar Garcia – Philadelphia Phillies 1st BCP-91 Matt Fraizer – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st BCP-92 Samad Taylor – Toronto Blue Jays 1st BCP-93 Braylin Minier – Cincinnati Reds 1st BCP-94 Pedro Pineda – Oakland Athletics BCP-95 Yohendrick Pinango – Chicago Cubs BCP-96 Ian Lewis – Miami Marlins 1st BCP-97 Martin Gimenez – Toronto Blue Jays 1st BCP-98 Jasson Dominguez – New York Yankees BCP-99 Alejandro Pie – Tampa Bay Rays 1st BCP-100 Norge Vera – Chicago White Sox 1st BCP-101 Arol Vera – Los Angeles Angels BCP-102 Pete Crow-Armstrong – Chicago Cubs BCP-103 Diego Cartaya – Los Angeles Dodgers BCP-104 Orelvis Martinez – Toronto Blue Jays BCP-105 Will Wagner – Houston Astros 1st BCP-106 Izaac Pacheco – Detroit Tigers BCP-107 Brayan Bello – Boston Red Sox 1st BCP-108 James Wood – San Diego Padres 1st BCP-109 Adael Amador – Colorado Rockies BCP-110 Diego Velasquez – San Francisco Giants 1st BCP-111 Junior Sanchez – Miami Marlins 1st BCP-112 Joshua Baez – St. Louis Cardinals 1st BCP-113 Maximo Acosta – Texas Rangers BCP-114 Jay Allen – Cincinnati Reds BCP-115 Pedro Leon – Houston Astros BCP-116 Jeter Downs – Boston Red Sox BCP-117 Emmanuel Rodriguez – Minnesota Twins BCP-118 Jonatan Clase – Seattle Mariners 1st BCP-119 Dustin Harris – Texas Rangers 1st BCP-120 Logan Cerny – Philadelphia Phillies 1st BCP-121 Mahki Backstrom – Atlanta Braves 1st BCP-122 Zayed Salinas – San Diego Padres 1st BCP-123 Edgar Quero – Los Angeles Angels 1st BCP-124 Ronnier Quintero – Chicago Cubs 1st BCP-125 Luis Gonzalez – Baltimore Orioles 1st BCP-126 Marcelo Mayer – Boston Red Sox BCP-127 Victor Lizarraga – San Diego Padres 1st BCP-128 Felix Valerio – Milwaukee Brewers 1st BCP-129 Jose Ramos – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st BCP-130 Christian Roa – Cincinnati Reds 1st BCP-131 Darren Baker – Washington Nationals 1st BCP-132 Garrett Mitchell – Milwaukee Brewers BCP-133 Robert Hassell – San Diego Padres BCP-134 Eduardo Lopez – Boston Red Sox 1st BCP-135 Wilman Diaz – Los Angeles Dodgers BCP-136 Luca Tresh – Kansas City Royals 1st BCP-137 Trey Sweeney – New York Yankees 1st BCP-138 Denzer Guzman – Los Angeles Angels 1st BCP-139 Austin Martin – Minnesota Twins BCP-140 Alexander Vargas – New York Yankees BCP-141 Jordan Lawlar – Arizona Diamondbacks BCP-142 Allan Cerda – Cincinnati Reds 1st BCP-143 Heriberto Hernandez – Tampa Bay Rays BCP-144 Jheremy Vargas – Milwaukee Brewers 1st BCP-145 Shalin Polanco – Pittsburgh Pirates BCP-146 Bobby Witt Jr. – Kansas City Royals BCP-147 Luis Verdugo – Chicago Cubs 1st BCP-148 Henry Davis – Pittsburgh Pirates BCP-149 Sal Frelick – Milwaukee Brewers BCP-150 Victor Labrada – Seattle Mariners 1st


Base Refractor #/499 | Lava #/399 | Speckle #/299 | Purple #/250 | Purple RayWave #/250 | Fuchsia #/199 | Fuchsia Lava #/199 | Blue #/150 | Blue Shimmer #/150 | Aqua #/125 | Aqua Shimmer #/125 | Green #/99 | Green Mini-Diamond #/99 | Green Shimmer #/99 | Yellow Mini-Diamond #/75 | Yellow #/75 | Gold #/50 | Gold Shimmer #/50 | Orange #/25 | Orange Shimmer #/25 | Red #/5 | Red Lava #/5 | SuperFractor 1/1 | Printing Plates 1/1



This is one of the better Bowman Prospects set in the last 10 years and buying up a few hobby boxes is a stellar idea. We purchased 5 and profited on all of them (and that was without getting the autos graded).

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