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Releasing on April 2, 2021, Topps’ annual tribute to the tobacco card era will again hit the shelves for the new year. This set gives fans a break from the normal modern-looking flagship releases for an interesting look unique to this set.

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For this year’s set Gypsy Queen will feature an updated design to complement the parallels and inserts that this release is known for.

2021 Gypsy Queen: The Basics

The base set for this year’s release is a comfortable 300 cards covering all aspects of Major League Baseball. There is a healthy amount of rookies for collectors to find as well. Within this set, there is also a nice lineup of parallels and inserts that gives fans a chance to find rare cards.

Each hobby box of 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen guarantees fans two autographs. tHERE WILL ALSO BE four captains minis, three tarots of the diamond, ONE base SHORT PRINT, AND THREE Gypsy queen chrome cards.

In order to acquire a hobby box of 2021 Gypsy Queen, collectors will have to dish out roughly $200. For their money, fans will get 192 cards within 24 packs of 8 cards. That comes to about $8.30 per pack and $1 per card.

Here are the top players to look out for when ripping into 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball hobby boxes.

  • Alec Bohm
  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Christian Pache
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes


2021 Gypsy Queen Design

The base set for Gypsy Queen this year offers a bit of an update to the past year’s design. These cards have always aimed to mix elements of the tobacco-era baseball cards with modern designs to give a contemporary feel.

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An oval player image is front and center with some intricate designs behind it. This year adds more flair and design than the relatively basic design of years past.

2021 Gypsy Queen Base Set

As stated earlier, the base set for this year’s Gypsy Queen will be a 300-card base set. Within that set will be a mix of new and veteran players that will cover most of the rookies of the upcoming season.

There is also a good-sized list of parallels that can be found for the base set, providing an opportunity to get some more exciting variations of big-name stars. There are also a few sneaky additions to the base set that aims to add more than just color to cards, such as the missing nameplate. This parallel is a player’s base card but with the front name missing from the front.

  • Burnt Umber – #/399
  • Orange – #/300
  • Missing Nameplate
  • Indigo – #/250
  • Blue – #/150
  • Sepia – #/99
  • Black & White – #/50 (Hobby)
  • Red – #/10
  • Black – 1/1

Short prints, which are one per Hobby Box, only have three of these parallels, and they are Missing Nameplate, Blue (/150), and Black (1/1).

In addition, base photo variations exist that show players in unique uniforms in the form of Jackie Robinson Day Image Variations, Roberto Clemente Day Image Variations, and The Negro Leagues Centennial Celebration Image Variations. These can also be found in Black (1/1) versions.


2021 Gypsy Queen Inserts

For this year, Topps has decided to introduce a few new inserts to the set in addition to some returners. One of the new inserts is Captains Minis which, according to Topps, “takes inspiration from mini cards of the past.” That set covers a top player from all 30 MLB teams and has Indigo (/250), and Black (1/1) parallels to find.

There is also the Tarot of the Diamond insert, which highlights top players’ attributes in the format of tarot cards. Indigo (/250), Black (1/1), and Art Variations (1/1), which feature original artwork done directly on the cards, are also available.


2021 Gypsy Queen Box Toppers

Each Hobby Box of Gypsy Queen will contain one topper pack. Within this topper pack, fans will find three Chrome cards that can either be a base cards or limited parallels. There also are Autographed Chrome Cards (/25) with Superfractor (1/1) parallels available.

  • Indigo Refractor – #/150
  • Blue Refractor – #/99
  • Gold Refractor – #/50
  • Red Refractor – #/5
  • SuperFractor – 1/1


2021 Gypsy Queen Autograph and Relic Cards

With collectors getting two autographs per Hobby Box, there is a decent selection that these autos could come from. Gypsy Queen Autographs are where the bulk of these autos will come from, and they have parallels in Indigo (/150), Blue (/99), Black and White (/50), and Black (1/1). Rookie Minis Autographs (/99) and Captain Mini Autographs (/20), are other options and offer several parallels. Jackie Robinson Day Image Variations (/42) can also be found in autographed format and has a Black (1/1) parallel available.

Gypsy Queen does have a few high-end sets in this product that include Autograph Garments (/50), Auto Patch Book Cards (/20), Pull-Up Sock Auto Relics (/10), and Autographed Lineup Cards (1/1).


2021 Gypsy Queen Hobby Box Buyer’s Guide


What to expect in a hobby box:

192 cards, 24 packs, eight cards per pack

  • Hits – 2 autographs
  • Captains Minis Insert – 4
  • Tarot of the Diamond Insert – 3
  • Base Short Print – 1
  • Chrome Cards – 3


2021 Gypsy Queen Review

Gypsy Queen has quickly gathered a cult following since its first release due to its design and throwback style paired with a normally low price point. The tobacco-era look of these cards is a nice departure from the normal sharp lines and bright colors of modern baseball cards.

This year, Topps has made some nice updates to the design that really increase the eye appeal of these cards. Couple that with some lovely new insert designs and a healthy amount of parallels, and 2021 Gypsy Queen looks like a good release. Fans of the set will still have lots to look forward to, and newer collectors will find this set enjoyable.

Of course, with most product releases in 2021 the question of price always comes up. Topps is increasing the cost of a Hobby Box of Gypsy Queen without an increase in what you get. The two autographs and few parallels are nice, but for a set that usually struggles to hold base card value, the potential returns for collectors are dwindling.


2021 Gypsy Queen Hobby Box Rating

Investment Rating: 3 out of 5
Bottom Line: Gypsy Queen is typically one of the most fun rips of the baseball card year. 2021 should be no different with a nice update to the design and good looking new inserts. The autographs in this set also look great. However, just be prepared for little return on your already increasing investment.

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