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1997 was a great year for baseball cards, with low print numbers and excellent options wrapped in chrome of all colors. Pinnacle Brands might have gone out of business a year later, but that hasn’t stopped their ‘97 sets from doing well on the resale market in consequent decades.

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Here are ten of the most valuable 1997 Pinnacle baseball cards, as well as our top pick from a return on investment perspective.

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5. 1997 Kenny Lofton Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold #58

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Was fast as lighting, and he never tested positive for PEDs. A true gem at the plate and in the outfield.


4. 1997 Mark McGwire Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Gold #139

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One of the most feared batters of all time. Too bad he was jacked up on “roids” the entire time.


3. 1997 Barry Bonds Pinnacle Certified #41

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Barry Bonds is the first name to make the list.

 A 14-time All-Star, his stats, and numbers are legendary among baseball fans. Bonds was the home run king, he’s the all-time leader in walks, and owns a career 1.051 OPS.

Controversies regarding steroid use have affected the price of his cards ever so slightly, but that hasn’t dampened interest in the rarest options. 

Bonds’ card is the first in the base 1997 Pinnacle Certified set, wrapped in silver and gold chrome as he smashes a ball in the action shot. 

If you’re looking at the rare parallels, the serial numbers can be found stamped on the reverse. 


2. 1997 Ken Griffey Jr. Pinnacle Certified #136

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Any late 1990s Ken Griffey Jr. card, which is low number is always going to be tempting for collectors, and the same is true here. 

From the base 1997 Pinnacle Certified subset called ‘Certified Stars’, the card is available in a trio of Mirror parallels. 

PSA 10 copies of the Mirror Blue and Red versions are still fairly affordable, but the same can’t be said for the Gold version. 

However, it’s impossible to confirm the actual print run, which is always dangerous from an investment perspective. 

Griffey Jr. is a great player to collect, but we’d look elsewhere in terms of getting a good ROI. 


1. 1997 Derek Jeter Pinnacle Certified #141

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The Captain, Mr. November, Captain Clutch – whatever you want to call Derek Jeter, he’s one of the most influential athletes of his generation and one of the best baseball players of all time.

He quickly takes the top spot on this list of the most valuable 1997 Pinnacle cards thanks to a copy from the ‘Certified Stars’ subset. 

The one and only to have been given a PSA 10 grade, it’s one of the most expensive cards you’ll find in the set. 

Once again, there’s no way to confirm the print run, which makes it riskier than it should be. 


1997 Pinnacle Certified Checklist

  1. Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants
  2. Mo Vaughn Boston Red Sox
  3. Matt Williams Cleveland Indians
  4. Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs
  5. Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros
  6. Alan Benes St. Louis Cardinals
  7. John Wetteland Texas Rangers
  8. Fred McGriff Atlanta Braves
  9. Craig Biggio Houston Astros 1
  10. Bernie Williams New York Yankees
  11. Brian Hunter Detroit Tigers
  12. Sandy Alomar Jr. Cleveland Indians
  13. Ray Lankford St. Louis Cardinals
  14. Ryan Klesko Atlanta Braves
  15. Jermaine Dye Kansas City Royals
  16. Andy Benes St. Louis Cardinals
  17. Albert Belle Chicago White Sox
  18. Tony Clark Detroit Tigers
  19. Dean Palmer Texas Rangers
  20. Bernard Gilkey New York Mets
  21. Ken Caminiti San Diego Padres
  22. Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners
  23. Tim Salmon Anaheim Angels
  24. Larry Walker Colorado Rockies
  25. Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds
  26. Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers
  27. Brady Anderson Baltimore Orioles
  28. Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles
  29. Charles Nagy Cleveland Indians
  30. Paul Molitor Minnesota Twins
  31. Darin Erstad Anaheim Angels
  32. Rey Ordonez New York Mets
  33. Wally Joyner San Diego Padres
  34. David Cone New York Yankees
  35. Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs
  36. Dante Bichette Colorado Rockies
  37. Eric Karros Los Angeles Dodgers
  38. Omar Vizquel Cleveland Indians
  39. Roger Clemens Toronto Blue Jays
  40. Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays
  41. Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox
  42. Javy Lopez Atlanta Braves
  43. Mike Mussina Baltimore Orioles
  44. Gary Sheffield Florida Marlins
  45. Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres
  46. Jason Kendall Pittsburgh Pirates
  47. Jim Thome Cleveland Indians
  48. Andres Galarraga Colorado Rockies
  49. Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics
  50. Troy Percival Anaheim Angels
  51. Derek Jeter New York Yankees
  52. Todd Hollandsworth Los Angeles Dodgers
  53. Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners
  54. Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners
  55. Pat Hentgen Toronto Blue Jays
  56. Rusty Greer Texas Rangers
  57. John Jaha Milwaukee Brewers
  58. Kenny Lofton Atlanta Braves
  59. Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves
  60. Robb Nen Florida Marlins


Final Thoughts

Most cards from the base 1997 Pinnacle Baseball set aren’t worth much, and it was blown out of the water by 1997 Pinnacle Certified. 

The Certified set was a high-end 150-card brand that also came with a rarer parallel release, known as ‘Totally Certified’. Cards from the Totally Certified subset fill the list for reasons that quickly become apparent. 

For example, only 999 boxes were ever produced. The chromium-stock release featured a different photograph from the base edition and was printed on etched foil, with only three cards per pack

As well as Platinum Red parallels numbered 3,999, there are Platinum Blue cards with a print run of 1,999. (You’d get two reds and one blue per pack.)

However, the real hit was a Platinum Gold parallel (serial number 30) which was randomly inserted into packs. 

As you might have guessed, this list of the most valuable 1997 Pinnacle Baseball cards is dominated by the Totally Certified subset and the gold parallels. 

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