13 Best Cards From the Legendary 1990 Pro Set Hockey Set

The 1990 Pro Set Hockey Cards may be one of the top Junk Wax sets of all time as they were produced during the height of this era and were reasonably priced making kids like myself purchase them by the dozens.

As a side note, we are currently purchasing cases of this set in an attempt to RIP the 1990 Stanley Cup Pro Set Hologram card. So far we have gone through 2 cases and have NOT pulled this elusive hockey card. We read on average it was one per case but this may be innumerate, If anyone has information on this issue we look forward to your comments below this article.

Without further ado here are our favorite cards from the 1990 Pro Set Hockey Cards. Please note this is subject to update as we may add more cards the more we open.


#1A. 1990 Pro Set Stanley Cup Hologram


The odds of winning a Powerball Jackpot seem better than pulling this sportscard hologram.


#1. 1990-91 Ed Belfour Pro Set HOF Error Should Born Carman RC #598

Good luck.

We have opened around 5 or 6 cases and still have e not seen this bad boy.


#2. 1990-91 Jaromir Jagr Pro Set Stat Headed Not Lined Up Error RC #632

Much easier than the Belfour card named above but not a walk in the park either.



#3. 1990-91 Mike Ricci Pro Set RC #631 

This one may be too high. We will triple-check this.


#4. 1990-91 Wayne Gretzky Pro Set #340

The great one is never too high on a hockey card list.


#5. 1990-91 Rob Blake Pro Set RC #611

A truly underrated defenseman.


#6. 1990-91 Alexander Mogilny Pro Set RC #26

A truly underrated goal scorer.

TRENDING: Mario Lemieux RC | Pavel Bure RC


#7. 1990-91 Jeremy Roenick Pro Set RC #58

Just an all-around great player.


#8. 1990-91 Wayne Gretzky Pro Set 2000 #703

Another Wayne Gretzky card… not surtpirsed.


#9. 1990-91 Mike Modano Pro Set RC #142

This kid could play. I remember playing NHLPA for Sega; this kid and Bure would own anyone.


#10. 1990-91 Mario Lemieux Pro Set #362

Clearly the second-best payer of all time.


#11. 1990-91 Steve Yzerman Pro Set #79

A long, epic career with one team. A class act all around.


#12. 1990-91 Sergei Federov Pro Set RC #604

Let’s start with a true classic from the set just about any kids collecting hockey cards in the 1990s should remember with great fondness.

THEE 1990 Sergei Federov RC #604.

If you claim you collected hockey cards in the 90s and are not familiar with this card I’m not sure I believe you ha.

A truly epic card and should be a solid investment at PSA 10 or 9, BGS 9.5, SGC 10.


#13. 1990-91 Brett Hull Pro Set Promo RC #1

Millions will have this base card, but few will have this promo card at high grades which should be a super underrated investrment6 going forward,

We would LOVE to own this bad boy in a PSA 10 or even more epic BGS Black LABEL…. gasp!

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