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Watch us open a 1990 Pro Set Series 1 Football Hobby Box below. The cards targeted were the Vince Lombardi Trophy Hologram and the Barry Sanders football card #1.


Other notable cards include the 1990 Joe Montana Pro Set Error Card #2 (Jim Kelly 3,521 Error Yards), Fred Marion Belt Error Card, and the 1990 Pro Set #134 Andre Rison (Lud Denny Note on Back).


The 1990 Pro Set football card hobby box can be purchased extremely cheaply on eBay and will always be known for the incredible amount of errors and variations of cards. In our opinion, the 1990 Pro Set football set is one of the most fun boxes to open regarding the amount of money you will pay.

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You will find classic error cards such as the 1990 Bo Jackson Super Bowl XXV card and the Fred Marion Belt Variation, which may be the most hilarious of all time.

Below are our top five 1990 Pro Set football cards regarding future return on investment. Please email with any comments or questions regarding this list.


#1. 1990 Lombardi Trophy Hologram Pro Set


1990 Vince Lombardi Trophy Pro Set


#2. 1990 Fred Marion Belt Variation Pro Set #204


1990 Pro Set Fred Marion Belt Error Card


#3. 1990 Barry Sanders Pro Set RC #1


1990 pro set barry sanders rookie card


#4. 1990 Bo Jackson Super Bowl XXV Pro Set #155


bo jackson 1990 proset error


#5. 1990 Andre Rison (Lud Denny Note on Back) Pro Set #134 


1990 proset andre rison error card


Errors & Variations

  • 1 Barry Sanders AW
  • 2a Joe Montana AW
  • 2b Joe Montana AW
  • 15a Walter Stanley LL
  • 15b Walter Stanley LL
  • 18a Chris Doleman LL
  • 18b Chris Doleman LL
  • 19a Andre Ware AW
  • 19b Andre Ware AW
  • 20a Mohammed Elewonibi AW
  • 20b Mohammed Elewonibi AW
  • 21a Percy Snow AW
  • 21b Percy Snow AW
  • 22a Anthony Thompson AW
  • 22b Anthony Thompson AW
  • 25a Franco Harris HOF
  • 27b Jack Lambert HOF
  • 39b Cornelius Bennett COR
  • 59b Mike Ditka VAR
  • 63b Rickey Dixon COR
  • 68b Sam Wyche COR
  • 75b Ozzie Newsome COR
  • 110a Johnny Holland ERR
  • 110b Johnny Holland COR
  • 111a Perry Kemp ERR
  • 114a Sterling Sharpe ERR
  • 134a Andre Rison VAR
  • 152a Mervyn Fernandez ERR
  • 152b Mervyn Fernandez COR
  • 161a Art Shell ERR
  • 161c Art Shell COR
  • 204b Fred Marion VAR
  • 210a Morten Andersen VAR
  • 210b Morten Andersen VAR
  • 216a Eric Martin VAR
  • 216b Eric Martin VAR
  • 221a Jim Mora VAR
  • 289a Charles Haley ERROR
  • 289b Charles Haley COR
  • 319a Ray Perkins ERR
  • 343b Chris Hinton VAR
  • 343c Chris Hinton VAR



The most expensive 1990 Pro Set Football card is the 1990 Lombardi Trophy Hologram Pro Set, Football Card. This card sold for $370 in July of 2022 via eBay auctions (no grade).


Watch Box Opening

We spent $51 on five boxes which averages a mind-blowing $10 per box. In addition to being quite cheap, the cards have graded relatively well in our experience, with quite a few coming back with PSA 10 grades.

Have you pulled any of the above 1990 Pro Ser Football cards?

Comment below and enjoy!

1990 Pro Set Football Checklist Options

Below are the top sites online to obtain a 1990 Pro Set football checklist. In our opinion, the TCDB checklist is your best option.


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