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Most cards released in the Junk Wax Era of baseball cards have since seen a massive drop in their value. This was due to the extreme overproduction and distribution of cards at the time.

Buy 1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Cards Now

However, within that era, some lesser-produced sets have the scarcity to make the cards in them valuable. Sets like O-Pee-Chee and Tiffany see the value of rookies sell for much higher than their base counterparts.

1987 will likely be remembered as a year where Madonna dominated the top music charts it should also be remembered for the emergence of young stars such as Barry Bonds, Will Clark, and Berry Larkin.

1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball: The Basics

The set of 1987 O-Pee-Chee baseball features a large checklist of 396 cards compared to the much more massive 792-card checklist of the base Topps set. Meaning O-Pee-Chee features a much higher concentration of the star veterans and rookies of the day.

This set features the highly desired Barry Bonds rookie card. Each box contains a total of 252 cards divided between 36 packs of seven cards each.

While this set wasn’t produced as much as the base Topps product it was still produced enough for boxes of these cards to be still picked up pretty quickly. Prices for these boxes can vary widely, so check the box’s recent sales to ensure you’re paying a fair price. Also, remember this is an old set so when buying be cautious of wear on packs and boxes.


Best 1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Cards

Here are the top cards/investments from the 1987 O-Pee-Chee baseball card set. The Barry Bonds rookie card is the real standout here and one that we would absolutely recommend investing in for the long term.


#1. Barry Bonds RC #32


1987 o-pee-chee bonds rookie


#2. Roger Clemens RC #98


Roger Clemens o-pee-chee

#3. Will Clark RC #361


will clark o-pee-chee rookie


Best of the Rest

  • Cal Ripken JR #312
  • Nolan Ryan #100
  • Mike Schmidt #200
  • George Brett #300
  • Ozzie Smith #107
  • Don Mattingly #229
  • Tony Gwynn #198

1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Design

The O-Pee-Chee label is placed on the bottom in black lettering with the team logo in the top corner. The player’s name is also written in black within a yellow box at the bottom of the card.

The card also features a color image of the player with perhaps the most memorable aspect of the card, the faux wooden border. Perhaps one of the reasons this is one of Bond’s most desirable cards is due to the yellow and black theme of the card that color matches the Pirate’s team so well. This card design is still iconic, stands out among the often bland-looking Junk Wax Era cards, and can be easily recognized.

This design is good enough to have warranted multiple different kinds of reprints in a few modern sets of Topps baseball cards.


1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Box Buyer’s Guide


What to expect in a box:

252 Cards, 36 packs, seven cards per pack


Investment Outlook

While typically, the advice for Junk Wax Era cards would be to stay as far away as possible, unless it’s Griffey Jr, in terms of investments, these lesser-produced sets provide an opportunity to grab some of the game’s greatest player’s cards.

Barry Bonds is the big fish in the 1987 set, and it’s not even close. High-grade Barry Bonds rookies from both the O-Pee-Chee and Tiffany sets can oftentimes fetch high price points for cards of this era. If you are looking for one card from this set, Bonds is the one.

Barry Bonds will provide the most significant ROI for the future as his low-production rookies become rarer over time. Many people have fond memories of growing up watching Bond’s smash record after record and his absolute domination of the game of baseball during his prime.

Overall, it would be better to stick with investing in an individual player from this set than holding the box itself. These boxes are not made of high-quality material and are hard to uphold the condition. In addition to this, there are not many star rookies in this O-Pee-Chee, mainly set-star veterans, so having the box itself won’t net as large of a return as just an individual player would.

This set outside of the Bonds is a dud in terms of its rookies. Cards in this set are also notorious for being centered, so it will be hard to pull a high-grade card from a box.

Down the line, this set will be remembered only as the set with the Barry Bonds rookie in it and not much else. This set won’t prove to have the most significant returns down the line just because of the weaker checklist.

It is still a fun product if you’re itching for something to rip. However, there are cheaper options for that and you will probably get a better return for opening something else.


1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Box Rating


Investment Rating: 3.0 out of 5 (Weak)
Bottom Line: Let’s be real; the only reason this 1987 set is relevant is because of the Bonds rookie.

If it weren’t for Bonds, this set would be another dud of the Junk Wax Era. Editors Note: Watch the Roger Clemens O-Pee-Chee RC as we feel Roger is super undervalued based on his numbers (even with the steroids accusation).

This set checks neither of the two essential boxes when evaluating a product, is it a good investment, and is it worth ripping. There are way better places to put your money that will provide greater ROI over time and there are way more fun products to rip that will yield better pulls.


1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Checklist

396 Card checklist. 252 per box. 36 packs. Seven cards per pack

1 Ken Oberkfell

2 Jack Howell

3 Hubie Brooks

4 Bob Grich

5 Rick Leach

6 Phil Niekro

7 Rickey Henderson

8 Terry Pendleton

9 Jay Tibbs

10 Cecil Cooper

11 Mario Soto

12 George Bell

13 Nick Esasky

14 Larry McWilliams

15 Dan Quisenberry

16 Ed Lynch

17 Pete O’Brien

18 Luis Aguayo

19 Matt Young

20 Gary Carter

21 Tom Paciorek

22 Doug DeCinces

23 Lee Smith

24 Jesse Barfield

25 Bert Blyleven

26 Greg Brock

27 Dan Petry

28 Rick Dempsey

29 Jimmy Key

30 Tim Raines

31 Bruce Hurst

32 Manny Trillo

33 Andy Van Slyke

34 Ed Vande Berg

35 Sid Bream

36 Dave Winfield

37 Scott Garrelts

38 Dennis Leonard

39 Marty Barrett

40 Dave Righetti

41 Bo Diaz

42 Gary Redus

43 Tom Niedenfuer

44 Greg Harris

45 Jim Presley

46 Danny Gladden

47 Roy Smalley

48 Wally Backman

49 Tom Seaver

50 Dave Smith

51 Mel Hall

52 Tim Flannery

53 Julio Cruz

54 Dick Schofield

55 Tim Wallach

56 Glenn Davis

57 Darren Daulton

58 Chico Walker

59 Garth Iorg

60 Tony Pena

61 Ron Hassey

62 Dave Dravecky

63 Jorge Orta

64 Al Nipper

65 Tom Browning

66 Marc Sullivan

67 Todd Worrell

68 Glenn Hubbard

69 Carney Lansford

70 Charlie Hough

71 Lance McCullers

72 Walt Terrell

73 Bob Kearney

74 Dan Pasqua

75 Ron Darling

76 Robin Yount

77 Pat Tabler

78 Tom Foley

79 Juan Nieves

80 Wally Joyner RC

81 Wayne Krenchicki

82 Kirby Puckett

83 Bob Ojeda

84 Mookie Wilson

85 Kevin Bass

86 Kent Tekulve

87 Mark Salas

88 Brian Downing

89 Ozzie Guillen

90 Dave Stieb

91 Rance Mulliniks

92 Mike Witt

93 Charlie Moore

94 Jose Uribe

95 Oddibe McDowell

96 Ray Soff

97 Glenn Wilson

98 Brook Jacoby

99 Darryl Motley

100 Steve Garvey

101 Frank White

102 Mike Moore

103 Rick Aguilera

104 Buddy Bell

105 Floyd Youmans

106 Lou Whitaker

107 Ozzie Smith

108 Jim Gantner

109 R.J. Reynolds

110 John Tudor

111 Alfredo Griffin

112 Mike Flanagan

113 Neil Allen

114 Ken Griffey, Sr.

115 Donnie Moore

116 Bob Horner

117 Ron Shepherd

118 Cliff Johnson

119 Vince Coleman

120 Eddie Murray

121 Dwayne Murphy

122 Jim Clancy

123 Ken Landreaux

124 Tom Nieto

125 Bob Brenly

126 George Brett

127 Vance Law

128 Checklist 1-132

129 Bob Knepper

130 Dwight Gooden

131 Juan Bonilla

132 Tim Burke

133 Bob McClure

134 Scott Bailes

135 Mike Easler

136 Ron Romanick

137 Rich Gedman

138 Bob Dernier

139 John Denny

140 Bret Saberhagen

141 Herm Winningham

142 Rick Sutcliffe

143 Ryne Sandberg

144 Mike Scioscia

145 Charlie Kerfeld

146 Jim Rice

147 Steve Trout

148 Jesse Orosco

149 Mike Boddicker

150 Wade Boggs

151 Dane Iorg

152 Rick Burleson

153 Duane Ward

154 Rick Reuschel

155 Nolan Ryan

156 Bill Caudill

157 Danny Darwin

158 Ed Romero

159 Bill Almon

160 Julio Franco

161 Kent Hrbek

162 Chili Davis

163 Kevin Gross

164 Carlton Fisk

165 Jeff Reardon

166 Bob Boone

167 Rick Honeycutt

168 Dan Schatzeder

169 Jim Wohlford

170 Phil Bradley

171 Ken Schrom

172 Ron Oester

173 Juan Beniquez

174 Tony Armas

175 Bob Stanley

176 Steve Buechele

177 Keith Moreland

178 Cecil Fielder

179 Gary Gaetti

180 Chris Brown

181 Tom Herr

182 Lee Lacy

183 Ozzie Virgil

184 Paul Molitor

185 Roger McDowell

186 Mike Marshall

187 Ken Howell

188 Rob Deer

189 Joe Hesketh

190 Jim Sundberg

191 Kelly Gruber

192 Cory Snyder

193 Dave Concepcion

194 Kirk McCaskill

195 Mike Pagliarulo

196 Rick Manning

197 Brett Butler

198 Tony Gwynn

199 Mariano Duncan

200 Pete Rose

201 John Cangelosi

202 Danny Cox

203 Butch Wynegar

204 Chris Chambliss

205 Graig Nettles

206 Chet Lemon

207 Don Aase

208 Mike Mason

209 Alan Trammell

210 Lloyd Moseby

211 Rich Dotson

212 Mike Fitzgerald

213 Darrell Porter

214 Checklist 265-396

215 Mark Langston

216 Steve Farr

217 Dann Bilardello

218 Gary Ward

219 Cecilio Guante

220 Joe Carter

221 Ernie Whitt

222 Denny Walling

223 Charlie Leibrandt

224 Wayne Tolleson

225 Mike Smithson

226 Zane Smith

227 Terry Puhl

228 Eric Davis

229 Don Mattingly

230 Don Baylor

231 Frank Tanana

232 Tom Brookens

233 Steve Bedrosian

234 Wallace Johnson

235 Alvin Davis

236 Tommy John

237 Jim Morrison

238 Ricky Horton

239 Shane Rawley

240 Steve Balboni

241 Mike Krukow

242 Rick Mahler

243 Bill Doran

244 Mark Clear

245 Willie Upshaw

246 Hal McRae

247 Jose Canseco

248 George Hendrick

249 Doyle Alexander

250 Teddy Higuera

251 Tom Hume

252 Denny Martinez

253 Eddie Milner

254 Steve Sax

255 Juan Samuel

256 Dave Bergman

257 Bob Forsch

258 Steve Yeager

259 Don Sutton

260 Vida Blue

261 Tom Brunansky

262 Joe Sambito

263 Mitch Webster

264 Checklist 133-264

265 Darrell Evans

266 Dave Kingman

267 Howard Johnson

268 Greg Pryor

269 Tippy Martinez

270 Jody Davis

271 Steve Carlton

272 Andres Galarraga

273 Fernando Valenzuela

274 Jeff Hearron

275 Ray Knight

276 Bill Madlock

277 Tom Henke

278 Gary Pettis

279 Jimy Williams CL

280 Jeffrey Leonard

281 Bryn Smith

282 John Cerutti

283 Gary Roenicke

284 Joaquin Andujar

285 Dennis Boyd

286 Tim Hulett

287 Craig Lefferts

288 Terry Landrum

289 Manny Lee

290 Leon Durham

291 Johnny Ray

292 Franklin Stubbs

293 Bob Rodgers CL

294 Terry Francona

295 Lenny Dykstra

296 Tom Candiotti

297 Frank DiPino

298 Craig Reynolds

299 Jerry Hairston

300 Reggie Jackson

301 Luis Aquino

302 Greg Walker

303 Terry Kennedy

304 Phil Garner

305 John Franco

306 Bill Buckner

307 Kevin Mitchell RC (“Now with Padres”)

308 Don Slaught

309 Harold Baines

310 Frank Viola

311 Davey Lopes

312 Cal Ripken, Jr.

313 John Candelaria

314 Bob Sebra

315 Bud Black

316 Brian Fisher

317 Clint Hurdle

318 Earnest Riles

319 Dave LaPoint

320 Barry Bonds RC

321 Tim Stoddard

322 Ron Cey

323 Al Newman

324 Jerry Royster

325 Garry Templeton

326 Mark Gubicza

327 Andre Thornton

328 Bob Welch

329 Tony Fernandez

330 Mike Scott

331 Jack Clark

332 Danny Tartabull

333 Greg Minton

334 Ed Correa

335 Candy Maldonado

336 Dennis Lamp

337 Sid Fernandez

338 Greg Gross

339 Willie Hernandez

340 Roger Clemens

341 Mickey Hatcher

342 Bob James

343 Jose Cruz

344 Bruce Sutter

345 Andre Dawson

346 Shawon Dunston

347 Scott McGregor

348 Carmelo Martinez

349 Storm Davis

350 Keith Hernandez

351 Andy McGaffigan

352 Dave Parker

353 Ernie Camacho

354 Eric Show

355 Don Carman

356 Floyd Bannister

357 Willie McGee

358 Charlie Haag

359 Dale Murphy

360 Pedro Guerrero

361 Will Clark RC

362 Bill Campbell

363 Alejandro Pena

364 Dennis Rasmussen

365 Rick Rhoden

366 Randy St. Claire

367 Willie Wilson

368 Dwight Evans

369 Moose Haas

370 Fred Lynn

371 Mark Eichhorn

372 Dave Schmidt

373 Jerry Reuss

374 Lance Parrish

375 Ron Guidry

376 Jack Morris

377 Willie Randolph

378 Joel Youngblood

379 Darryl Strawberry

380 Rich Gossage

381 Dennis Eckersley

382 Gary Lucas

383 Ron Davis

384 Pete Incaviglia RC

385 Orel Hershiser

386 Kirk Gibson

387 Don Robinson

388 Darnell Coles

389 Von Hayes

390 Gary Matthews

391 Jay Howell

392 Tim Laudner

393 Rod Scurry

394 Tony Bernazard

395 Damaso Garcia

396 Mike Schmidt

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