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Take a close look at the 1990 Fleer Basketball Card set, and you will see some of the best players the game has ever seen. This set is epic in every sense of the word and is worth investing in a hobby box or two. The only question is whether to open or save the box for an investment.


Key Cards

  1. #5 Michael Jordan All-Star – View on eBay
  2. #26 Michael Jordan – View on eBay
  3. Larry Bird #8 – View on eBay
  4. Magic Johnson #93 – View on eBay
  5. Charles Barkley #139 – View on eBay
  6. Shawn Kemp Rookie Card #178
  7. Dominique Wilkins #6
  8. Scottie Pippen #30
  9. Dennis Rodman #59
  10. Tim Hardaway Rookie Card #63
  11. Hakeem Olajuwon #73


Base Checklist

1 John Battle UER Atlanta Hawks
2 Cliff Levingston Atlanta Hawks
3 Moses Malone Atlanta Hawks
4 Kenny Smith Atlanta Hawks
5 Spud Webb Atlanta Hawks
6 Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks
7 Kevin Willis Atlanta Hawks
8 Larry Bird Boston Celtics
9 Dennis Johnson Boston Celtics
10 Joe Kleine Boston Celtics
11 Reggie Lewis Boston Celtics
12 Kevin McHale Boston Celtics
13 Robert Parish Boston Celtics
14 Jim Paxson Boston Celtics
15 Ed Pinckney Boston Celtics
16 Tyrone Bogues Charlotte Hornets
17 Rex Chapman Charlotte Hornets
18 Dell Curry Charlotte Hornets
19 Armon Gilliam Charlotte Hornets
20 J.R. Reid RC Charlotte Hornets
21 Kelly Tripucka Charlotte Hornets
22 B.J. Armstrong RC Chicago Bulls
23 Bill Cartwright Chicago Bulls
24 Horace Grant Chicago Bulls
25 Craig Hodges Chicago Bulls
26 Michael Jordan UER Chicago Bulls
27 Stacey King RC, UER Chicago Bulls
28 John Paxson Chicago Bulls
29 Will Perdue Chicago Bulls
30 Scottie Pippen UER Chicago Bulls
31 Brad Daugherty Cleveland Cavaliers
32 Craig Ehlo Cleveland Cavaliers
33 Danny Ferry RC, UER Cleveland Cavaliers
34 Steve Kerr LL Cleveland Cavaliers
35 Larry Nance Cleveland Cavaliers
36 Mark Price UER
UER: Bio states drafted by Cleveland, should be Dallas
Cleveland Cavaliers
37 John Williams Cleveland Cavaliers
38 Rolando Blackman Dallas Mavericks
39 Adrian Dantley Dallas Mavericks
40 Brad Davis Dallas Mavericks
41 James Donaldson UER Dallas Mavericks
42 Derek Harper Dallas Mavericks
43 Sam Perkins Dallas Mavericks
44 Bill Wennington Dallas Mavericks
45 Herb Williams Dallas Mavericks
46 Michael Adams Denver Nuggets
47 Walter Davis Denver Nuggets
48 Alex English UER
UER: Stats from 1976-77 through 1979-80 missing on back
Denver Nuggets
49 Bill Hanzlik Denver Nuggets
50 Lafayette Lever TRD,UER
UER: Born in AR, not AK
Dallas Mavericks
51 Todd Lichti RC Denver Nuggets
52 Blair Rasmussen Denver Nuggets
53 Dan Schayes Denver Nuggets
54 Mark Aguirre Detroit Pistons
55 Joe Dumars Detroit Pistons
56 James Edwards Detroit Pistons
57 Vinnie Johnson Detroit Pistons
58 Bill Laimbeer Detroit Pistons
59 Dennis Rodman UER
UER: In Bio, “College” is misspelled as “Coilege”
Detroit Pistons
60 John Salley Detroit Pistons
61 Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons
62 Manute Bol Golden State Warriors
63 Tim Hardaway RC, UER
UER: Born 9/12, should be 9/1
Golden State Warriors
64 Rod Higgins Golden State Warriors
65 Sarunas Marciulionis RC Golden State Warriors
66 Chris Mullin Golden State Warriors
67 Mitch Richmond Golden State Warriors
68 Terry Teagle Golden State Warriors
69 Anthony Bowie RC, UER
UER: Back text reads “seeasons”, should be “seasons”
Houston Rockets
70 Eric Floyd Houston Rockets
71 Buck Johnson Houston Rockets
72 Vernon Maxwell Houston Rockets
73 Akeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets
74 Otis Thorpe Houston Rockets
75 Mitchell Wiggins RC Houston Rockets
76 Vern Fleming Indiana Pacers
77 George McCloud RC Indiana Pacers
78 Reggie Miller Indiana Pacers
79 Chuck Person Indiana Pacers
80 Mike Sanders Indiana Pacers
81 Detlef Schrempf Indiana Pacers
82 Rik Smits Indiana Pacers
83 LaSalle Thompson Indiana Pacers
84 Benoit Benjamin Los Angeles Clippers
85 Winston Garland Los Angeles Clippers
86 Ron Harper Los Angeles Clippers
87 Danny Manning Los Angeles Clippers
88 Ken Norman Los Angeles Clippers
89 Charles Smith Los Angeles Clippers
90 Michael Cooper Los Angeles Lakers
91 Vlade Divac RC Los Angeles Lakers
92 A.C. Green Los Angeles Lakers
93 Earvin Johnson Los Angeles Lakers
94 Byron Scott Los Angeles Lakers
95 Mychal Thompson UER
UER: Missing 1978-79 Portland stats
Los Angeles Lakers
96 Orlando Woolridge Los Angeles Lakers
97 James Worthy Los Angeles Lakers
98 Sherman Douglas RC Miami Heat
99 Kevin Edwards Miami Heat
100 Grant Long Miami Heat


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